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Right then, eyes down for a full house. Window2

The transfer window is about to close and it looks like all of the action at United will be around the EXIT doors.

We want to know what you think of it all. There are comment boxes below and you are welcome to praise the club to the hilt for the business it has completed this summer or you can er, let rip. The choice is all yours.

We can’t approve comments that are libellous or which are overly abusive, so whilst we want strong views and opinions, please try and keep them clean-ish and do your best to keep both you and I out of court.

Let us know if you think the claim we made months ago that United would do some player-trading but spend very little net would come true or not. Did we get that right?

Were we correct to predict the club would simply re-arrange the deck-chairs on the Titanic? That Ashley has the club simply treading water?

Or has Mr Ashley sanctioned the purchase of players who will propel the club towards the alleged top eight finish we keep hearing about?

Were you pleased to see the back of Hatem Ben Arfa or do you think it represents a massive failure on the part of Alan Pardew to harness the skills of one of the most talented players seen at United in a very long while?

What do you make of the new players you have seen who the club have brought in?

Is the club stronger in September 14 to May 14?

Is Alan Pardew the man to lead Newcastle United?

And anything else you care to add?


Over to you lot.


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64 Responses to true faith : TRANSFER WINDOW

  1. Russell Charleton says:

    This is exactly why I gave up my season ticket. No regrets. Don’t even miss it. Will come back in a couple of seasons when Ashley and Pardew are gone and they will be gone

    • Dave Wood says:

      Same feelings mate. I now have season tickets for myself and grandson for Gateshead. A pleasure to watch a team with passion and commitment which goes through the whole club right up to the owners. I will never spend another penny at NUFC until the clueless manager and owner are gone FTM

    • Mark Wallsend says:

      So Russell, and while were at it Dave, are you on website dedicated to supporting Newcastle United when you have both given it up? I find people like you incredible bores. If you don’t like it.just go. Thats it. No commenting,No boring people to death about why. Just go. Thank you.

  2. fatha says:

    Predictable,pathetic disgraceful, the squad has not been strengthened it has been weakened,the inability of the manager to get the best out of genuine talent has left us unable to compete. I fear a long hard winter coming on

  3. frankytoon says:

    Same old story on last day again other teams just get on and do the business we do not seem to move worrying season again languishing near the bottom no cb or striker who is gonna score ap clueless should have swallowed pride now our best player off top hull will we ever learn

  4. Richard S says:

    The only thing this window has done is surprise me in the sense that we actually made some signings. Let us however, cast our minds back to the start of the window. We knew we needed to stop the rot defensively of the goals we haemorrhaged last season, and we knew we needed to replace the goals of Remy(which kept us in the league). Fast forward and we have done neither. Can’t say it’s surprising.

    What we have is a huge £70m worth of TV money sat in Ashley’s bank account, and a squad that looks arguably weaker than this point last year. Pardews aiming for Champions League/Top 8/48 points/whatever. Right now- we could be looking at a relegation scrap

  5. mikio says:

    I think Ben alfa is a fantastic talent, but! Why is it no manager can handle him? He has had problems with his attitude wherever he went & something has obviously happened. I reserve judgement far a couple of months to see how our new buys fit in & perform. Btw Aprons must be in the team regularly now, he is a gem.

  6. Pat Hughes says:

    Well …. I went past SJP on the bus today and saw a couple of demolition vans parked on site – my first thought was ‘dismantling’ and that’s what’s happening to our club. Complete absence of building over the summer. Yes we’ve bought players and perhaps it’s too soon to form an accurate opinion of their ability but nothing positive shouted at me on Saturday – no-one seemed confident of where they should be on the pitch and what to do if the ball landed at their feet. Perhaps I’m being mean but Pardew has had the summer to sort them out and sharpen their skills but he hasn’t. He doesn’t have a clue does he? We could have some tidy players in our team but we’ll probably never know. Pardew really does need to pack his incompetence into a bag and head south as soon as possible – I refuse to give him 10 games – go now please.

