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On behalf of everyone associated with true faith may we welcome Isaac Haynes to Newcastle United. Isaac is booked in for a medical today according to several news reports and will join United from Arsenal after a season at Hull on loan.

Congratulations to everyone who is working to complete these deals in particular the manager, Rafa who appears to have played a pivotal role in reminding Newcastle United they are a football club.

Isaac is a central defender but who can play at full-back and in midfield so shades of Aaron Hughes for the 21-year-old.

We all hope Isaac has a long and successful career at United and enjoys living in the area and in our Geordie community.

Welcome aboard.

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6 Responses to true faith – WELCOME TO ISAAC HAYDEN

  1. WorMickey says:

    Seems so simple doesn’t it. A centre half, a goal scorer, creative midfielder, need one? Get one. Get the business done early and hit the ground running from match one. This is Rafa. This is a proper manager doing things right. No speculation, no false hopes, no hype, just clear thinking and decisive action. The players will now be experiencing the same on the training pitch. It will show in matches. This is great.

  2. Ivan. Malley says:

    Headline says Isaac Hayden.

    No chronicle gaffs here please.

  3. Wallace Wilson says:

    Surely this kid’s nickname has to be Shaft…..

  4. Eeeeen says:

    Bit of a gaff with the name, however;
    ” Who’s the black centre-half
    That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?
    You’re damn right
    Who is the man
    That would risk his neck for his brother centre-half?
    Can ya dig it?
    Who’s the cat that won’t cop out
    When there’s danger all about
    Right on
    You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother
    (Shut your mouth)
    But I’m talkin’ about Shaft
    (Then we can dig it)
    He’s a complicated man
    But no one understands him but his woman*
    (John Shaft)”

    *and his team mates hopefully

    With apologies to Isaac Hayes so profuse that I doubt there has ever been anything quite so profuse in the history of the human race. (Do you think I could copyright this?).

    • Eeeeen says:

      I hate to bang on about this (I don’t actually – I’m having a whale of a time), but I’ve just dug out “Golden Hour Presents Isaac Hayes”; “60 Minutes Guaranteed Playing Time”; and am listening to “Shaft” as I type. Fabulous. If he’s half as good as his namesake…

      Wait a minute!

  5. Peter Ward says:

    So far so good but still a way to go. The championship isn’t going to be a walkover as many seem to think. Read the wise words of Chris Hughton for example.
    I hope a few more players will be coming in because I can’t believe the disgruntled ones will still be here for the coming season whatever price we put on their heads. It’s already apparent the team is going to be quite different. I’d like to see at least two more really experienced and hard bitten defenders including maybe a real leader.