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As soon as is possible after the derby game, the true faith TIFOSI will be fling their opinions on the doings down in Chicken Town.

Just come on here to check it all out.









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I wanted to start this by laughing at the fact that Sunderland were so up for this one that they wanted us to believe they didn’t care, instigating this year’s derby theme as a ‘come-as-an-empty-pink-seat’ day.

But the harsh reality is that United were simply not up for this game…yet again.
No Taylor, no Coloccini, no Yanga-Mbiwa and the match began with the usual ridiculous intensity which, unfortunately resulted in the wearsiders taking the lead after 4 minutes. United started with a frustrating nonchalance that never really left them. Sunderland , or , more frustratingly that pair of slack-jawed neanderthals; Cattermole and Bardsley dictated the midfield for the first 20 minutes or so until we decided that this game might as well be worth playing after all and we had a few insipid forays into the mackem penalty area. United gradually began to improve as they first half went on, save for our three forward players who hadn’t got out of bed yet and the mackems were the leaders at the end of 45.
The second half saw the introduction of Papiss Cisse in place of Sissoko to provide some form of forward presence yet didn’t…again. Mathieu Debuchy  equalised in the 57th minute and ended up with a pair of grubby kneecaps beside the dugout as United began to edge the game. Shola Ameobi came on for Remy on 70 minutes and did almost nothing save for a  long range effort off target and the mackems looked like they were beginning to wilt. However, it was sunderland’s substitute rather than United’s who changed the game. Fabio Borini unleashed a memorable strike with six minutes to go. A complete lack of passion, sense of occasiona and creativity in front of goal let us down. Just like last time we got beaten in the derby, they wanted it more. Simple as that.
If any game summed up the gutless lack of ambition that hangs like some malevolent fungus in the upper echelons of Newcastle United, this was it.



Where to start? Maybe with the manager? Another completely listless display in a derby, resulting in our defeat, will have fatal consequences for Pardew in the near future, of that I’m certain. We look devoid of tactics, ideas, and most definitely leadership. We have plenty of good international players on that pitch, and they are consistently not performing to their level, questions have to be asked of the management of the club. Yesterday, the first 45 was a complete write off. Tioté was the best of a bad bunch, but we were completely anonymous, especially in that first period, Sissoko (deservedly) hauled off during the break, although it could have been one of many. Gouffran not showing anything at all on the day, Cabaye a touch more involved but nowhere near as influential as needed. For the first goal, it was just a man-on-man jump and their man won it. What worried me more was Dummett’s attempted turn in the box about ten minutes later. Talk about baptism of fire. You don’t get that kind of space in midfield but inside your own area, Christ. In the second half, we played a touch better, but it wasn’t much to shout about in fairness. Our goal came at the end of a decent ten minute spell for us, Debuchy ghosting in at the back post and you’d have hoped we would kick on from there, but once again under Pardew, we had our foot on the opposition throat, and couldn’t go in for the kill. A lack of application at a time when we needed it most, unforgivable. The goal was a wonder-strike, but we had no answer, and although I wouldn’t say sunderland were any better than us, they certainly weren’t worse. A stranger wouldn’t have known which team had 1 point and which had 11, and that is the biggest disappointment of all. NUFC – Kicking you hard in the bollocks since forever. 3 – Debuchy (Got the goal. That’s about it) 2 – Tioté (Tried to keep things tidy in the middle of the park and didn’t go as mental as normal against these) 1 – Shola (And that, sums it all up…)



How the hell do I sum that up in 300 words?

We have every right to feel a little bit aggrieved to not have come away with a draw. They are as poor as that Derby County team that went down with eleven points I think it was (four of those points coming from us). On the day, we weren’t much better. We didn’t make them sweat in the first half. Even though man for man we were better (on paper anyway) in every area of the pitch, we simply didn’t take advantage.

Both goals were avoidable. For one, they shouldn’t have been allowed so much space to cross for the opener. Secondly, the “foul” that lead to what turned out to be the winner wasn’t a foul in my eyes. But it is what it is. They got their first win of the season and invaded the pitch again – which will lead to zero punishment as per.

Like the rest of you, I’m off into hiding to we don’t have to put up with the gloating from what still look like relegation candidates. Humiliated by the worst team in the league. Deary me.


second successive derby defeat is hard to swallow. More so given it’s painfully obvious SamDalling copywe’re the better side. They just wanted it more. Perhaps we were complacent. Maybe the new boys didn’t quite understand the significance. Fact of the matter is we lost. That’s pretty much the bottom line. For the second time in the row they’ve had a new manager to fire them up. It shouldn’t really matter though. If AP can’t get his troops fired up for this one then frankly he’s in the wrong business. The home side came out of the blocks firing. They hassled, they chased, they harangued. And they got the early goal. Although we eased our way slowly into the game potshots from distance was as much as we created. Then we got the goal we craved. Most probably thought from there we’d go on and win it. Instead we surrendered tamely, Borini netting only his second PL goal – both against us of course. Not many can walk away with their heads held high. Cheik was once again excellent with the armband, while brothers Cabaye and Debuchy at least knew what the derby was all about. The rest were limp. Remy barely touched the ball, Gouffran and Sissoko were anonymous and Papiss, well, if anyone has ever had less of an impact of the bench I’m struggling to remember it. With Colo, Saylor and Mbiwa sat in the stands it would be easy to point to our defensive crisis. That’s too convenient though – we were playing a side without a win all season. God only knows what we can expect in our next two games.  It depends which Newcastle United turns up I guess. Still at least Mike can rest safe in the knowledge there’ll be no pesky local journalists knocking around when Chelsea and Man City come to town. TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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