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Since 1999, true faith has been providing an alternative view on life at Newcastle United and is now one of the UK’s most prominent and well-respected fanzine titles.

true faith has become such a successful platform for supporters’ opinion and analysis because we have managed to attract a big pool of articulate, passionate writers whose knowledge and understanding of Newcastle United cannot be bettered. The mainstream media and sadly some previous fanzines are now more concerned with generating clicks for advertising revenue and consistently irritate and disappoint with their coverage. true faith has always been and will always be about providing interesting, unique, provocative, informative and hopefully occasionally amusing coverage of Newcastle United.

We have managed to attract a huge pool of writers because the only qualification to write for true faith is to have a cover_tf126_ipadgenuine love for Newcastle United Football Club. No-one needs to have any fancy qualifications, be a trained journalist or published writer. No-one needs to be a super-fan either. We have home and away zealots, season ticket holders and those who go when they can as circumstances allow as writers for true faith. We also have people who live a stone’s throw from St James’ Park on our writing team and we have writers on the other side of the world and at the other end of the country.

There are teenagers and retired people who write regularly for true faith as well as men and women, boys and girls and whatever lies between providing really well crafted pieces for our fanzine, web-site and match-day newsletter, The Special. All of our match-reports come from people who have paid to watch and are in the stands at every first team game.

There is no typical true faith writer, we all come in various shapes and sizes. People like you write for true faith.

Although Newcastle United is the primary focus of true faith, the fanzine has a curiosity about football in other places and there’s nothing we love more than publishing a match-day experience from a Mag in a weird and wonderful place you’ve barely heard of and as long as we receive those pieces we’ll continue to feature them in our pages. As well as that, we like dipping our toes into the rich world of North Eastern non-league football too.

We might be accused of self-indulgence but as part of the rich fanzine tradition we also give various nods to the worlds of fashion, music and politics and make no apologies for that so if that’s your thing you have a home here with true faith. Those issues are part of our identity and tradition.

The digital era has spawned any amount of blogs of varying quality but in very many cases do not receive the audience tf125_ipadthey deserve. We are more than happy to provide a far bigger audience than the ones they enjoy now so any bloggers firing material into the ether should contact us and get your material read.

Some writers come to us with fully formed ideas about a subject they want to write about and that’s fine. Others come and volunteer to pick up a subject for us as well. Again, that works for us too. We also have opportunities for those who would like to write match-reports for true faith and the only qualification for doing so is you have to be at the games.

There’s a new season fast approaching and although we have a bumper Summer Special issue (TF126) available now to be downloaded, we are working on the next one already and seeking writers old and new to join our merry band to help put it together. Not to mention people to help contribute to the match-day Newsletter, The Special and a host of other stuff for this here website and on and on it goes.

So, if you’d like to help out, please drop us a line on and we’ll get you put to work.

Keep On, Keepin’ On … 


Don’t worry if you haven’t spotted the new issue of true faith. Its here now and only a click-away. The current issue is a massive 136 pages and rammed with material covering Newcastle United as well as plenty more besides. true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running and by some distance most popular fanzine. It is one of the UK’s most respected and best known fanzine titles as well as the UK’s most widely read independent, fans’-led publication. It is also 100% FREE. true faith is available in exclusively digital format and is accessible by whatever device you choose including PC, lap-top, i-pad, tablet and smart-phone. Our recommendation is tablet or i-pad but plenty enjoy the other formats too. Whatever way you read our fanzine, just make sure you read it.


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