true faith : TIFOSI (Everton (h))

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Right; here are some truths. Truths that you, me and anyone who watches United can see, Man wearing ski maskyet for some reason our manager cannot.

One: Luuk De Jong is not even close to being good enough to be in the 1st team; I’d prefer to see Shola…at least he gives a shit for a little while.

Two: Vurnon Anita is not effective against an opposing midfield of other humans. When Gareth fucking Barry is winning balls off you and beating you for pace, you know there’s something horribly wrong.

Three: Paul Dummett is just Santon but with less defensive ability, less tactical awareness, worse at set pieces and worse going forward.

This utter ineptitude is rewarded with a starting place in the team against good sides. It also starts bleeding into our good players. No one had a decent game today and it took two goals and an hour to realise that maybe playing players like Ben Arfa, you know, who have ability and creativity might just be a good idea. Everton were nothing special but when they weren’t diving or wasting time, they were ripping us to ribbons. Coloccini had an off night and the rest of them looked like they couldn’t give a shit.  I’ll leave out Cisse here cos he was making run after run into space but by the time the rest of them had looked up amd decided that maybe it was a good idea to pass, Everton had the ball and were running at our full backs. Tiote at least attempted tackling occasionally but no one else bothered following his example.

No wonder the atmosphere is fucking dead in SJP. What exactly have we got to be proud of?

The good bits: Ross Barkley’s swan dive for no apparent reason with no one anywhere near him (which went unbooked, just to rub it in) was truly beautiful to behold.

Ben Arfa. Our only creative player.

The bad bits: special mention to both of our full backs who were a true double act ‘Shit and shitter’

The sheer terror on the faces of our players when the other team had the ball.

Tackling helps in that situation, boys.


Imagine winning a game 3-0 without getting out of second gear. That’s what Everton did. They didn’t even have to try as we gift wrapped them each goal, they couldn’t believe their luck. It’s difficult to really blame Colo for his slip, as accidents happen – it wasn’t an error. However, Paul Dummett had an absolute nightmare. I always like to see some academy gets come through the ranks and stake their claim in the first XI, but I do wonder if he’s up to it at Premier League level. We’ve seen him a few times now this season, and he’s never SteveFarrellreally blown me away. He gets caught out of position far too much for my liking. I really like Haidara, but for a reason only our coaching staff will know he doesn’t get game time. It also baffles me how we can have obviously talented players like Ben Arfa and Marveux on the bench. Of course they will frustrate at times – but all flair players do. This probably isn’t a very popular opinion, but I want to see Mbiwa get an extended run out at centre back as a full back he is not. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, it’s just not his position. Now that we’re playing for absolutely nothing – we might as well try out different formations and give players like Mbiwa some game time in preparation for next season. I’m adamant that there’s a very good defender in him – he did captain Montpellier after all at a very young age. Instead of making a scapegoat out of players that are in and out the side as Pardew often does, he needs to take this time to take a good look at them before this so called big rebuild in the summer.

But yeah – in summary, this game was awful.


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7 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI (Everton (h))

  1. Jack says:

    This team lacks moral courage, and a team is a reflection of the personality of the manager.

  2. Stephen B says:

    “Two: Vurnon Anita is not effective against an opposing midfield of other humans. When Gareth fucking Barry is winning balls off you and beating you for pace, you know there’s something horribly wrong.”

    Move Sissoko inside and play HBA? Whats the alternative? Back to Gosling? If he was ever going to put in a shift would it have been versus his old club??

  3. Rob says:

    Mark Douglas wrote a good piece when our season finished in february suggesting that as we had saftery with only 13 games to go, why not experiment with a few things ahead of next season. We’ve yet to do anything of the sort. Was obvious after 50 minutes that Gouff was shot- why not give marveaux a proper chance in the first team?

    The most criminal act is the continuing presence of Gosling on the bench, a player with no future here. What circumstances would require him on the pitch? Would far rather see Bigirimana/Armstrong/Aarons etc. on the bench, at least to try them out ahead of next season.

  4. Richard Smith says:

    We’re poor at the back, lacking any creativity, toothless up front, we have nothing to play for, confidence is shot, tactically we’re awful; we have no idea how to change a game and only make substitutions when it’s too late.

    The only thing I can see motivating the players is that if they play well for 6 months to a season they’ll be flogged to the highest bidder.

    How about we play a system that suits the players we have rather than exposing them by playing them out of position or in uncomfortable roles. And if the players we have don’t fit the system the manager wants to adopt, how about signing some players that do rather than on the basis of potential resale value!

    I’d love to see HBA back in the team; even if he does give the ball away 75% of the time, I’d rather see that than play it square then hump it to nobody 100% of the time.


  5. Rob says:

    also- how many of our players can play a good one touch pass?

  6. tattyheed says:

    Rob – above ref ‘fringe ‘ players

    I watched the U21s on TV against Liverpool the other day.

    Bigirimana was a disgrace – useless – he’s definitely gone backwards – on that performance he wont last long as a professional. Kemen was much better – younger and looks hungrier.

    Streete was average – Satko looks like a player. Cool, calm and comfortable on the ball.
    Aarons will never be a player as long as my arse points downwards I’m afraid.

    Michael Richardson (ginger lad) – looked very handy – but he’ll never get a game under the current regime

  7. Dave Smith says:

    You just know we’re getting nowt at Southampton and the season will fizzle out to a boring conclusion.

    Agree with what’s been said about HBA. Yeah he gives the ball away, but others aren’t on his wave length and don’t make the runs. A middle of Tiote and Anita is never gonna provide spark and you can’t play them together in a 442. Got to be 451 and give Ben Arfa a free role ahead of them to help Remy.

    442 only works if you’ve got a top box to box player who bombs on at times. Like, I dunno, Yohan fucking Cabaye!!!

    Even better than playing HBA every week would be to replace him with someone better. Like that will happen.