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This will be my last entry in TIFOSI this season as next week I’m doing a


charity run and as the title is now City’s anyway, Im literally not arsed about

the Liverpool game.

The season ended for me today and I’m sure like most people it couldn’t come

quick enough for me! It’s been pretty much torture since January for so many

reasons. Alas, I for one enjoyed today.

Like 40000+ others today, I couldn’t bring myself to walk out at 54,59,60 or

69mins. It’s still a game of football involving the team I support and I wanted

us to win.

We were rewarded with 2 more goals and a performance that convinced me (even

against a surprisingly pointless Cardiff side) we still have a squad that has

some togetherness and IF the club takes what is their most important summer in

my lifetime  seriously, then next season can be something to look forward to.


Changes have to be made early. A decision on Pardew must be made immediately.

Either he’s done (no one could really complain) or Ashley wants him to stay and

he backs him and gives him some players to work with next season!


He’s had a nightmare in the last few months, some his doing, some not. But,

given a summer to recuperate, as always I’ll give him my backing if he still has

the job. We should finish 9th in the league this season. That’s decent! and

whilst it doesn’t really paint the whole picture it is a position we have by

virtue of the fact we accumulated so many points before Christmas before

Ashely/kinnear fucked it up.

Pardew, for all of the flack he gets, has still achieved a respectable amount in

the last few years in ludicrous circumstances at times. He’s not perfect, but I

don’t think he deserves the level of anger aimed at him.

I’d like to see a new manager equally as something fresh to get excited about

would be healthier than a summer of constant moaning and bickering which would

be inevitable if nothing changes… Either way a summer break is what’s needed

after the last few months after which is like to see St James’ produce some

noise like they did today, it was awesome to hear and a reminder of the effect

we can have on a football match!

Oh. The match. We won 3-0 didn’t we. That’s also decent! Farewell goal for

Shola. (Please no new contract?!) good to see some attacking football, could

have been 6-0. Could have been 3-3. That’s how our games have been this season

and we deserved it to go right for once. Have a good summer lads and ladies.


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18 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI (Cardiff City (h))

  1. Vin Crockwell says:

    Pardew has been complicit in the whole shambles from when he accepted the job behind Hughton’s back. A lying coward of the highest order.

    • Alex says:

      I honestly don’t think that we’ll ever hear the real reason as to why Pardew got hired

  2. David says:

    I think we all know the reason the smarmy get was hired and it had nothing to do with football.

  3. Simon C says:

    Please. Please, do not spout the nonsense about him owing Ashley money as a result of some sort of gambling debts. That is ludicrous. I defy anyone to even come up with where that story appeared from, let alone actually provide any evidence to suggest its even partly true. LLambias doesn’t even work for us anymore… Pardews wages still going to him?? Come on man.

    Keegan had just walked, very few would have taken the job. Pardew appeared, had PL experience, had done a decent job with Southampton.. a job he only lost because he didnt get on with the chairman… strange how he does not seem to want to fall out of favour with this one… and here he is.

    Hes been terrible in the last few months, but his 3 full seasons here have all started with the more negative fans saying “we’re going down, we’re going to achieve nothing etc….”

    -5th place

    -European Quarter finals,

    -9th place. (all with minimal investment and gag after gag from above).

    The man hasn’t really done a terrible job in reality. I don’t understand why he is so hated by some. He is just the obvious target for 50000 people’s frustrations.

    As I have said^^ If the crowd can make the kind of noise we heard yesterday and get behind the manager (whomever it may be) and 11 players on the pitch, we can make such a difference. That hasn’t been there for some time.

    • east stand exile says:

      Err, Keegan hadn’t just walked. Pardew replaced Houghton remember? Kk had been gone for 2 years.

      • Niall Fleming says:

        And Pardew was not sacked at Southampton ‘because he didn’t get on with the chairman’ either!

    • David Rutherford says:

      If you really don’t understand why he’s hated then have a look online and find a list of all the lies he’s told. I’d write them out myself but I’ll be here all day. People should never forget that with every piece of back-tracking bullshit that’s ever came out of his mouth he’s disrespected and insulted the intelligence of every Newcastle fan. Even putting aside his arrogance, lack of man-management skills and appalling tactics, this is reason enough for him to be damaged goods.

