true faith : VIDEO BLOG (JAN/15) with GARETH HARRISON

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Its been a while since we did a Video Blog but we would like to do more and vary our delivery to you.

Our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison is literally in the chair and as you might expect after a dreadful few weeks on the park (Cup exits, another derby defeat and mediocrity in the PL) as well as the departure of the manager, Alan Pardew to Crystal Palace there is plenty for Gareth to talk about and he certainly does that.

So, it will take 20 minutes of your time, so get the kettle on and crack open the hob-nobs, here we go.



Many thanks to Matt Flynn, our resident Martin Scorcese. 



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14 Responses to true faith : VIDEO BLOG (JAN/15) with GARETH HARRISON

  1. John says:

    Agree 100% re. McClaren. Whilst I’m on, could anyone who continues to attend home matches possibly give me their top 5 reasons for doing so. Just interested in understanding that side of the argument. As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t give you ONE reason for continuing to go, let alone 5! Ta in advance

  2. Rob says:

    Apart from the fact that we’d then have Carver managing, sorry, coaching the team is that should he be appointed, the media response to our collective disappointment will be “well, what are they complaining about? They wanted a Geordie in charge!”

  3. Ian Ireland says:

    Great content, great website. It is also nice to see Michael that you no longer refer to him as ‘young’ deputy editor Gareth Harrison … that was a lie up there with NUFC’s best! Sorry Hazzle …

  4. joe hawkins says:

    Well the media are throwing the names around but lets be honest this rotten cheap regime will give it to Charver !
    All you have to do is put yourself into the regimes shoes like a Profiler who hunts serial killers to see what they will do.
    They are predictable and follow a pattern so you can more or less see what is coming next from them.

    If they were to ever appoint someone of any kind of standing then they would have to run the club in a professional manner so that ain’t never going to happen !
    They are typically going to go with what is the cheapest option and less likely to stymie their plans for running their scam.
    Charver more or less sold his soul when he put out the team against Leicester and it was a direct message to Ashley to say, “I Am Your Man, Call off the search.”
    Truly depressing times and there will be more in abundance if Charver is given the job !

  5. billmolyneux says:

    This is sadly history repeating itself.A bleek January out of all the cups and near enough safe in the Prem.Beaten in the Derby AGAIN!! and our best player could be out the door very soon,it was Cabaye last year Sissoko this.The only diffrerence is we are Pardewless which isn’t a lot to worry about.Last year I made the decision to not renew my season ticket till we are rid of this ogre of an owner,the fans have had their belly-full of Ashley lets pray hes the next to fly South.

  6. Ian Summers says:

    5 reasons for me:-
    1. Drinking before and after with mates, especially Christmas games & Mackem matches.
    2. Home games like Chelsea this year, Man U 5-0 & the 5-1 Nolan chicken dance rounded off by Shola.
    3. Away games like Man U last year.
    4. European trips such as Bilbao, Bruges & Inter Milan ( deliberately not mentioned Barca!)
    5. The feeling before the match I get walking up the once cobbled back lane past the old ticket office towards the back of the East stand and all the memories that conjures up for me. Been taking that walk since 1974 and not sure I can stop doing it. This club is ours not his.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Pretty much my exact reasons for going aswell Ian plus having a pint with and seeing my dad every couple of weeks. If you took away the things you mentioned, I’d have packed in years ago.

  7. John says:

    Gareth & Ian – I totally get where you’re coming from. Would either of you be prepared to support/participate in a temporary boycott of maybe just a single HOME game though? Desperate times, desperate measures etc?
    3 & 4 are N/A. 2 is fairly unlikely to happen again in the near future (you’d probably agree with that one although I know people would kick themselves if they missed another rare good one!)
    That leaves 1 & 5. 1 can still be done but watch the actual match in the boozer. So really you’d only be missing out on 5 really.
    FYI, the last home game I attended was Benfica in the EL. I’m not coming from the “I am right by staying away, you are wrong” side of the argument either so please don’t assume that. I would really love to see a well organized & well supported boycott of a home game(s) although I really doubt I’m the type of guy who could organize one.
    Re. non-attendance of Chelsea away by TF, the reason given (correctly in my view) is that the ticket price and therefore the club hierarchy are taking the absolute fucking piss out of fans. Could that argument not also be directly applied to the Ashley regime at the club formerly known as Newcastle United & used as justification for staying away, even for a single game?
    Cheers. Yawn, zzzzzzz, am off to graft!

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      John, absolutely I would boycott a game (or longer) if it was organised.

      • Stephen B says:

        This suggestion also has a lot of support on the Facebook pages, if 6000 fans (whatever the number was) were persuaded to walk out the ground on 69 mins im sure we can get at least that on a sit in, like John says in his post (desperate times call for desperate measures).

  8. Nick says:

    FYI: The Nigel Worthington thing was a rumor started by about half a dozen mates on Facebook. We sent a few texts to talkSPORT, a few tweets to the Chronicle and loads of people picked up on it and it went viral. There were loads of mackems betting on it in order to ‘sh*t the mags up’, which shows their level of intelligence really.
    The idea was to take someone ridiculous and make them credible. It says everything about this football club that that was so easy to do. Sorry if anyone reading was foolish enough to put money on it but we found it very very funny. The managerial market is a joke anyway so why not have a little fun with it?

  9. John says:

    Have you got any links to Facebook group(s) that are currently trying to rally support for a walk-out or similar Stephen?

    On a completely different subject, spoke to my mate last night who works in TV & does a lot of jobs for Sky Sports. he’s a Boro fan so has no prejudice re. Pardew. He had the misfortune to have to deal with the dick-head at Selhurst Park the other night & gave me at least 3 examples of his behaviour towards a young TV crew being nothing short of disgusting. I can’t give you two of them as they were in private & he could likely be identified but the third, the fucking knob was seen by everyone to put his hand over the business end of a camera & push it back into the operators face as he was trying to get a shot of him walking down the tunnel in the style of some “hard-case” prick leaving from a court appearance. He has worked around the likes of Ferguson, Van Gaal, Mourinho etc. & says they are no bother at all but that our Alan has one of the worst reputations for being difficult with the media. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The Crystal Palace board need their heads checked!

    • Stephen B says:

      John, are u a member of the group, otherwise i dont think you would be able to view any links from the facebook pages until you are mate?

  10. billmolyneux says:

    Joey Barton on Facebook telling it the way it is,worth watching.