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MarchingBand Welcome to the new re-launched true faith website. We know our on-line output in the last year hasn’t been at it as much as in previous years. That was down to some technical headaches that was no-one’s fault really but now we’re back with what we think is an attractive new site with some new features that we desperately hope offers better coverage than we have delivered over the last twelve months.

Many thanks to Mark Brophy and Sean Robson who have kept the plates spinning for the last year!

The site offers a lot more in the way of interaction so we’re hoping you’ll not be shy in coming forward (as if) and giving us your responses to the stuff we put on-line here. As long as stuff isn’t abusive and is well written then there shouldn’t be a problem with it. We won’t allow anything to be published under silly names either. If you honestly believe in what you are writing, then have the balls to put your real name to it! This isn’t for anonymous message-board-type doylums who play the keyboard warrior act.

The new site has been designed to be user friendly so hopefully you’ll be able to access it via a variety of social media – computers, i-pads, tablets and smart-phones etc.

The site will also offer a glimpse into some of our carry-on with Twitter and Facebook. Get involved in that, it seems to be growing really well.

This coming season we will be retaining all of the features we’ve focused upon over the years – the weekly editorial, match previews and match reports for example. However, we are hopeful we’ll also be able to offer more in the way of coverage in the build-up to games with interviews with fanzine heads from other clubs, history pieces on our fixtures and You-Tube features.

Likewise the Video-Blogs young Mr Harrison (Deputy-Ed) has been doing in collaboration with SKY will also be featured for you and we’re delighted to bang the drum for true faith’s very own podcast with the brilliant Taylor & Besty.

There is also going to be some new stuff as well. Neil Cranswick, a Mag exiled in Berlin will be writing a Blog for the site on all things German with some observations on the on-going pantomime at Newcastle United from Deutschland. Emile Strunz (or Neil Smith to his friends) will be giving us regular slices of musical nirvana both from the people he digs but also from his own rather good output himself. If you love a bit electronica, big beats and dance music, Emile is your man and it’s all exclusive to true faith. As you know we are all rolling-eyed Marxist insurrectionists here in the true faith bunker so it would be remiss if we didn’t do a bit of left-wing hectoring every now and again. We’ll be welcoming Peter Sagar into our stable of writers. Peter as well as being a Mag with more service than he cares to mention at SJP is also a mover and shaker within the Tyne & Wear Coalition of Resistance and he’ll be giving us all the angles on how our game and country is being torn apart by selfishness and greed.

We will also be continuing to support  the NUST, FSF, Show Racism The Red Card and Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football as well as others who have a sincere and practical intention to improve the lot of football supporters here at Newcastle United but also more widely.

All of the design for the site comes from our very own Glenn Ashcroft who has done a brilliant job with our paper fanzine over many years but has now transferred his skills to the web-world and I think he’s done rather a brilliant job for us. We are massively in his debt, so thanks mate.

Obviously, it’s a big privilege and honour for us that you choose to spend time here reading, listening and watching our musings on the cruel mistress that is Newcastle United. 90% of the feedback you give us is really encouraging and thanks for that. However, we do need constructive criticism and ideas so we can keep making improvements. A lot of the time we know when we’ve dropped bollocks with typos, made grammatical ricks etc because we do this as enthusiastic amateurs fitting it in around work, families and other commitments. We don’t have hours to spend poring over one piece every fortnight. Cut us some slack on that one but for the same token it is something we are mindful of and want to improve upon.

We are also always after volunteers so if you have any skills, ideas and time to help us out just get in touch. Designers, writers, photographers – if you’ve got a skill and an original idea that would help us push the site and the fanzine on, just drop us a line and we’ll have a natter about it. Don’t expect to get paid for it as our laughter can be rather disheartening.

Anyway, enough of the blather, we really hope you enjoy the site and take time to get involved and help us make the site as successful as we’ve had it previously along with our wee fanzine.

All the best,

Michael Martin,


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10 Responses to true faith website – re-launch

  1. Sean Robson says:

    Well it’s only been 5 years since we first talked about getting comments working against the articles! Better late than never – Good to see it actually happen. Excellent stuff.

  2. Peter Martin says:

    Fantastic new site, easy to navigate around. Cheers.

  3. Keith says:

    Looking like ANother WordPress blog rather than a website, which is a shame. Hoping that the increased content on the footy will make up for it. Like the badge in the background, nice touch that. Bought a fair few paper copies over the years lads, will read in whatever form you deliver!

    • Give us 5 minutes Keith! There will be loads going on here and if Word Press is good enough for the Rolling Stones its good enough for us mate. Ta for your support tho kidda!

  4. Well done . Site shaping up good. Looking foreward to reading first re juvenated copy. Will make a copy available to all toon suporters at the Paddington arms in Benalmadena on the Costa Del Sol where we watch all toon games . All True faith readers visiting the Malaga area in Spain will get a warm welcome if they visit us . Come and see us . The very best of luck with the new mag from all toon army suporters in Spain. Toon for ever.

  5. Thanks Ralph. Encourage them to take out subs mate – paper or digital kidda! The small profit the fanzine makes, pays for stuff like the site etc.

  6. Carl says:

    Excellent new site Michael! Liking the new blogs already. Fresh is the word that comes to mind.

  7. Thanks Carl and more to come now and when tbe srason kicks off. All the best.