    • Alan says:

      Only his incompetence Pat?
      Bizarrely Pardew’s incompetence is probably his most liveable with trait, after 40 odd years I can list a whole host of our previous managers who can either rival or better him in the incompetence stakes.
      What makes my flesh crawl about this fucking pitiful excuse for a man is his inability to open his mouth without shite pouring forth.
      The lies started from the moment he stabbed Hughton in the back and they’ve been incessant ever since.
      Combine this with the fact he is the most nauseating sycophant ever to draw breath and has the self control of a rabid Jack Russell (his victims of course being old men or folks with their backs turned)
      The overall package is without doubt the most vomit inducing piece of human dross ever to step foot in St James’ Park.
      I hope he heads South alright, beyond London and into the English Channel.
      I also hope the cunt can’t swim.

  7. Storkyboy says:

    Typical Pardew, talking up a striker and a centre half for the last couple of weeks and no real attempt made to get either. Hull spent £10million on Hernandez and are getting HBA on a loan deal at minimal cost ASHLEY and PARDEW are a disgrace to the Black and White legions who fill St James every week. A relegation battle beckons once again and be ready for the usual quotes from the club ” we did everything we could” “we just couldnt get it over the line” “we had done all the hard work”, no recognised goalscorer and a defence that looks as though a good gust of Gallowgate wind would blow it away means a very bleak winter for all in the Toon army,

  8. Paul Brown says:

    Sad to see HBA leave I believe Keegan or Bobby would have had a world class player on their hands. As for your prediction of player trading but no net spend……. A bit like predicting Pardew will talk shite. Like the gentleman earlier I look forward to returning to SJP but principle prevents me until the hope vandals are gone.

  9. Matt Flynn says:

    HBA is the kind of player I want to watch. The kind of player who sets the pulse racing. The kind of player that can elevate a game of football to another level. A player who could have been a catalyst for creating a team that brings the best out of NUFC. That he may well end up going out on loan to Hull says everything about the failings of our manager and the direction the club is heading in.

    I don’t give a stuff if Hatem is temperamental and a bit half hearted in the tracking back department. Players of exceptional talent are usually encouraged to play where they can inflict damage on the opposition, not asked to man the fucking barricades like some water carrying donkey.

    NUFC has become a club that is scared to fail.

  10. Ollie Burtons Grandad says:

    Just heard that Newcastle were trying to sign Ganbaatar Tugsbayar the Mongolian International Center Forward from Selenge Press of Ulaanbaatar.
    Only problem was that his favourite camel went lame and Pardew could not get it over the line

    Being serious tho; what a fuckwitted manager we have. Short on Center Backs? Loan out a French international to deplete your squad. No one to score goals? Loan out your most talented player to a rival team, magic.
    You could not make it up. Bottom 3 at Xmas and then it’s panic buy time again.

  11. Davey says:

    49,000 there v Palace.

    Don’t go to games and unwittingly endorse this fat Cunt’s running of our club, which includes employing Pardew. There’s not much else you can do. Have the courage of your convictions if you feel strongly about it.

  12. Boomtown says:

    Hull!!!!! Seriously!!!!

  13. toon stripe says:

    The last time I was this worried about the teams/clubs future was under Kinnear as manager and we know how that worked out.

    Tonight has me trying to answer these questions?
    1. why we have an even weaker squad than last season?
    2. why HBA and Mapou instead of Jonas,Obertan and Ameobi?
    3. how loaning quality players out (essentially giving HBA away on a free) improves the quality performance or depth of the squad?
    4. Will we still be in the premiership next season?

  14. Mick says:

    No surprises but this deadline day shit is just a load of sky bollocks. We knew what we needed all summer and no half arsed last minute shenanigans is going to disguise the fact Ashley felt he had spent enough money this time around. We will struggle this year and unless we get lucky wth our summer chancers we will go down.

  15. Bob says:

    In fairness, a club like ours will never be able to compete with traditional powerhouses like Hull and QPR.

  16. Stephen B says:

    No longer surprised by the utter incompetence served up by this regime, talk about rearranging the deck chairs! 5 year plans, improving the squad strength, promoting from the academy, give over, we are going backwards!

