true faith : TIFOSI (Norwich City (a))

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This was a very disappointing result. Not because of the ongoing Cabaye situation having SimonCampbellan impact, we played perfectly well in his absence. This was disappointing because Norwich were so incredibly poor. We dominated for the majority of the game against a side that, typically of Chris Hughton, just weren’t trying to score a goal.

The most frustrating moment of the game for me was the moment HBA hit the deck looking for a penalty, when to my eyes he could easily have stayed on his feet and attempted to score. Other than that, obviously we hit the ‘woodwork’ three times and were generally unlucky not to win this game comfortably.

I don’t really know what to say about the Loic Remy incident. There is nothing in the ‘headbutt’ and both were as bad as each other for the handbags. Unfortunately, I think the FA will see enough in the initial pushing and shoving if not the touch of heads to render an appeal hopeless. Very silly from Remy to even get involved. Ref has at least been consistent in sending both off. The timing was awful as we were applying some late pressure and this just killed the game for us.

We will be without Remy for three games, one of which is the mackems. This is a huge loss and could dent a push for Europe, unless we get a couple of bodies in, starting with Luuk  De Jong. As has been pointed out by Alex Hurst, the last time we were this sceptical before a home derby, we won 5-1. Possibly the last time Shola scored for us? I don’t know… pretty sure there was a different Prime minister the last time that happened. I have to say,  Pardew really needs this or I fear he will forever lose a sizable proportion of the support. Again we have a lot of key players missing at just the right time for them. Lets hope for some big performances from the loyal players we do have. See you all on Sunday


Ignoring the obvious bad news, for the moment at least, and focussing on the game, this ColinApplebywas a chance to see how the players would react to the loss of Cabaye. I feared they would take the news negatively and play within themselves mourning the loss of our creative maestro.

Alternatively, when a player who dominates games as much as Cabaye did for Newcastle leaves, it can allow other players the freedom to step up and show what they are capable of. Anita, Sissoko and Ben Arfa in particular, are going to have to step up and fill some of the Dreamboat shaped void and at times tonight they showed that this is possible, at least against a very poor Norwich outfit. Mike Williamson was a titan again at the back alongside an ever-improving Taylor. Sammy also did himself no harm with a decent showing and nice interchanges with Debuchy on his return.

Remy’s sending off however, spoilt what otherwise would have been a satisfying display and dealt a massive blow to derby day preparations. Newcastle losing Cabaye and Remy just days before the derby must have been in only the most delusional of Mackem’s wet dreams, now it’s our reality. Stupidity of the highest order from Remy, who deserves a proper head butt as punishment.

After the Cardiff game, I wrote that I felt our season was over at that point. Although somewhat premature, I do think that after the derby on Saturday we can as good as send the lads on their summer holidays. We have no interest in the cups, probably already mathematically safe in the League, no obvious interest in qualifying for the Europa League and no chance of making it into the Champions League. No one can blame Cabaye for jumping at the chance to go to an ambitious club who want to win big trophies.  That sort of club we are no more and never will be under the current regime. Mike Ashley is happy banking his money from the Cabaye sale and drooling over the thought of selling the likes of Krul, Debuchy, Santon and Colo for big profits in the summer.

Let’s just hope that the players that are here (at least for the time being) put in a performance this derby day and that JFK remembers the padlock code on his filofax and gets some reinforcements in before the window shuts. I won’t hold my breath.



That game summed up a frustrating 24 hours in the mad world of NUFC. The performanceSteveFarrell didn’t exactly suggest that we were suffering from a post-Cabaye hangover (me on the other hand…) as we absolutely battered Norwich for the best part of an hour. You knew it was going to be one of those days as Norwich’s man of the match “Woodwork” kept us at bay on three occasions.

The sending off was ridiculous. There was absolutely nothing it, and yet we aren’t going to appeal it. That makes perfect sense going into the derby minus not only our former best player but top scorer too. Saturday is going to be no fun at all is it?

Kinnear has 4 days to earn his crust. He’s done nothing for 7 months so don’t expect anything to change for the rest of this week.



The only explanation why we weren’t at least 2-0 up by half time was that during the

Man wearing ski maskopening titles to the game, Chris Houghton pressed ‘up-down-left-right-A-C-A-B’ and activated a cheat that created an invisible forcefield across the Norwich goal.

