true faith : TIFOSI (Chelsea (a))

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It’s all becoming a little too predictable isn’t it? There is negativity in the club from top to SteveFarrellbottom. The likes of Kinnear and Ashley have bled the club dry of any kind of enjoyment. We are merely a passenger in games like these. It’s even worse when you’re missing half a first team against a team with all of the Russian billions you could ever ask for.

I am sick of people having a go at Mbiwa mind. The lad has never had a proper run in the team without being shuffled all over the place. Then you have someone like Steven Taylor who has played around 200 games too many for my liking. Put Mbiwa in a proper team and he’d be a top class centre back – I’m adamant of that.

I get the feeling the rest of the season will see us merely show up to games and that’ll be it. We’ve nothing to fight for. Suspect we will finish 10th and the suits will be happy as the reap the benefits of more gazillions in the summer that won’t be spent.

The sooner the likes of Chelsea and Citeh bugger off to make their own money grabbing super league the better the rest of will be. Then we can point and laugh after the inevitable collapse of said super league.



At the very least, we expected a response from the players after last weekend and the

Man wearing ski maskvery least was got we got.

To be fair, our ‘strong’ squad was threadbare; decimated after a couple of injuries and suspensions; our left back was playing in central midfield and our striker is a loanee, who’s spent more time on the bench than Demba Ba.
Chelsea have a lot of quality in their side and after a bit of a bright start by United which fizzled after about 10 minutes, they began to dominate possession in the midfield. Eden Hazard is now firmly entrenched in the national media’s Gareth Bale shaped glory hole after today and it’s not hard to see why. Linking up with Willian; he had one of those games that those sorts of players always seem to have against us. Hazard’s opening two goals were exceptional but that’s what you expect for spending £30 million in that strange and far-away place that other teams call ‘the transfer window’.
Sadly, despite a spirited start, United never looked like scoring. Sammy made a few speedy runs down the left, Sissoko spurned a superb opportunity to equalise at 1-0 but his touch let him down; De Jong ran about a bit and Ben Arfa more often than not, tried to take on too many men when a simple pass would have sufficed. We had twelve shots today, half of them on target and none of them really bothered Petr Cech.
Hazard got his hat-trick just after the hour when he converted a penalty after an necessary shove on Eto’o from Yanga Mbiwa but this game was lost long ago.
Thank fuck we did so well at the start of the season because the rest of it looks unpleasantly long.
The good bits: A better performance than last week’s 3-0 defeat. Demba Ba’s shot in the last few minutes which shows just how far he’s come since his ‘great tran$fer’ (Not that I’m bitter or owt)
The bad bits: With Remy out, not one of the others look anywhere near capable of scoring. Chelsea fans…I wonder what Stamford Bridge sounds like when there’s no away support. Someone give them that England band (and don’t let them leave).

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3 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI (Chelsea (a))

  1. myclubyourclubworclub says:

    As I have said to a mate of mine, the only reason we are attending games ( turning up might hint at some sort of effort ) is to uphold contractual obligations with the P.L. and Sky etc. As a team we are void of leadership both on and off the pitch
    A manager who has come to accept his lot !!
    A team Happy to be picking up their wages
    An owner who has shown that he cares nothing for our clubs history and traditions, but only for his grotesque (personal wealth) profiteering business model
    Once again this wide boys short term Thatcherite based ethos is there for all to see and we the “fans” are collectively sucking it up
    Perhaps the calls for a mass walk out and or late show for the sky games may be the way forward as the Fat One appears not to like conflict on public display ( anti “joke” banners , protest marches ) perhaps not but LADS for fuck sake man let us collectively grow some balls and do something
    As someone once said
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    I believe he also said something along the lines of
    When bad men combine, good men must organise
    So come on to fuck, This year is the 30th anniversary of the Miners strike
    Protest in a manner which is visible to the lazy journalists who collectively take the piss
    Show the odious little cunt who talks shite on BT sports that he is wrong in his many assumptions about us the supporters
    That Is All
    Peace form Dublina

    • David Rutherford says:

      I agree wholeheartedly but sadly it’ll never happen until the relevant supporter’s groups, writers, fanzines and websites use their influence to actively endorse and help co-ordinate a full-scale boycott – thousands of fans are willing to do it but unless it’s part of a widespread protest it means nothing. I’ve contacted and tried to engage with several of these groups this season asking if they’d be willing to condone this and deviate from the Support The Team Not The Regime policy and am yet to receive an answer.

  2. Guy HW says:

    Steve, bang on re: Mbiwa. Good on the ball, reader of the game. Looked assured nxt to Williamson earlier on this season. Cant believe Taylor was picked over him on his returm.