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Have recovered yet? A riotous weekend of no holds barred celebrations after the glorious Podcastweeklyimagecelebrations point gained at home to West Bromwich Albion, crafted from the tactical genius that is our wonderful manager John Carver, who makes us all so proud?

Nah, not really? Understandable in the circumstances.

Never mind, you can give some of your fellow Mags a listen in the ever popular true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST.

Just click here.

Alex and the lads chew over the fat and give a selection of opinions on where we are right Pheonixphone1now in our predictable fight against relegation. Its well worth an hour of your time. Ideal for downloading and listening on your way to work, college, Uni, school or lying on your back eating crisps.

Not only are the lads knocking out something of a magnificent podcast these days, they have only gone and got themselves a whole new Radio show by the way.

true faith in partnership with Radio Northumberland. The show is on every Friday night at 7 pm and you get full details of how to listen to it here.

That is all.




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