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by • April 15, 2015 • NewsComments (3)590

Quite an eventful week at nose-diving Newcastle United – can’t score goals and can’t keep Podcast1them out of the net, which call me old fashioned, isn’t ideal for a football team.

Alex and his mates meet up this week to chew the fat and all that and you can get at their patter by just clicking here. 

As ever, it is all absolutely FREE.

That is all.







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3 Responses to true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST

  1. Tom Pitt says:

    I love the podcasts..great entertainment…far better than what goes on on the pitch thats for sure!
    I just wanted to point one thing out after listening to last weeks show.
    You stated that those on the 10 year season tickets were stuck now because they started paying in January and could not get out of it for next season.
    Can I just let you know what I did last year?
    I was on the 10 year deal and didnt cancel (as instructed by the club!) in January.
    The end of last season sickened me off to the point where I wanted to pack it all in.
    I cancelled my direct debit just before the May payment was due….this meant that I had actually paid two months worth of season 2014-15.
    I then informed the club that I had cancelled the DD and would not be paying anymore money and had cancelled my season ticket.
    They accepted this without any argument.
    So I lost around £120 but in my mind have gained my self respect and I feel this season has totally vindicated the decision I made.
    I think this is something that should be known to the masses who as you say, think they are stuck with it for next season….they are not.

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    Hi Tom,

    I really appreciate you pointing that out – i’ll be making sure we mention that on next weeks show!