true faith : TRANSFER WINDOW REACTION AND PODCAST Feat. George Caulkin, The Times

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22 Responses to true faith : TRANSFER WINDOW REACTION AND PODCAST Feat. George Caulkin, The Times

  1. This might just’ve been the greatest transfer window since Alan Shearer joined the ranks back in 1996.

    The total overhaul of the a team that just couldn’t give a crap, is just a faded memory, now.

    But, it would’ve never happened, if we hadn’t gone and got Rafa over the line this spring. The spaniard isn’t just a footballing genius, he has got the respect of a whole footballing world and will bring success back to Newcastle in the coming years.

    To get names such as Ritchie, Gamez, Sels, Lazaar and Mo Diamé, is something that blows my mind. And to hold out for £25 mills for Wijnaldum, and £30 mills for Sissoko would’ve never happened if Rafa wasn’t with us.

    There is a buzz in the Toon fan ranks, and as I’m hearing, even back in the proud city of Newcastle upon Tyne. A buzz that hasn’t been present since the great days of Keegans Entertainers. This team, has got one of the best coaches in the world, and it shows.

    The pride and happiness really oozes through and now, the grey and dark skies that hung over both Darsley Park and St. James’ is moving away in proper rate.

    For Charnley and Rafa to get useless players, as well as bad eggs, like Staylor, Riviere, Sissoko, Wijnaldum and Coloccini our the door is VITAL for this club to be revitalised.

    I am putting all my faith in Rafa. As we all do.

    Now, I actually am looking forward to matchdays again.

    Howay! Toon Toon!

  2. Ash says:

    Did Newcastle go after James McCarthy ? Should they have gone for M’Villa (and compound the Wearside fan meltdown)?
    Earlier in the summer there was a link for Mehdi Abeid to come back, was that just agent talk?
    Would McManaman from WBA be better than Atsu, who hasn’t been impressive in his last few loan moves.

  3. Rob says:

    I feel like this transfer window wasn’t just about making signings to fill holes and replace outgoing transfers but about making a fundamental change to the make up and structure of the squad. Gone are our ridiculous number of players who want to play in the ten position, in have come a proper number of defensive reinforcements – I think the Podcast lads enumerated the amount of cover we now have at fullback.
    How do you all (especially Michael and George – I’ve heard the podders’ thoughts!) rate that restructuring? Are you happy with the quality and more importantly the balance of the squad? Any signing you’re particularly impressed with?

  4. Pat Hughes says:

    Thank goodness this will be an audio production and not a visual one! I wish I could detail each incomer with an intelligent comment but I don’t know enough about them yet, apart from the hype on Twitter. I’m happy to sit back and watch for myself – Rafa knows what he’s doing and he’s a man with a plan. I don’t normally bother with deadline days, hate the rumours and itk merchants but last night was special, entertaining and I haven’t had so much fun for years. Thank you Sissoko for finally providing me with entertainment. The income / expenditure / profit figures speak for themselves and it’s now time to be supportive, patient and calm. In Rafa we trust.

  5. Mark says:

    My son and I got a piece of paper and a pen out last night and worked out that we can field two first teams with nobody playing out of position. We can also field a full team of players who Rafa inherited and a full team made up of his new signings. We have competition for every position, the disruptives have gone, the wage bill has been vastly reduced and ‘the ego’ has landed in Tottenham giving us a whopping £30million profit. Never mind Man Utd’s dealings, this was a transfer window masterclass from Rafa Benitez.

  6. Wallace Wilson says:

    The scale of what Rafa has achieved in one window is staggering. He has managed to reduce the squad to a manageable size while improving the competition for places. The sheer number of incomings and outgoings far exceeds anything we’ve seen at SJP ever before. With the exception of Townsend, I think most fans will be happy to see the leavers depart, particularly for the sums involved. Here I think we have to give Charnley some credit. Under Rafa’s guidance on football matters he has secured remarkable deals for Wijnaldum and Sissoko which leaves us with a healthy profit over the window. The difference this season is that most fans believe that profit will be spent on improving the team further down the line. And that’s down to Rafa

  7. kenny says:

    I think the sissoko deal should be investigated, his people offered him to everton , then duly shit all over them ! Il wager the minute everton agreed the fee his agent was straight on to spurs (as per agreement with levy) to do the dirty deal. Hope us & everton never deal with these agents again. Football fuckin stinks !

