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true faith has a selection of very smart pin badges that will look exceedingly smart on the lapel of any Mag about town thisleazes_badge coming season.

For the faithful Gallowgate and Leazes Enders we have this Northern Soul style pin badge in a classic style.

You can get at either by just clicking here.

In tribute to the many Mags who love our club from the most beautiful counties in England, we have these DurhamBadgeNorthumberland and Durham pin badges which shout pride in our local football club as well as our ancient identities.

You can get at either by clicking here.


All of the profit generated by the merchandise that true faith sells goes to pay for a FREE fanzine, FREE podcasts, FREE Video-Blogs and a FREE match-day Newsletter, The Special. Oh and this here fanzine. Its because of the small profit Northumberandbadgegenerated from this merchandise that we can continue to develop Newcastle United’s fanzine culture in the digital age whilst avoiding becoming just another click-bait outlet driving analytics for advertising. No-one at true faith does this as a business or with any intention of deriving a living from it.

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