United attacked this game like a certain Mr. Cabaye will be attacking his morning croissant tomorrow. Sissoko, Ben Arfa, Remy and the much maligned, for some reason, Sammy Ameobi left the Norwich City defence and much of the midfield in their wake; some of the passing and movement was superb. None of the, however were able to make it count. Remy hit the post twice and Ben Arfa wasted a superb opportunity by blasting it over the bar.
By 30 minutes we’d had 20 attempts and as half time struck, a nagging sensation that this was going to be one of those games was beginning to surface. Second half began a little sloppily, Norwich taking every opportunity to kick, stamp and scrape the shins of Ben Arfa and Debuchy on the right, Sissoko found himself booked after standing a bit too near John Ruddy, which made little sense. Even less sense was Remy’s red card after a bit of handbags with Bradley Johnson, Johnson was also red carded for his part in the silliness. Norwich made a bit of a resurgence in the last few minutes, Krul making a fantastic save to his left from a Snodgrass header. United looked shot and even less likely to score; flashing a few speculative efforts across goal. the thing was that we didn’t do a lot wrong. Play like that on Saturday and we’ll get a result. But it’s the derby…and we know that anything can happen.
The good bits: Sammy, despite widespread and unjustified Twitter uproar when he started; Sissoko an absolute engine in central midfield. Ben Arfa’s build-up play.
The bad bits: Santon’s set pieces (Anita needs to get on the case), unjustified red cards (for what was really only a bit of a playground tangle on both sides) and of course, us somehow not taking our chances.

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5 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI (Norwich City (a))

  1. Tom Bates says:

    Dont agree with Steve re sending off, although it was handbags any hand in face or half hearted headbutt attempt results in a red these days if the officials spot it, unless you’re a Rooney type and profit from favourable treatment.
    Good performance from the lads though

  2. STEPHEN says:

    Pardew is full of absolute sh**.
    “That is how we are going to have to try to break the Champions League to use this money to good effect to make us better “. his comment after last night.

    We were knocking at the door two seasons ago and what did we do about it ?

    Two transfer windows have now almost passed and we’ve signed two loan players, two fkn loan players ! Thats a statement of intent isn’t it.

    The club were keen to tell us they rejected 14m bid for Cabaye but now won’t reveal how much we have got for him. Why ? regardless of the amount ( they will use the excuse they don’t want to show their hand in any prospective purchases) they will not spend it on transfers.

    Cabaye, good player GOOD RIDDANCE.

  3. Tom Bates says:

    Why good riddance to Cabaye. Did a cracking job for us and why would he stay when the club is keen to flog him and shows no ambition?

  4. STEPHEN says:

    Leighton Baines (for example) was subject of a bid from Man U in the summer, it didn’t happen. He didn’t ‘down tools’. Cabaye made it quite clear he wanted away and was not prepared to honour (play) his contract here till a deal was done. I don’t know the full in’s and out’s but he has subsequently admitted as much in that apology he made later. He went in the huff and abandoned his team mates. I have no issue with Cabaye having ambition, wanting to play for a better club than NUFC, getting more money etc. What i do have issue with is him taking the p*ss. By all means leave but do it the right way. Leighton Baines got on with it, has subsequently realised he’s playing for an ambitious (with the same limitations as us) club and manager and signed a new contract. Oh how i wish that whole Baines scenario had been the Cabaye scenario.

    Cabaye, good player, we will be weaker without him but he did not want to play for us, he’s got what he wanted.

    I cannot forgive him for his behaviour in August, rat.

    • Niall Fleming says:

      Being of a suspicious nature I don’t think I quite buy that Cabaye was totally the bad guy in August. I never feel that you can believe the club holding up their collective hands and saying “we are the innocent parties here”.

      The difference to Baines is this. Everton have little by way of “liquid” funds but they seem to have a Chairman and Manager who are capable of squeezing the best out of the transfer and loan markets with the clear ambition of getting into the top 4. They did very well out of Fellaini true enough, silly money, but then we got silly money for Carroll.

      Who has recruited and spent better? Who might be a better for the Champions League?