true faith : TIFOSI (Man Utd (h))

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Twenty beers later, an attempt to block out another humiliation, and all I’ve achieved is to SimonCampbellnewadd to the pain!

One thing is quite clear as always. The pathetic size of our squad is embarrassingly exposed with every one of these results. Aside from that though,the teams we have put out should not be losing in the manner we have been losing games.

Pardew being banned has had a bigger impact than expected and he seems incapable at present of getting anything out of a tired, lazy squad who don’t appear to give a shit anymore. I have always backed Pardew and continue to believe he has an impossible job to do under ludicrous circumstances and he’s achieved a lot all things considered. However if things continue the way they are going the end has to be nigh for him. He has to take most of the blame for the shit we’re churning out at the moment.

As I’ve said numerous times now, it’s all about this coming summer. We have to rebuild a squad that may see and clearly needs drastic changes. Money has to be spent on some very good players to restore any belief that the club is going in the right direction. If top 10 was our aim this season, and that should still be achieved, then the target has to be higher next season and our summer transfer activity has to reflect that, Pardew or not.

The match – Once again only Papiss Cissé came out of yesterday with any credibility yet he once again missed several huge chances, the biggest of which the free header at 0-0. That goes in and no shitey soft free kicks and we see a different result. A bit of luck and confidence is desperately needed and we just aren’t getting it. This isn’t an excuse for these results but when things are going badly you never seem to get any help. Rob Elliott is no premier league goalkeeper.  He hasn’t made a save and we’ve lost 4-0. The defence was awful too mind, Colo looks ready to leave and Williamson struggles when Colo is not on song. Stoke away next week, a must win for Pardew’s sake, even if it will have no bearing on anything…at all. Have a good day, Kentucky Fried hangover cure for me.


I’d say that I’ve been fairly patient, let’s be honest we all have. However, I’ve yet to jumpSteveFarrell on the “Pardew Out” bandwagon. Until now. Three games 0 goals for and 11 against, and that performance was absolutely rancid. I mean really really awful. This was the worst Man Utd team in generations and they walked all over us. It’s very clear that Pardew cannot get the best out of talented players. Look at all the players who came here and looked the business. Cisse, Ben Arfa, Sissoko, Santon, Mbiwa. Look at them now. Something has to change. I bumped into one of the sports lads from The Journal after the match and like most of us, he seemed to be of the view that nothing will change and we will just continue to float around in 10th place. I disagree – under the current set up there is a very real danger we’ll be in the relegation mix. I’m bored of this all now. Hurry up and end the season so we can enjoy the World Cup.


Just like today’s grand national, today was all about the unecessary torture of dumb Man wearing ski maskanimals. 11 of them, in black and white shirts. People talk about a horse having a ‘desire to win’ Bullshit.

Horses, however,  probably showed more desire to win than that sorry shite out there today. Aside from Papiss Cisse who ran his arse off, with little to no service, the rest of them looked like their race was lost from the first minute.
Promises of a ‘response’ from the drubbing at southampton were as empty as Pardew’s sorry tactics. Gosling before Ben Arfa, De Jong started…says it all really.
4-0 flattered a weakened man utd side, Mata and Fellaini ran the midfield while that repulsive little prick Chicarito looked like a world beater before the tatters of something that used to be a defence.

Cisse and Anita ran around and tried to show a little bit of passion but the rest of them are on holiday far, far away from here already. Pardew’s already made his excuses, more or less admitting he can’t motivate the squad. The fact that they themselves can’t be arsed in front of a home crowd speaks volumes about how this club is run.

The good bits: Nothing really, Cisse, Santon and Anita, at a push; at least they tried.

The bad bits: The defence as a whole,  an utter lack of tactics whatsoever from the manager. The attitude of the squad. Painful.


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3 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI (Man Utd (h))

  1. David Rutherford says:

    I heard that Carver blamed Ben Arfa for the second goal. What a prick.

  2. David says:

    Ok, so we won’t get relegated this season. BUT, we need to start next seasons relegation fight now. Things need to change drastically. Its only a matter of time before Pardew takes us down. A very sad state of affairs.

  3. rich says:

    Got to be honest, i have been of the opinion that Pardew has been working with one hand behind his back and isn’t entirely to blame. However the admittance that he can’t motivate the players causes me great concern and the excuses are wearing very thin. After the Shampton game his best was they had more motivation than is as they could go ahead. Surely its the bare minimum to expect your team to finish as high up the table as possible??? And after Manure it was the injuries. Not as many as they had out Alan…. Which i guess takes me back to the original point of no squad investment.