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We’re really happy at true faith to welcome a new PODCAST to our output.
The PODCAST has a bit of work to do in term of technical production but we’re sure the SONY DSClads will improve week on week. Obviously, we have Taylor & Besty as our main men and nothing we’re doing withb the new lads will impact upon them.

We still love the big lads. Leading the PODCAST is our regular writer, Alex Hurst and if you want to listen to the first weekly PODCAST of the season, just click here. The lads cracking on are:

Alex, aged 25 from North Tyneside  Alex has had been a season ticket holder since 2004 and sits in the Corner with all three other podcast hosts.  Alex writes regularly for True Faith and hosts the podcast as he has very little else to do – mainly because of his failure to attain a University degree due to going to 33 out of 38 Premier League games in the relegation season in the 2008/2009, despite being a skint student in Leeds.  The club have yet to acknowledge his loyalty.

Micky, aged 24 from Gosforth (not the posh part) Micky has had a season ticket in the lower part of the Corner – technically the Gallowgate some could (successfully) argue –  for over 17 years and goes to each match with his Dad each week.  If he had his way he’d sack Pardew tomorrow.  He lost a leg in the celebrations for the second goal in Brugge and may or may not have spent time in Ferry jail.

Si, aged 25 from Bedlington (the posh part)  Simon is well known on the True Faith Facebook page for being ‘pro-Pardew’ and prides himself on getting the first ever ‘Alan Pardew’s Black and White Army’ chant going in Level 7 in 2011.  Motivated to get the ground rocking to Pardew’s name once again, the 2014-15 season promises to be a difficult one for the Bedlington Mag.  Simon is still barred from Leeds city centre after his ‘unusual’ reaction to Newcastle United’s relegation in 2009 and The Headingley and Hyde Park student areas of Leeds still have curfew’s in effect on the final day of the season due to his ‘behaviour’.

Ben, aged 25 from Killingworth Ben has decided to get his first ever season ticket this season as a thank you to Mike Ashley for exclusively clothing him for the last 15 years. Last seen travelling away from home as a 12 year old at Goodison in 2001, Ben hopes to scrounge a ticket to the mackem away fixture this year of podcast host Alex then self-commission a home top with ‘Mags on tour 2014/15 SMB 5-1’ on the back. The other members of the podcast have voted to remove him from the pod if he goes through with this idea.


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One Response to true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST

  1. Al says:

    Please add your podcast to Stitcher, so Android users like myself can easily listen:

    The only NUFC cast on there right now is some Yank wankers who keep babbling on about how great it would be putting Premiere League reserve teams in the Football League, enforcing salary caps, and giving “draft picks” to shite clubs instead of relegating them. Typical American sports nonsense.

    Please get an alternative on Stitcher so I have a better Toon podcast for my morning commute. Thanks!