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Have I still got to remind some of you that true faith has a fantastic newsletter that we bring out every match-day morning and its called The Special? And its FREE.

A small but perfectly formed group of regular true faith writers contribute to the best match-day read you will clap your Mag eyes on and no mistake.

This gets proper fanzine writing to you without the need to slavver on looking for sellers, finding them sold out on newsagents shelves and of course The Special, just like everything else we do is absolutely 100% FREE. Unlike the days of printed fanzines every issue of The Special is up to date original and focused on that day’s game. Specialad1

If you wonder what I’m going on about, have a look at last week’s issue that we brought out for the Crystal Palace game – just click here.

As you can see its superbly designed by our design guru yon Glenn Ashcroft and the writing is excellent with the weekly oppo quiz and a nice little slice of nostalgia as is our wont.

Its great on any device you care to mention but our preference is to read it on a smart-phone on the way to the match but hey, read it where you like maaan.

All you need to to get The Special in your in-box every match-day morning is click here and get signed up.  Once you’ve signed up that’s it, we’ll be sending it to you until you tell us to stop or we keel over.

That is all.




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