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We are always on the look out for new writers to join our merry band of scribblers so if youtype have ever fancied letting rip, getting something off your chest and being published in one of the most widely read, most respected and biggest selling fanzines in the country then drop us a  line and we’ll put you to work.

Just drop us a  line at

You don’t have to have any special qualifications or have been published previously. The only qualification you will need is a strong affection for Newcastle United, something to say and a desire to inform and entertain your fellow supporters.

So, if you want to write match reports, give us your opinion on the major issues of the day at St James’ Park or for ex-pats tell us about the football culture you have adopted then please get in touch.

We love a bit of nostalgia as well so if there is something from your supporting life you think your fellow Mags would be interested in hearing about, then just drop us a line.

Our writers come in all shapes and sizes. We have writers from 17 to 70, men, women, black, white and all shades between. We couldn’t give a shit who you sleep with just so long as you put the cat out and don’t expect us to join in.

That is all.

You can subscribe to true faith and get instant access to one of the best fanzines in the

tf116_on_iPadcountry which is now available only in digital format. For only £17.99 annually or £5.99 quarterly, you will get a subscription for 10 issues. The price and service is exactly the same no matter where you are in the world. As well as 10 future issues (all at least 100 pages) you will get instant access to our archive of over 30+ issues at no extra cost.

All you need to do is click here.




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  1. Paul smith says:

    Right. To me it’s completely clear. John carver is no fool. When he stated he’d play his strongest team in the cup he must have meant it. There’s no way he’s stupid enough to say that then pick the team he did ( there are no injuries FACT). Therefore mike Ashley must have contacted carver and told him what to do. John carver became an Ashley puppet the second he picked that side. Wee can’t get at Ashley but by hounding his latest puppet out of town we can at least irritate him. I think a full on campaign to hound puppet carver out of town is called for and when he goes then at least his successor will have to be slightly less blunt in his derisory treatment of the fans. Just boo the fool at every opportunity make him feel completely alienated from us and when he goes as he inevitably will ( the man brings nothing to the table ) we will know it’s at the very least a tiny victory against the monster that is mike Ashley.