  8. Joe Hawkins says:

    This so called “Transfer Window” was like any other with Sky Sports trying to brainwash the viewer with their biennial hyped up meaningless nonsense !
    More especially if you are a Newcastle United fan with the whole thing turning out like “Groundhog Day.”
    Another prized asset sold at the last knockings of the window with no time to bring in any replacements, Seem familiar ?

    Some will say a successful window but two words destroy that for me with “Daryl Murphy” !
    Sorry but this window gone is like any other with Ashley turning a profit with inferior players being brought in who will inevitably end up being parked.

    Same rubbish different day but the faithful are now buying into it because of Rafa Benitez which is their right however misguided that could be !

    • Simon Sharp says:

      Joe, I’d preface my response by saying that I’m one of the more negative supporters you’ll find (the glass is usually half empty and filled with piss in my world) but you have to say that the club have done pretty well, given that we are a Championship club for now and the dealings we have done would not have embarrassed some PL clubs (e.g. our friends down the road).

      Obviously, this will be up for discussion by the lads on the podcast, but I think there are subtle differences between this window and previous windows where we’ve sold a big player late on without time to get a replacement. Firstly, you look at the overall business Benitez has done. We’ve been woefully short in previous years in the full back positions. Not any more. Centre half has been a major concern for years. Seemingly that has been addressed and there is genuine competition for places in that position. The pressure is on every week for players to keep up their levels, otherwise they will lose their place in the team. I’m not sure about Murphy but he is a target man which we will need sometimes, as the first game at Fulham showed. He may not be the most talented player but he can bring other players into the game and hold the ball up.

      On the Sissoko sale, we’ve got excellent money for a player who has performed only intermittently (by way of comparison, I read somewhere that he and Gouffran have scored the same number of goals for NUFC, only Gouffran has done it in 30-odd fewer performances). Unlike the Cabaye sale, I genuinely feel that NUFC have played this very well and the player has not been involved in the team in recent weeks (Cabaye was playing well when sold). Diame is clearly intended to be his replacement and it was refreshing to see us bringing in players before other players were sold (Ritchie and Yedlin being prime examples of that).

      Overall, 8/10 and a massive improvement on the frankly shite transfer strategy we are used to (i.e. square pegs, round holes).

    • Colin McCabe says:

      Whilst your right about the sky bullshit Id have to disagree with you on all else.

      Sissoko’s departure was planned for as is evidenced by the fact he hasn’t been in any squad, wasn’t even training with the first team and was already replaced by Diame. The only reason he didn’t leave sooner was because NUFC played a blinder in holding out until they got the price they wanted for him.

      I don’t think anyone is going to say that Daryl Murphy’s a world beater but its not as if he’s coming in to be our main striker and play every week. He’s coming in to provide another option and cover and his record and experience point to him being able to do that.

      • Joe Hawkins says:

        The question you have to ask yourself is : What has really changed though in the way Newcastle United goes about it’s business ?

        Just because Rafa is now the manager it’s seems as though they are continuing with their so called “Transfer Policy” come what may.
        Ashley will always find a way to do it his way despite his assurances to Rafa.
        The only thing that has changed is a bit more flexibility on the age of the recruitments.
        Other than that it is pretty much business as usual with fans being blinkered because of Benitez being at the club.

        As far as i’m concerned they have done the same to him as other managers have experienced before him at the club.
        The fact they are continuing with their plan at one level lower is of no consequence and there are an awful lot of people burying their heads in the sand as usual !

        • Dave says:

          Was feeling rather positive with this window more than any other I can recall from recent memory getting shot of the deadwood & recruiting to hopefully get us out of this division until I read your comments Joe, thankfully I had some gear left over from Woodstock in ’69 which made me feel nice & mellow again. Understand your scepticism Joe, I really do, especially because of Ashley’s previous record & I appreciate its all about opinions however as has been said, how many of the departures will we really miss, perhaps only Townsend & some of the new arrivals haven’t kicked a ball yet but are already being lambasted on social media by some of our ‘fans’. Give them a chance FFS. in Rafa I trust, he gets the club more than any recent manager since SBR and Wor Kev.