  17. Ian Summers says:

    Sadly Ben Arfa is twice the player Cabella is. Aarons had more impact in 5 mins than Cabella all game on Saturday. Yet again our squad has no depth hence Obertan on the bench. An injury to Colocinni or Williamson and the usual Pardew excuses will flow. Any debate about boycotts is irrelevant because many have already left and apathy already reigns, have we ever known a worse atmosphere at matches? How Pardew thinks this is his strongest squad staggers me. Let’s see how unfit Ben Arfa is when he plays for Hull, yet more lies from a club and manager with no credibility.

  18. Ken Henderson says:

    The last game i attended was the palace game at the back end of last season and although we won the overiding feeling coming out that day was what a load of shite the current match day experiance is. The drivel which pardew serves up and comes out with are just to much to stomach. I did not take a conscious decision to boycott or any other form of protest, just had enough.

  19. Milo2020 says:

    We’ve lost Remy, Cabaye, Debuchy, Ben Arfa and Yanga-Mbiwa, four of whom were lynchpins in the side that was running rampant for that nine or ten game spell 1/3 of the way into last season. Have we replaced them adequately? Nope. Have we replaced them pre-emptively, in Ben-Arfa and Mbiwa’s case? Nope.

    Cabella looks flimsy, Riviere doesn’t seem to know where the goal is, De Jong was completely anonymous but perhaps was brought in too soon, and we are already relying much too heavily on an 18-year-old (Aarons) and a 21-year-old (Perez) to do the business. Having said that, Aarons is the first name on the team sheet for me. We’ll either break the lad or sell him for big bucks next summer.

  20. Phil says:

    At least I can now put Ben Arfa in my Fantasy Football team and he’ll get some points…

  21. Ian Summers says:

    That Mbiwa had most minutes on a pitch during our pre season games speaks volumes about both Pardew and the depth of his “strongest ever squad”. To be honest nothing suprises me about NUFC anymore and I am more upset about Gateshead losing Maddison. Maddison would run rings around our lightweight midfield.

  22. martin jewitt says:

    we should all be immune to the pain this club causes us, however due to our passion each awful mistake hurts just as much as the last. selling hba to hull makes no sense. the irony is Mrs doubtfire ( a man we have mocked with glee over the years) will hopefully ignite HBA’s career and allow the world to see what a great he is, we already knew that. when bruce suceeds it will show how pitiful pardews managment style is. he is, after all, the man who picked hayden mullin ahead of javier mascherano.
    we are down on pardew and rightfully so, he must go, no two ways about it. however he isnt the greatest cancer at our club. Its ashley who is behind it all and until he goes i would urge anyone who is able to to keep away from our beloved club… as much as that hurts

  23. Pat Hughes says:

    I’m more angry with myself this morning for getting caught up in the transfer window show. What on earth was I thinking, have I become deluded. Back to earth now with a bump and reality reigns supreme. The loathing for AP and FMA remains though, as strong as ever.

  24. Ali says:

    This is a club with zero ambition. Tbh I expected more players to be shoved out the door. Ashley is simply biding his time, creaming the profits with the TV deal, reducing his costs and then he will sell up when Rangers get back to the top tier and in a booming economy at an inflated price. He is driven only by money, not quality, not value and most definitely not by passion. We won’t get relegated and we won’t threaten the top 10 to 12 clubs. A bit like one of his tatty tracky bottoms. Zero class.

    • Gary Lockey says:

      The most depressing tale of the summer was when a friend of mine was invited to a one to one with Lee Charnley when he was unsure about renewing his box. Charnley was candid enough to admit the club inform incoming transfers that the CLUB have NO AMBITION but the PLAYER can have ambition and the club will not stand in their way if a ‘bigger’ club makes an acceptable offer in the future. Cabeye and Debuchy are used as perfect examples of this approach. It staggers me that some people see the ‘restocking of the shelves’ as some sort of sign of ambition.

