true faith : TIFOSI (Stoke (h))

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Despite winning 5-1, I can’t help but feel we were a little bit fortunate. The first 40 mins SteveFarrellwe were absolutely dreadful. We really were. It wasn’t until any sending off that we looked remotely threatening. So, although we are comfortably top 6, there is still much work to be done.

Stoke are a horrible side, absolutely preposterous in every single way. But in the end, we deserved that victory.
And…it keeps us in “title contention”…



Christmas is the time for pantomimes, goodies, baddies all that. Stoke turned up with a Man wearing ski masksilent, paltry support and a hideous game-plan. Worst thing was, we weren’t much better. 4-3-3 was doing no good whatsoever and Mark Hughes’ team of sunday-league thugs took a deserved lead. Then pantomime season really began. To the jeers of a full St.James’ Glen Whealan tried the hard-man act with Cabaye and was duly sent off for a second yellow card. Remy missed a penalty before making up with a deflected equaliser. Mark Hughes led by example, getting himself sent to the stands for being a petulant arsehole, his team followed suit, flying into dispicable challenges for no good reason save for the fact they had another man sent off amd we began to take the piss.  Three one up and we took the piss, Ben Arfa could have had two, but for the post. Stoke were a typical, unpleasant Mark Hughes side and we lanced them like a troublesome boil, Shola coming on and breaking up play, Cisse scoring a penalty, one of the many we should have had, Martin Atkinson showing pity to a horrible, petulant Stoke side who belong down in the championship with the mackems. Weirdly, 5-1 didn’t feel like a true score. There were troubling signs in he first half though and if we play like that against Arsenal we have no chance. Boxing day though, I’ll take this over that shite. End of.


Lets not mess about, if they didnt have two sendings off the draw was the best we could NeilGhave hoped for today. Sissoko didnt know where he was meant to be, Cabaye wasnt in the game, Santon was…well fuck knows where Santon was. However, if you play the dirtiest team in existence you get your rewards!

I have never, in all my days, witnessed such a team of thugs. I thought they were bad under Pullis but Mark (Sp) Hughes has took them to another level. How on earth he can be so indignant is beyond me. A player who openly mouthed he was going after Cabaye…and then was thick enough to do it. A pull in the box. A manager who threw his clothes around like a fucking baby. 500 (approx) inbred idiots on Boxing Day. No sympathy what so ever. This team could fold and I would care. Then we can add three nailed on second half penalties. We weren’t good but it was like watching a rugby team!
It ended up a genuine love in. Benny wandering into The Corner for no reason and clapping, Cabaye looking like he really knows he wont be the swinging dick anywhere else and Papiss notching.
To me the Papiss situ summed up what is great about this club. A class player, down on his luck (you dont become shit overnight) is chanted on the pitch and has the crowd baying for him to score. Penalty given to him by a truly class act. Cue, a sporting gesture by his team mates, wild celebrations and a nodding respect to the crowd.
Stoke got tonked, they deserved nothing less, and we played bad and won 5-1. Great.

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