  9. Rob O says:

    Q 1: Is this really happening??? All credit to Rafa for his positive influence both on and off the pitch. We may be in a lower league, buts its years since i’ve felt this positive about the direction of the Club.

    Q 2: Tim Krul – is his loan purely for form and fitness reasons before coming back to challenge for no1, or is it shop window loan with extension of contract merely so we get a fee next summer?

  10. Jackson says:

    Q: Do you think the club has now rid itself of what might be termed the “shop window” merchants?

  11. Phil Jobson says:

    Looking at the squad Rafa has assembled:
    1: we have cover (competition) for every position
    2: it looks balanced
    Sure they may not all be world beaters but we need the sum to be greater than the parts and I believe we’ll have that.
    How many times in the past decade have we been able to say that?

  12. Shaun C says:

    Toon’s transfer business during this window is amazing to look at and as far as I’m concerned almost unparalleled during the time OMBO has been in charge. Rafa, ably assisted by Penfold have gone about it this time in as relaxed a fashion as any fan could have hoped for. No hype about this or that player close to crossing the line or how difficult it is to get quality players. Just a professional job in bringing in those that want to play for us and removing anyone who doesn’t either because simply not good enough, think they are better than they really are, well past their sell by dates, requiring further development or simply a fresh start. Can’t imagine there will be many tears shed over certain names that have left.

    The squad now having a better balance to it with cover in just about every position albeit still room for improvement as and when other players are required or become available. Nice mix of Championship experience and younger players hungry to succeed under the guidance of Rafa and his coaches.

    To top it all off despite the high turnover in players The Mags have managed to come out way ahead in the money stakes, which makes further potential signings in January a very real possibility to bolster the promotion campaign. Of course there will be fans who are still dissatisfied or wanting specific players at the club because of those that have left, but for me it’s horses for courses and all about having a side good enough to gain promotion. We will find out between now and January whether this group of players are capable of doing that.

    Now the window is finally closed the most positive thing to do is all get behind the players and start the serious stuff of helping them win matches.

  13. Bob says:

    Story doing the rounds amongst Spurs fans is that the deal for Sissoko is £6m per year but the payments stop if they sell him. So if the well him after 2 years they only pay £12m. Amy truth to this or just wishful thinking from them? If true, that’s a pretty lousy deal if they flog him on in 2-3 years as would see about right for a player like that.

    • Desree says:

      I’d imagine the payments stop as they would have pay the remainder in full – I can’t imagine any deal like that?

  14. Mark Simmons says:

    Feels like a proper sporting institution again. Discuss.

  15. Jamie says:

    The approach to this window smacks of football intelligence (which is Rafa in a nutshell). The man is a detailed, meticulous and a methodical thinker; he assessed, he identified and he recruited.
    Reaction to the Murphy deal shows why we are fans and Rafa is a manager. Assembling a squad capable of escaping this division is not merely a case of chasing as many star players as possible. Rafa looked at the squad from a holistic POV. We don’t witness and therefore underestimate the importance of having solid pro’s with experience etc and the impact that has on others (in particular on the training ground). Rafa is one of the best and understands just how crucial that is. I am thrilled by the direction the club is going in and, with a continuation of this strategy, am in no uncertain doubt that Rafa will deliver us a trophy in the next half decade.
    The only anomilie that can derail that is Ashley…..

    Full, unwavering, flag-bearing support of the Rafalution is what the man needs and deserves!

  16. Andy bee says:

    We’ve always been a sporting institution and always will be a giant in the football world. Difference is we’ve previously continuously been a badly ran institution. Seeds of change now , lot of doubt and pessimism in some of the comments here and I don’t argue with them but for Christ sake recognise the major shift we are implementing here. Rafa has revamped the squad to give balance without egos and wages , the team has a hunger and we the fans feel this now as the quotes say – we will and must get better . Let’s back the team and get some momentum , I for one will not judge Murphy until I see him in black and white- good luck son.

  17. Ash says:

    Great podcast. Thank you to all concerned.
    Background noise was a little too high, especially when George was talking who isn’t as loud-voiced as other.
    Last time, George was on, there was no background noise, and that was even better.

    Just feedback, no criticism intended. Thanks again to all for providing the podcast.