  25. Peter Shearer says:

    I totally support all those who are staying away until Mr Ashley departs our club.It is encouraging to see this number growing as more and more fans realise it is the only answer we have.If “fan power” eventually gets rid of him I will be prouder of our supporters than I ever thought possible.For those still thinking supporting the team is the right answer, at least have a re-think. No-one can tell other supporters what to do, but I think we can try and persuade!

    • Stephen B says:

      Totally agree with you Peter Shearer, hard decision that it was had to bin the season ticket under this regime! No ambition = no point.

  26. SL says:

    I dream of the day that Ashley sells the club – I just can’t see it happening any time soon.

    Pardew has got to go eventually, he’s damaging us with every minute he spends here.

    Would a better manager take the job? I don’t know.

    Bottom line: Ashley and Pardew must go before we have a chance of realising the great potential which the club has.

  27. Ant Kar says:

    Oh come on lads, what is it with this pessimism? Our dear leader and experienced Premiership manager has sent Ben Arfa away (he is not very good at tackling apparently), so we know all our defensive problems are now officially solved! No more hidings from Sunderland and Southampton, no more conceding three goals at home by a relegation bound, practically manager-less Crystal Palace. Rejoice, rejoice I tell you!
    [/sees men in white coats, offers no resistance, gets in the van]

  28. Faustino says:

    We have less players now than we did at the end of last season.

    Whilst quantity does not equal quality, we are certainly no stronger, arguably weaker, and have less players.

    Given the implosion that took place in the last 3 – 4 months of last season, there is nothing to suggest this wont happen again.

    We have a manager that can be described as tactically inept, which combined with his ability to put players out of position and send their careers backwards, should set alarm bells ringing.

    I believe we are heading towards troubled times, with relegation being a distinct possibility.

    Until such time as Ashley decides to go, this will be the case for ever more.

    Whilst each and every fan has the freedom to decide whether or not to go to games, I have chosen not to return until Ashley leaves our club and wont be receiving another penny from me.

  29. Anthony says:

    Ok, if we ignore Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow (but I think the club deserve credit making these 2 signings), I make it:

    In Out
    Ayoze Perez Shola Ameobi
    Facundo Ferreyra Luuk De Jong
    Emmanuel Riviere Loic Remy

    Jack Colback Sylvain Marveaux
    Siem De Jong Dan Gosling
    Remy Cabella Hatem Ben Arfa

    Daryl Janmaat Mathieu Debuchy

    James Tavernier
    Romain Amalfitano
    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

    Admittedly, that’s 3 players less although two of those were on loan last season so we’re effectively down one centre back. Of the matches above I would accept Remy looks a better player than Riviere (but Riviere has shown promise and the club did try and get Remy back but he didn’t want to come), and at the moment Ben Arfa better than Cabella. We must remember this is only based on a small number of appearances so far and hopefully they will improve. I like what I’ve seen of Janmaat so I think as good as Debuchy was, this guy will replace him well. Colback and the highly rated De Jong are certainly better than their outgoing counterparts, and I’d rather have Perez and Ferreyra than Ameobi and Luuk DJ.

    I understand the frustration, but whatever your opinion is of Ashley/Pardew they are the ones currently in the jobs and I’m sure they don’t spend their time hatching plots to bring the club to its knees. Personally I would have liked a centre back to replace Mbiwa yesterday, and it’s always disappointing when we don’t have a proven goalscorer, although Cisse will come back it looks possible he will be sold in January given there was strong rumours about his departure before the injury.

    We have recently done business in the January window and whilst not ideal, if we have to wait until then it’s better than paying over the odds now if the deal or players available aren’t right. We are certainly capable of another top 10 finish and a cup run as long as both cup competitions are taken seriously this season.

