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Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones in Wednesday’s atrocity in London. But the message to the god-obsessed death cult who perpetrate these horrors is simple – WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

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3 Responses to WE ARE NOT AFRAID

  1. Mark Simmons says:

    Navel gazing, inward looking, self obsessed nihilists, all of them.

  2. Steve Byers says:

    Dewsbury’s finest will be quaking in their boots after this statement. If you produce a few more podcasts about designer trainers and austerity then ISIS may get sick to death of your meaningless narcissistic drivel and disband.

  3. Toonslim says:

    As Mr Byers has observed, so eloquently, local football fanzines are the main source of fundamentalist lunatic propoganda information gathering.Well done.