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At the time of writing, Newcastle United are five points away from the Premier League, having seen our long-time title rivals Brighton get to the promised land with three games to spare.  there can be no doubt that there is unfinished business, if we are to reclaim our place in the elite of English football and recent results suggest that much work will have to be done over the summer if we are promoted, to build a squad capable of staying in the Premier League.

We can only hope that promotion will be achieved and that if that happens, Ashley will understand that serious investment is needed to help us maintain our place in the Premier League.

We shall see….

It is not only at Newcastle United that there appears to be unfinished business. On 18th April, Theresa May made another huge u-turn and announced a snap general election for 8th June. Since that surprise announcement, after May had repeatedly denied that she would call an election before 2020, there has been much speculation as to why she chose to go against her word.  Here is one possible reason, you may not read about in the Daily Mail or the Sun…

On the same day as the election was called, Channel 4 News reported that the CPS was considering bringing criminal charges against over 30 people including Tory M.P.s and agents in relation to election spending fraud at the 2015 election. This scandal could have reduced the Tories’ majority to tiny figures or even wipe it out altogether. It is any coincidence then that May chose April 18th as the day to call an election?

This is  a story that has rumbled on over the past year, that a number of elected Tory M.P.s did not declare their election expenses properly in 2015, resulting in 15 police forces passing files onto the Crown Prosecution Service. There have also been concerns about the Tory battle buses as it is reported that the Tories failed to declare their full costs, which they said was due to an ‘administrative error’.

By March 2017, two members of what has been described as the Conservative campaigning ‘hit squad’ were telling  Channel 4 News that basically the Tories had ‘cheated’ at the last election by not properly declaring its election spending.

In response, according to Channel 4 news, “Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Channel 4 News the prospect of a series of byelections was not the reason the election was called.

“This election has been called for all the reasons the Prime Minister has set out which is that it is in our national interest to have a strong government with a strong majority able to go in and have that negotiation with the EU and beyond.”

Asked by Channel 4 News whether MPs charged in connection with these cases should step aside, she said: “We’re not trying to get in the way at all of the proper due process of law, that must go ahead, but we believe that the Conservatives and the MPs in question and the agents have behaved properly.

“If there are any conclusions to the contrary, we will pay the fines, whatever is appropriate.

“But at the moment, what we’ve been focusing on today, is that we want to have this general election and we’re making the case for it.

“The impact on the prosecutions, whether they make them or not from the CPS, is not impacted by this”, she told Channel 4 News.

And yet, the fact remains that the Tories have a majority of only 17 M.P.s and the CPS would have had to come to a decision by the end of May or early June. It does seem very convenient that May has chosen this moment to call an election having previously been adamant that there would be no snap election.  This is a story which must become part of the general election campaign; for it not to be would be denying the British people valuable insight into what the Tories are really like…..and quite possibly the real reason why May has chosen to go to the country.

Let us all hope that the summer sees Newcastle United back in the Premier League and Benitez been given what he needs to fashion a squad capable of making a positive impact….and a government elected in an honest fashion, that will truly govern for the benefit of all people in our country, not just a few very wealthy and privileged people….




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2 Responses to true faith – UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

  1. Billy says:

    Perhaps we should just concentrate on NUFC and not get into a political slanging match with each other. We are a whisker away from promotion. Now is the time to concentrate and get behind a team that needs our support.

  2. Tom Doran says:

    Agree 100%

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