  30. C Peat says:

    Totally agree the squad is as weak as last season with limited cover in most positions ; goalie: an injury to Krul and Elliott to come in and pick the ball out of our net 2 or 3 times per game. rightback: Anita filling in if Janmatt is injured is going to cost us just like the third goal on sat. Centrehalf The whole world knows we are short on numbers and quality yet we let a talented player go out on loan with no hint of a replacement (possibly seven transfer windows since Iron Mike was brought in to help our promotion push and still not replaced with anyone better) Wingers/WideForwards Gouffran is poor to say the least but Pardew picks him week in week out surely HBA was a better bet who we could have replaced with Zaha over the summer or any number of players with some forward thinking Striker/Goalscorer No attempt to pay decent money to bring in anyone to score goals. Overall a complete shambles on and off the pitch with a strong possibility relegation is staring us in the face. To get rid of AP would only give us a lift if somebody with any credibility was brought in Ashleys track record doesnt give us hope and would any decent manager want to work for him? I doubt it. As long as hes making mega money out of NUFC then we are stuck with the two most deluded people in football.

  31. Wallace Wilson says:

    I think the failure to bring in a much needed striker and centre back is actually a deliberate strategy, leaving a couple of high profile signings until January in the hope that investment at this time will persuade punters to renew their season tickets. Making that investment now risks it resulting in failure and having to spend even more money in January.
    The other problem of course is the manager who could wreck any investment strategy through his sheer incompetence. And that’s without talking about the owner…

  32. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Lots of people are saying this but…

    We’ve just started our fifth season since promotion in 2010 and we have the same 3 central defenders we came up with.

    Not fussed about HBA but, more generally, the squad looks weaker than it was this time last year.

    We still haven’t replaced Ba.

    I almost don’t care anymore. As this publication has pointed out, the club has a deliberate strategy of hanging about in mid-table to make up the numbers. I suppose from the perspective of the premier league product, the glamourous clubs need some semi-credible opposition to put to the sword…and that’s our role… make a bit of a game of it for the proper teams and keep the viewers interested.

  33. David Chapman says:

    I just wanted to point out that Ashley has not spent a penny of his own money this window, or any other as far as I can remember, so for those ‘fans’ say he’s spent quite a lot this window should remember the Sky money, the money from people who are silly enough to buy season tickets, the free advertising, players sold, wages taken off the payroll by players going on loan, In fact the FCB has made a frightening profit from NUFC.

    Now my main problem with what was Newcastle United Football Club, Alan Pardew more to the point why he was appointed in the first place, his tactical knowledge is laughable his personality is utterly vile his attitude to the fans and fellow professionals is a complete disgrace, I have no idea what he does to ‘Pardew’ players like HBA but I imagine his attitude to the players is as disgusting as it is to us fans.

    Unless people stop pumping there hard earned money into the regime nothing will change, alas I’ve been saying this for years and 50,000+ still turn up every week even though we have been told top 10 and no cup run is all we will ever have.

    Why would Ashley ever sell NUFC when people keep giving him money?

  34. Ste Mc says:

    Just echoing some of the comments above, did we really expect anything different. Throughout the whole of AP’s tenure at the club (and Fat Mike’s ownership as well), just when you thought things were on the up, they give all the fans another kidney punch out of no where.

    Be interesting to know how much input Pardew had on HBA and MYM going out. If he sanctioned it then hopefully he’s signed his own resignation. I hope they both succeed at their new clubs and show what a inept coach he really is.

    But the 64 million dollar question is, how bad would it have to get for Ashley to sack him. He’s survived a lot in his time here, and Fat Mike does not give two hoots as long as we stay up. Just hoping that if for any reason Pardew does go say this year, we don’t have another stooge, but an appointment with ambition – Moyes, Laudrup, Lennon etc..

    • I reckon Ashley knows he’ll never find anyone as ‘complicit’ as Fraudew but I can’t wait to see his replacement. He’ll be desperate, a cockney and an idiot. Get your thinking cap on.

  35. Hugh Breach says:

    Let me start this by making clear that I am not a pro pardew person.

    Despite this I am in complete bewilderment to the uproar the Ben Arfa saga has provoked. Let us go back to the end of the 2012/13 when hatem came back into the squad and was quite clearly overweight. Since then I am to be convinced that he has does anything to address this. The guy is clearly unfit and therefore I find it hard to disagree with Pardew’s decision not to play him.

