true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST – Mike Ashley: The worst man in football?

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Alex Hurst is joined by Andrew Bolland to look at a damaging week to the name of Newcastle United.

Even just looking at the ‘football’ arguments made by the club in the Jonas Guitierez Tribunal, things look bad for a club rotten to the core.

We look at the tribunal so far, the mental comments from our ‘owner’ this week and Bob Moncur’s continued presence on the football board at United.

Warning: not pleasant listening to those who believe Mike Ashley is committed to running Newcastle United for anything other than personal gain.

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2 Responses to true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST – Mike Ashley: The worst man in football?

  1. mikey says:

    I love these podcasts lads.

    What are your thoughts on the ridiculous and greedy membership scheme that is wrecking our support base?

    Do you know we’ve sent back 2 batches of tickets to Southampton and will have the lowest allocation of any away team ever at St Mary’s? Can you believe that? Newcastle United?

    Our away support has always been bolstered by general sale fans who go to 4 or 5 a year. Me and my mates are in that category. We go as a big gang. We’ve stopped. Every time you’re about to go you realise you have to spend an extra 30 and go through some palaver of registering with the club and getting membership numbers.

    Once again his greed is killing off our fanbase.

    We are going to have the mental situation

  2. Chris Rickleton says:

    Love the podcast as always, but I’d like to pick up on the comment about Enrique and Jonas. Enrique was the standout performer in this partnership, not the other way round, although they both went downhill when it broke up.

    Enrique made Jonas look good because he could go behind the fullback and put a cross in, something which Jonas never seemed to be able to do (sorry, if you are playing on the flank, that is half your job).

    Even if we go back to the Man Utd game under Keegan where Jonas was at his best he was essentially running at the opposition with blistering pace without a clue what to do next. He WAS selected for Argentina regularly under Maradona – ask any Argentinian how they feel about that.

    Yes the club has probably, again, behaved disgracefully over this incident but minus Enrique, whether for playing or camraderie reasons , Guttierez went massively backwards in playing terms to the point where I don’t really see the difference between what he did (or didn’t do) and Gouffran. Fantastic guy though.