true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST – Steve McClaren Out

by • December 29, 2015 • podcastComments (7)1278

Steve McClaren will relegate Newcastle United.

2015 has been a disaster for the club. Someone is responsible. This hasn’t happened by accident.

Lee Charnley, Graeme Carr and Steve McClaren should be relieved of their duties this week. A failure to act by Mike Ashley will be yet another act of negligence which have defined his reign so far.

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7 Responses to true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST – Steve McClaren Out

  1. Dave says:

    Sadly you know it, I know it, I even think the Fat Man knows it (but he doesn’t give a toss), in fact every man & his dog knows it, but to be honest it ain’t gonna happen, is it?
    More importantly I wish to express my sincere & deepest condolences to the family & friends of our beloved adopted Geordie Pavel Srnicek. RIP Pav.

  2. tom Bates says:

    Is Mclaren really the problem though? We struggled under pardew and got even worse under carver. I would suggest that Ashleys recruitment strategy and lack of ambition is the issue. Norwich are signing Naismith a player who grafts is a nuisance and a good finisher. Not world class but a good PL player. Of course we wouldn’t be interested as he’s over 25 so no sell on value for Ashley and he isn’t from the French or Dutch leagues. Everyone renewing their deals in January are helping to keep this farce going like it or not. One advantage of being in the bottom 3 is Ashley is likely to sign a few players in the window but his ambition is limited to staying in the league for the TV money.

  3. Dan says:

    Charnley out. Carr out. Mclaren ou. Moncur out.
    Unfortunately that still leaves the parasite in charge sucking not only money from our club but all hope too.

  4. Anton says:

    McClaren is merely the latest (modestly well-paid) chump taking the flak for Ashley’s shambles.
    His hope (just like Pardew’s) is that he’ll put together a decent run of 6-8 games during the year which will prove that he’s Premiership material and will net him a job with one of the promoted teams next year: living the dream in Hull or Burnley and a life-time of nice, fat severance cheques.

    He is of course out of his depth, but make no mistake: Guardiola, Murinho or Ferguson could not ever function under Ashley. The only thing we can look forward to is another humiliating year in the premiership. I believe we will stay up, but the club will lose what’s left of its soul.

  5. the pole says:

    its not McClaren its the two ugly ducklings CHARNLEY andCARR we could have PEPE G and JOSE M and we would still be crap as they would only have charnley and carrs players according to press we are after new wingers previous signigns gouffran obertan cabbella thaufan cost about 40 million signed by the uglies so what chance has manager or head coach got

  6. mark walsh says:

    I think the rot has gone too far to be saved no matter what happens in this transfer window. The lads in the podcast sounded as depressed as I feel about it all.

  7. Tony Hutchinson says:

    A mate who was coached by McClaren says he is the best that he has worked with. So suspect that he malaise is far deeper and more corrosive. Surely the revelations about Kashley’s business affairs mean he in not a ‘fit and proper person’ to own a football club? The business model works for sports wear but not for club.