    It is completely unacceptable that a professional footballer is not match fit, surely that is the minimum requirement. I personally do not want to see a player playing for Newcastle if he cannot even be bothered to ensure he is fit enough to play. The whole chanting for Ben Arfa at games in my opinion has been nothing short of pathetic. For someone with his natural talent it is pathetic or a crying shame depending on your view that he can’t back this up with a little work rate.

    Yes it is infuriating because I love hatem and what he brings to the team but in reality we have not seen that for 2 years or so now. My feelings towards Newcastle are at an all time low right now but Pardew’s treatment of Ben Arfa is not one of the reasons why.

    • if Hatem came onto the pitch in his wheelchair he’d still be better than Gosling or Obertan.

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:

      Completely agree on HBA – he’s been fat and shit for ages and all this wailing and gnashing of teeth as if he some sort of footballing messiah is embarrassing – a further symptom of the “us Geordies would sooner lose 6:7 than win 1:0”/painted bed-sheet syndrome that afflicts our fan base.

      • I’ve yet to meet any Newcastle fan who’d prefer to lose 6-7 than win 1-0 and I don’t believe for one minute these fans exist. I’m pretty sure though they’d prefer to lose 6-7 than 0-3, 0-3,0-4, 0-5 etc like they did when Hatem wasn’t playing.

    • David Chapman says:

      Because HBA made us dream and that’s the last thing NUFC want us to do because then we would dream of a cup run or Europe and that might fuck up our top 10 finish. No flair please were Newcastle United.

  36. Like others posting before me, I stopped going to SJP two years ago. However, I went to two away games last season and both games by coincidence, represented NUFC perfectly last season. We were superb at Villa park and despite my feelings towards the current custodians of the club, I left that day feeling we were a match for any side on our day and a cup triumph was not beyond that side. I did however, know that we’d field weakened teams in the cups so ‘that side’ wouldn’t actually be playing. The other game was Liverpool, an utterly twatful performance.
    The elephant in the room for some is that the new signings aren’t so far and aren’t even likely to be, better than those that orchestrated that win at Villa 12 months ago and who are no longer at the club. I genuinely hope HBA is fantastic at Hull, I’m aware that all criticism of him is entirely justified and yet I’m still gutted he’s gone. However, if him doing well at Hull is the thorn in the side of Ashley and Fraudew that makes the gullible remember the last 8 years instead of the last 8 minutes, I hope he is a revelation there.

  37. Micky Miller says:

    The most surprising thing is that anybody’s surprised. I have stood in the Gallowgate getting pissed on from above ( and behind) with 14,000 like minded souls watching terrible footballers getting humped from footballing giants such as Bristol City, Shrewsbury etc. I still enjoyed every minute of it because we all had HOPE…I never ever thought I’d see the day where that hope would be crushed by the cunts who are supposedly running our great club..I have no problem with people still going but the fuckers who bleat the most still turn up every fortnight filling that bloated maggots money bags. Saturday was the first time in my football supporting life I wasn’t aware of Newcastle United’s score till the evening. They have killed something that was once one of my greatest loves and I will despise the bastards forever for doing that..

  38. David says:

    9 or so signings with all eggs in the “non-attacking / leaky defence” basket. We have to hope that some of these players find their feet ASAP. We are likely to have a long, hard, uninspiring season season ahead of us. I go to games and I want to enjoy my football and day out. Ashley will not get rid of Pardew so if results continue as per 2014 form, there will be a sustained revolt against him which could slide the club further into the mire.

  39. Richard Smith says:

    Did we really expect anything else from the current setup at NUFC?

    We’ve been in dire need of a commanding centre half for as long as I care to remember. We’ve needed a goalscorer for years too, but we persist with the “one out, one (cheaper) in”.

    Under this regime, we’re never going to aspire to anything. You either have your talent and confidence “coached” out of you or you do well and you’re moved on for a profit.

    Pardew needs to go. We were fortunate to finish 5th (how many games could have gone either way that season or were decided by Cisse’s wonder goals?), fortunate to avoid relegation in the last two seasons and I genuinely think our luck will shortly run out.

