true faith : TIFOSI ((Arsenal (a))

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It’s difficult to feel any sort of emotion watching United at the minute. This must be what it’s like for fans of….actually, scrap that analogy; I can’t think of a single football league team who play such rudderless, gutless shite as us. Our beloved club has been reduced to a Man wearing ski maskplatform for other teams to play well, even if they’re not playing well.
Arsenal didn’t really have to bother tonight; thumping three simple goals past a lacklustre Newcastle defence; I was more intrigued by Alan Pardew’s hangdog expression, the very empitome of cluelessness. It’s the same old story I’m afraid – no midfield to speak of and the couple of half chances we had were squandered. I imagine Cardiff will win easily and I’m not even imagining the red wedding that’s going to occur at Anfield. Let’s just get this over with, get rid of Pardew and rebuild with someone who knows what they are doing, eh? Move along, move along…


Ed: seems like the rest of the TIFOSI can’t be bothered any more. Understandable. 

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2 Responses to true faith : TIFOSI ((Arsenal (a))

  1. Dave says:

    Good analysis Matt & enough said. I know this clown is racking up more and more unwanted damaging records as each game passes by at our beloved club that will probably never be broken again (certainly in my lifetime & I’m 58) but we don’t just lose games, we get bloody pummelled and once the first goal goes in, it’s then a case of how many. He certainly doesn’t help his cause with his smarmy comments before and after the games which are making me cringe with embarrassment. Wish he’d just bloody grow a pair and tell the truth, but that’s never going to happen!

  2. Stephen Brownlow says:

    Where is Simon Campbell?