true faith: VIDEO BLOG(S) – #BoycottSpurs Aftermath

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As Newcastle United tumbled to yet another listless defeat at home to Spurs, we managed to round up a few fans observing the boycott of the Spurs game and got their views on where our club is at, where we’re going, how they felt about missing a game they had already paid for and the whole messed up situation Mike Ashley and his minions have created at St James’ Park.

With many thanks to Matt Flynn whose work with the camera has been so highly valued this week.

Ashley Out! 

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9 Responses to true faith: VIDEO BLOG(S) – #BoycottSpurs Aftermath

  1. mikey says:

    This is top notch stuff lads. Almost had a tear in me eye

    Emotional, heartfelt, passionate stuff from lads who just love the toon and have been forced into taking action.

    The last lad that spoke really hit the nail on the head. Newcastle United today represents everything i hate in life.

    The sanitised, money grabbing commodification of everyday life. The joyless making of money and forced entertainment that passes for football now where parasitical agents have more respect and influence than the fans.

    Across football the fans are treated with contempt, our sense of pride and heritage is laughed at, we are mocked by pundits and chairmen, policed by overzealous stewards, and treated as scum by our own clubs.

    The only reason this attitude is not as clear as day is because they still want our money, we are simply consumers. Yet anyone who is a fan feels the contempt palpably.

    This is not just about Ashley, although he represents all that is bad in modern football, it is about the whole rotten game mirroring a rotten money obsessed society,

    Another club is possible, our club. But another football is also possible. Not back to the old days, but forward to a new future of fan run football.

    Lets fucking get on with it lads. Howay.

  2. Steve says:

    Agreed, Says it all. Detest is exactly the right word to use in connection with how things have gone. Like that lad, I think that the club has come to represent everything I detest in life. It’s cheap and heartless and lacking in any kind of enthusiasm. It’s cynical and exploitative and I won’t be putting any more of my money into this once great club until something changes for the better. The whole thing from the top down has become rotten and it’s just sickening.

  3. Stephen Brownlow says:

    Think the Harrisons have said it all right there TBH

  4. Ian summers says:

    I see no point in boycotting games this season that are not live on TV, especially when you consider that most boycotting have already paid for matches being season ticket holders. If any form of protest is to continue this season it should be inside the ground. How about supporting the team in a ridiculously enthusiastic fashion in forthcoming matches, we used to be good at that? The Fat man is only laughing at us otherwise? A lot of his behaviour is clearly motivated by pissing us off. The recent treatment of Jonas Guittierez tells us all we need to know about our club. Even the fat man will not underestimate the impact Sunday had on the increasingly important foreign audience – where does a lot of that TV income come from?

    • mikey says:

      I agree with that Ian.

      I think we should boycott each and every game that is on SKY with huge protests outside the ground.

      This will hammer brand Ashly, it will also result in SKY representatives giving our fat friend a phone call or two as well as Peter Scudamore. They rely on the full stadiums for their branding and advertising. If they know we are going to boycott every game on SKY, SKY will start pulling out and that means huge losses for Ashly.

      If he understands we are serious and we can do this every time, he’ll be forced into action of some sort.

      • Chris W says:

        This is all well and good but what has it got to do with a retired National Hunt jockey : )

  5. Alistair Moir says:

    Brilliant, well done.
    “Would you believe it, but George Reilly was better” made me smile! Nearly made me cry too like, because its true!

  6. Rob says:

    Bit harsh on poor Mavis Reilly, his replacement was even worse than he was (Billy Whitehurst for the young uns). Which makes me wonder, looking back to those golden years of attendances in the low 20 thousands why people find it so hard to not turn up nowadays?. As someone who saw many a half empty SJP through the late 70s up to the early 90s it didn’t seem a big deal for people to not turn up if the team was crap, even if it was only 3 quid to get in and they were paid not that much more than you and were trying their hardest, so I scratch my head a bit at this have to turn up malarky now to watch the overpaid football mercenaries on the clubs books especially when you hate the owner into the bargain. I mean even allowing for the fans who are under 40 there must be a whole load of people in the crowd now who weren’t going say in 91/92 when I think we averaged in the teens. Have to fess up to being lapsed myself, the ‘our fans are idiots’ thing did it for me as well as not liking the way the game was going in general so after only missing a handful of home games over 20 plus years I just packed in putting my money into the club, of course I realise its not that simple for everyone.

    • Matt Flynn says:

      Season Tickets. In the days of Whitehurst et al the minority of supporters had them, now the majority do. At NUFC the problems the obbession with them causes (and it not just the compulsion to turn up regardless) are multiplied by the 10/3/5 year deals so many are tied into.