true faith transfer forum: Questions Needed: Part One

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This Thursday is the first true faith transfer forum featuring true faith writers and the prominent North East based NUFC journalists and we need your questions.

Sharon Percy (I, Daniel Blake) will be presenting the night with support from tf editor Alex Hurst (me) and we need questions to ask the esteemed panel.

There are are less than 40 tickets left for the night which you can still buy here. We are anticipating a sell out so please act quickly if you would like to come. Tickets are £10 + booking fee and 100% of the ticket price is donated to the NUFC food bank.

There will be a chance on the night to ask questions but we’re after questions to pose to the panel.

On the night there are three specialist rounds, the first of which will be questions for Simon Bird (The Mirror), Wallace Wilson (true faith) & Mark Douglas (The Chronicle) on Newcastle United and the Transfer Window just gone. What went wrong and how?

If you have questions that you would like answered please enter them in the comments box below and we’ll have the questions asked (and credit you) on the night.

So if you’ve any questions on Mike Ashley, Justin Barnes, Lee Charnley, Keith Bishop and just how we ended up with a net spend of £11m, get your questions in below.

Alex Hurst

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20 Responses to true faith transfer forum: Questions Needed: Part One

  1. Mark Tserkezie says:

    Why have none of the press really and I mean really gone after the completely unethical interview by MA and outed Craigy on it?

  2. P Jobson says:

    If Rafa was ‘granted’ a transfer kitty of what was generated, why are sitting on a slurplus in the bank with no left back and a complete arsehole as centre forward (Mitro, in case you are struggling)? No criticism of Rafa here, by the way, just the bellends in charge of our club!

  3. Nicholas Turnbull says:

    If Rafa can only spend “every penny” generated by the club, ie, with no investment from the owner, then why is the club not using its PL position to generate advertising revenue? A good example being the new shirt sleeve sponsors – we don’t have one (needs must, I have to admit). The club seem to be miles behind the other 19 from a commercial perspective, yet we always hear that Ashley is a savvy businessman!

    If no-one is willing to buy the club outright, is there no chance of someone buying a substantial amount of the club, ie, 40%? The level of investment in clubs of a lower stature (historically) to NUFC is crazy, so what has put them off investing in NUFC? I doubt it’s Benitez…

    Sorry to ramble, feel free to do whatever is needed to make it coherent!

  4. Andy says:

    Would you invest with FCB as a partner? Wouldn’t trust him to walk the dog

  5. Sean says:

    What do you feel the fans can do to get Ashley to sell. Would you be up for joining/leading such an initiative?

  6. Neil kelsey says:

    I live abroad now so don’t go to matches but what I would like the panels opinion on is, do they think there is an equivalent of NUFC and they way it is currently ran by Mike Ashley and his appointed people in England? I am aware that Blackpool and Hull are poorly ran for example but given our fan base, financial standing in European top 20 football finances etc., I struggle to think of a more poorly ran club.

  7. Sean says:

    1.Why in MA’s 10 year tenure at Newcastle Utd why has a financial investigateive journilist never seriously looked into the owners finanical running of the club given the average net spend on transfers per anum is less than 9 million pounds?
    2.Why do the media not investigate where all the clubs income goes?(sky,season ticket sales)and why SD pay no money for advertising or any NUFC related merchandise sales?
    3.Can the media not see the parralles in what is happening now to Raffa regards being underminded by MA”s lackey Justin Barnes and the situation with Kevin Keegan when was he undermind by Dennis Wise.Its a good analogy ,why not print it?(CONSTRUCTIVE DISSMISSAL springs to mind!)

  8. Simon Cochrane says:

    Was there any truth at all in talk of Chinese investment at the beginning of the summer or was this a ready made excuse for a lack of spending on players?

    Realistically can we hope that there will be either a full or partial takeover of Newcastle United in the near future or has Mike Ashley priced out any potential investors?

    This question is particularly aimed at Martin Hardy and Mark Douglas. Both of you seem to have a good relationship with Rafa Benitez. Have either of you spoke with him after last thursdays transfer deadline?

  9. Ian says:

    Are the national press finally going to realise that the fans are not to blame/delusional/too demanding (pick a stereotype) and that Ashley and his cronies are ruining the club? If so are they going to do some proper investigation into where all the money has gone and maybe ask some difficult questions of the owner.

    • Tarquin says:

      The national press don’t care about the delusional Black and Whites and what happens in the Ashleydome. The toon are stained guilt by association with the owner and his work practices. Everyones favourite hate team, the toon fans dont get it. The days of the entertainers are long gone sadly. Thats the way the media operate these days

  10. Mark Atkinson says:

    can someone summarise in say no more than 10 mins how newcastle united finances actually are either working in ‘reality’ or if that cannot be completely understood what is the actual circumstances that are taking place.

    factors to take into account know this summary:

    (1) revenue the club generates from all sources (tickets sales, sponsorship, corporate, etc

    (2) transfer fees (Inc wages in and out). To keep this simple, let’s keep it to the last 2 complete seasons and “where we are now”

    (3) taking into account the above, answer the question which is “why are we not able to invest in the team as per for example Huddersfield and Brighton”.