  4. Michael Carling says:

    I cannot disagree with you more here Si. Pardew simply has to go, there’s no two ways about it. He has set the team up incorrectly week after week and has us playing a bland, negative style of football. He has completely lost the crowd and whilst the atmosphere was the best it’s been all season yesterday, it was a mixture of backing the team and poisonous towards him and Ashley. We don’t want this at all, and it would certainly affect the team were it to continue (which it will if he stays).

    You are now in the minority that think he should stay. An overwhelming majority are desperate for him to go. I don’t know who we will bring in to replace him, but it almost literally couldn’t get any worse. If he does stay, I fear for next season. Players will be leaving, and I’d be surprised if we could bring in good players under this regime.

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Micky I didn’t here you moaning about Pardew at Benfica, or in Brugge.

      A top half finish since then isn’t too shabby.

      Alan Pardew’s Black n White Army!

  5. Vin Crockwell says:

    Pardew did a decent job at Southampton at his management level, He talks about but his wife and kid as the reason why he won’t quit but completely forgets why he was sacked at Southampton for allegedly shagging one of the players wives. The bloke is a liar, a hypocrite and a complete and utter cunt.

  6. Simon says:

    Lads, I’m not saying he is indefensible or that I he were to be sacked it would be unwarranted given the form wer in. But read what iv written^^ his achievements overall are not bad at all and the level of hatred toward him just because he is the only visible option to vent anger/frustration towards is just a little disproportionate given the circumstances. I’d welcome a new manager obviously. But if Pardew stays and investment is made, I’ll back him and look forward to the new season.

    • David Rutherford says:

      As I said above, the constant stream of lies is enough alone to warrant the level of hatred.
      And as for ‘his achievements overall’ – the only one I can think of is finishing fifth, back when he had the balls to set his team up in a way that utilised his players. But look what happened after that – he spent the next season constantly lapsing back into defensive/long ball tactics despite them producing terrible results.
      To say nothing of changing a winning team by shoving an in form striker out wide to accommodate the fact that Ashley was determined to sell our other striker and needed him to be scoring.
      All of which came after Pardew said nothing (other than lying to us, obviously) throughout a whole summer as it became increasingly clear his boss had no intention of strengthening sufficiently.
      Every time he’s got something right – and I’ll admit that occasionally he has – he’s buggered it up and while Ashley is clearly the root cause of everything (‘lest we forget if it wasn’t for the owner Pardew wouldn’t still be here) if there’s one thing that the walk-out and steady stream of abuse proved on Saturday, it’s that at long last most fans have stopped separating owner and manager and united in directing their anger at the whole many-tentacled, incompetent, money-hungry beast destroying NUFC. And I hope we keep it up until every one of them – Ashley, Pardew, Charnley, Carver, Wendy Fucking Taylor – are gone for good.
      So I’ll respect that some people may not hate Pardew but I’m staggered that anyone can’t understand why the rest of us do.

    • Gary says:

      Lies,lies he’s never had a plan b when the heats been turned up during a game. Substitution 69 mins trying to divert attention from walk out,regardless of Europa games we’ve been mediocre more often than not .TAXI for P45DUE

  7. Michael Carling says:

    Agreed Alex I wasn’t, but things are drastically different now. League finish doesn’t reflect the state of the club whatsoever.

  8. STEPHEN says:

    I will always wonder what if Colo had not made that superb goal-line clearance.

    By the way the tv feed of the match froze on 67 minutes and 12 seconds and didn’t come back on for quite a while in a certain bar in the shadow of SJP, strange.

  9. Daniel M says:

    I don’t understand how you can ‘not be bothered’ with the Liverpool game, yet also not participate in the walk out ’cause you want to support the team. This seems like a huge contradiction to me. Whereas I can completely understand you not being interested in the Liverpool match, I think it’s ridiculous that you (and anyone else), could think it’s best for the club to not participate in the walk out. This football club is about the fans, and to not walk out shows a short sighted view of the club/team, and an apathy that will keep ashley in place for as long as he wants, not to mention a betrayal to the fans that did walk out.