WONGA – MACKEM TICKETS – What Loyalty Scheme?

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Like most of you reading this I received an e-mail from Newcastle United this morning informing me of a prize give-away of ten pairs of tickets for the Sunderland away game this weekend.

20 tickets for the most in-demand away game of the season.

This clearly disadvantages supporters who have been up and down the country following United at great expense both financially and in terms of times.

20 fans who who collected points from actually going to aways will now miss out on Sunderland (away) because the shit-houses at Wonga, ably aided and and abetted by the nuggets at St James’ Park want to give these tickets to anyone who can respond to a quiz – just so long as they get their name and logo all over the media yet again.

I fucking despair. TF_INITIALS_LOGO


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10 Responses to WONGA – MACKEM TICKETS – What Loyalty Scheme?

  1. Chris convery says:

    Hi Michael, whilst I agree with your point, I reckon you are being naive if you didnt think sponsors and other ‘corporate partners’ are always given comp tickets… in the past the tickets probably went to suits etc – at least this time they are going to season ticket holders/members not just anyone who can respond to a quiz (see the T&C’s).

    PS – I hate w*nga as much as anyone but I dont think you can criticize them for giving away tickets to fans that they probably get for every match

  2. steve McGill says:

    grow up man

  3. Not naive Chris – just believe that those people who travel up and down the country following the club should have first dibs on the tickets for the biggest away game of the season. I’m well aware of how the sponsors and corporates are treated relative to the rank and file.

  4. Graham Tomlinson says:

    Michael, whilst I appreciate your viewpoint your missing some key facts.

    There were enough Sunderland away tickets for every fan who had been to every game (100 points plus brigade) to apply and get one. So your point about going up and down the country isn’t really valid.

    The points dropped to 75. People with 75 points are not regular away fans, occasional ones but they don’t go to every game.

    You didn’t bring this up when Newcastle Breweries got tickets or Puma or Adidas or Northern Rock or Greenalls (because I know they all did and it was all to the bosses) It seems a sly dig at Wonga (who I’m no fan of but have done nothing wrong here)

    So Wonga give them to fans….good for them. Would you have preferred they shut up and kept them?

  5. jayne says:

    I dont for one minute think Michael is naive, I think he is spot on

  6. dinobaby says:

    I didn’t hear too many complaints from TF when Northern Rock/Virgin were giving tickets away left right and centre to anyone who wanted one!!!!!

  7. Anthony McIvor says:

    Congrats on an excellent TF this month, a good read, jam packed with stuff. Is it possible to buy back issues of LALAS 1 and 2? And are there any plans for a LALAS 3?


  8. 1. I wasn’t aware Northern Rock or Virgin Money were giving tickets away to anyone that wanted one. I must have missed that.

    2. TF didn’t have anything to do with LALAS.

    3, Thanks for the kind words about the new TF.

    4. I have the view people who put time in travelling to away games should get the tickets for the biggest aways. As an example, I’m aware of a lad that writes for TF who has done loads of aways – he was at Kharkiv and Bordeaux last season but just doesn’t have enough points as yet for a ticket for Sunderland away. There are others like him and they should get first consideration for those tickets than those on corporate jollies and/or win tickets in a quiz. Its the fairest way.

  9. Drew Murty says:

    I didn’t get the email. Am I being discriminated against?

  10. Matt Flynn says:

    Two possibilities here.

    1 Wonga get tickets for every away game, which raises a few questions. Do they get a fixed number of tickets or a percentage of the allocation? Why is this the first time they’ve made their away tickets available to some supporters via a competition, and are they making their full allocation available via this competition or keeping some back?

    2 Wonga have just been given tickets for the derby in a cynical PR move that makes a mockery of the loyalty scheme.

    Personally I can’t see Wonga’s corporate guests wanting to hang around the away end at Cardiff and suspect its the latter. Either way the endless ad hoc promotions, reduced allocations, stunts that see away fans coming to SJP paying less than home supporters, and the two fingers being pointed in the direction of the general public are making NUFC’s ticketing policy a shambolic and divisive issue.

    Once upon a time supporters loyalty was proven by how early in the morning they were prepared to start queuing for tickets for big games. Now loyalty equates to money with anyone who can’t afford a season ticket classed as a third rate supporter.