    My reason for highlighting these two clubs are that they are new to the top division, are considerably smaller in size compared to Newcastle united.

    Thank you

    • Tarquin says:

      The tax man was at the toon and felt Penfold’s collar. Since he is still safely walking the streets then everything seems to be financially ok. Or perhaps not ?!

  11. Nic says:

    One question to the panel would be:

    What can be realistically done by the supporters to pressure Mike Ashley into either a) not treating the club like an irrelevance and/or b) getting him out of the club altogether?

    I’m note sure if they will / can answer this question given that it directly suggests a course of action against the club itself, which may hold it against them in a typically vindictive manner, but it would be interesting to hear opinions. My thought is that we’ve now had 10 years of this farce and, whilst Ashley tells us via Sky that he has learned his lessons and is sorry, he is yet again repeating the same mistakes and disrespect, and will continue to do so. He plainly doesn’t care, he hasn’t in the last 10 years and he won’t in the next – he’s making too much money off his free advertising and the merchandising, of which the lion’s share likely goes into S****s Direct’s coffers a la the Rangers Retail deal.

    The Liverpool supporters managed concerted pressure with Hicks and Gillette but the Newcastle supporters have never galvanised themselves in such a manner. It seems every time it ramps up, out comes Mike Ashley with a classic misdirection – be it “I’m selling up” or some pitifully false contrite interviews with friendly journalists, which seems to sap the will to fight out of the masses.

    Sort of related to the question above is the aspect of who exactly is a fit and proper person to own a football club? I don’t think too many Newcastle supporters would agree that Mike Ashley is a fit and proper person to own our club, given his destabilising attitude in general which appears to verge on the vindictive. I read with interest the pressure groups lobbying the FA and the government about holding owners to account. This initiative is something that all supporters should back:

    It would be interesting to hear the panel’s thoughts on this too – whether it could make a difference in the long run, and potentially deal with owners like Ashley who are anti-sport…

  12. Paul Simpson says:

    My question would be: what can possibly motivate MA to continuously make false promises; betray those words and fail to communicate with or back his manager in any meaningful terms? It can’t be money, because free advertising in the championship can’t be worth the same as in the prem, nor can tv money match it – is he addicted to the “throw of the dice, the spin of the wheel”, to see if by some slenderest of chances he can get a Champions League spot – to us the equivalent of a three horse acca?

  13. mike says:

    My question

    Why did you buy the club Mr. Ashley ?
    and why have you not learnt from mistakes made…

  14. Pat Hughes says:

    I have a general question: I’m ancient enough to remember the days when newspapers and broadcasters pretty much told you the truth, if they didn’t they had to print embarrassing retractions. Now it’s reached the point where I believe some news items and dismiss the rest as bullshit. Why do journalists (with the exception of the panel who’re basically alright) seem able to get away with lies and half-truths?

    I do have a theory but it’s half-baked

  15. Phil Hornby says:

    1. Are Rafa and Ashley now in a situation where they are both committed to seeing the season out in an unhappy marriage before the season they mutually agree to go their separate ways without compensation being paid by either party? My thoughts are that Rafa will try and ensure we stay in the Premier League, then walk away with our best wishes and his dignity intact. Ashley will be happy we’ve stayed up and hope the summer break will allow him to ride out the storm that follows and let the club return to the unambitious level it was at before.

    2. Following on from Nic’s comment, do the panel think the level of anger and frustration amongst Newcastle Supporters is now such that with leadership and direction they will be prepared to take action?
    Again my thoughts: The apathy and frustration since Sir Bobby left has been caused by a slow drip feed of disappointments and false dawns. The current situation is different. The club encouraged us to buy into the “Rafalution “. The effect of Rafa has gone far beyond those of us who attend the matches. He has given the city pride back in it’s football club and this has been felt throughout the community. I think this can be tapped into. What are the thoughts of the panel?

  16. NULF says:

    Film maker Adam Curtis made a documentary about John Hall, isn’t it about time he made one about Mike Ashley, Sports Direct and NUFC?

  17. Rich says:

    Are we unable to compete in the transfer market because we insist on paying up front rather than structuring payments?

  18. Matthew Sinclair says:

    1) In the current environment with eye watering tv money, transfer fees, agent fees and wages etc. is it possible to run a football club as a conventional business? and does this approach hamper NUFC’s ability to compete in the transfer window?

    2) Football clubs are often thought of as a toy for billionaires, is this model sustainable and what happens when owners want to stop financing the clubs… ie. Ellis Short and Mike Ashley.