true faith : TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Free Copy!

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Have you been thinking about jumping in and signing up to true faithtf112_cover_ipad Well, we thought we’d better let those amongst you who have never picked up a copy of our previous hard copy fanzine or who aren’t sure what the new doings looks like in the brave new DIGITAL age have a look in for nowt to help you make you mind up.

Hopefully, that will mean signing up and joining our rapidly expanding roster of subscribers.

So, to get a deek at a previous issue of true faith now in a DIGITAL format, just click here.   This sample issue is an exact replica of true faith (TF 98) converted to DIGITAL. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the SUMMER SPECIAL (the first we have published in a 100% DIGITAL format) but its a fairly good representation of what you’ll be getting for your money with the difference being it is now bigger, better, faster and cheaper.   If you choose to sign up you will get 10 issues of true faith per season.

You will get instant access to 30 back copies of the fanzine and you will get access to the current SUMMER SPECIAL (TF112).   Annual subscriptions cost £17.99 but you can also pay £5.99 for a Quarterly subscription if you prefer.

The DIGITAL version of true faith can be taken via PC, Lap-top, i-pad, tablet, i-phone, smart-phone and God knows what else. It works perfectly well in any of those formats.

Any queries etc. just drop us a line on


That is all. 



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