    There are people who would be desperate to work at NUFC. And personally, if there isn’t we could do far worse than letting Graham Carr have go with the team he’s painstakingly scouted that Pardew is ruining.

    • sorry mate, I just don’t get the adulation that Carr receives. He’s part of the problem in my opinion, probably on a % bonus for those sold at a profit. Hence why all the signings appear to be for the business rather than building a team. And lets be fair here, his signings have been a mixture of good, bad and utter fucking shit. What’s so special about a record like that ?

  40. Richard Smith says:

    Just to add to that, I’d like to see a radical overhaul of our coaching team too. Not sure what Stone, Carver and Woodman bring to the party. Woodman especially: Krul has regressed for me in the last couple of years; pushing shots straight back into open play and still unable to kick a ball properly!

  41. Peter Shearer says:

    Can the fans who still won’t boycott at least sing loudly the names of the people who have served our club well eg Keegan,Sir Bobby,Shearer, Gary Speed,Supermac,Terry Hibbitt-you get the picture,and even if they cannot bring the deserved chants of “get out of our club” to the current regime at least the point may even be understood by them.Surely they cannot throw you out for singing the names of our heroes. Or can they!!

    • Alan says:

      If folk really are unable to resist lining the fat mans pockets, then a more poignant singalong would surely be a 90 minute rendition of ‘sports direct is fucking shite’ during a high profile televised home game?
      Sadly the more militant and vocal of Newcastle’s hardcore support, particularly prevalent during the 70s & 80s have been gradually wilting away since the advent of the sky league and all seater morgues. Replaced instead initially by zany shoe wavers, then newcomers on cheap deals and now it would seem by almost complete apathy.
      Good luck though.

      • David Chapman says:

        Completely agree with everything Alan ( above ) says, I’m 31 now and wasn’t around SJP during the 70’s but my dad took me in the 80’s and I was around when Ruel Fox was a legend, I was there when Andy Cole destroyed every defence thrown at him, I was on the steps when King Kev told us we had sold Andy Cole to Manchester United and got some geeky Irish kid as part of the deal, What I’m trying to say is, the people who go to the match now are not the die hard supporters we were, they are different, they have money, they go for fun, not because there hearts demand they go.

  42. Peter Shearer says:

    So that just means that when we get someone who cares about the club just half as much as we do, we will certainly need the extra space that the club is just about to sell-off!

    It does look like the anger is growing again, but there is a doubt if those in the ground are those that will be able to express it.Here’s hoping!!

  43. Gary says:

    Believe the fall out with the French players happened because Pardew was banned to the stands and the useless JC was critical of certain players,when he took over the reins.Club needs cleared out from owner to the bottom.

  44. Harry says:

    Colback is a good acquisition, I say acquisition as we did not actually buy him, which in the circumstances really makes it that much sweeter. Siem de Jong seems to be the real deal, the others we will have to wait and see.
    Losing a central defender, one of the positions that needed strengthening, beggars belief (again). Is being turned down by Loic Remy, now an NUFC transfer window tradition?

    All in all though, this was not as bad of a window as I had feared.

    Of course, once Ryan Taylor comes back fully fit, it will be “like having a new signing” as I’m sure Pardew will inform us all.

  45. Ken says:

    I gave up my season ticket when they ditched Hughton in such a disgraceful manner. I don’t want to go back and I will not go back as long as these muppets are in charge. Some say if your not happy then don’t go – thats the option I took but it does not mean that I don’t care cos I do and I always will, I think that 40 years of supporting NUFC gives me the right to go or not go and to have my say.
    Over all the 40 years (of attending games home and away) I have never seen such clueless monitone football as Pardew is subjecting us to, frankly its rubbish, there is no flair and no plan B, just lump it forward. Free kicks and corners rubbish. Problem is if he goes what would we get in his place? which proper manager would work for Ashley, seems we are going the same way as Leeds – again!. Dave Hockaday is available !!
    Ashley took us down once he will do it again with the help of Pardews anti-football, where are the goals, where is the defence, where is the desire and where is the hope..