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It’s an idea that has been borrowed from the highly effective anti-Ashley campaign at MagpieBrandRangers (Lion Brand) and it is a further development in the fight against the Ashley blight at Newcastle United.

The Magpie Brand is an alternative shirt for Newcastle United fans to the one being sold by Sports Direct.

The latest shirt by Puma is another abomination and hardly reflects the simple, classic Black & White shirt which the club has worn since 1892. That the dolts at United and Puma have managed to put the wrong sponsors logo on the shirt tells you everything about the incompetence running riot at St James’ Park these days. But let them worry about that. Crap design, crap sponsor and where does the money go?

Longstanding concerns about Newcastle United merchandise centre around NUFCDirect (the club’s online merchandising operation), how much ends up in Ashley’s pocket and how much goes back to the club. Indeed news that Rangers only make 70p on every £10 spent on their merchandise as a result of a deal done at Ibrox in benefit of Sports Direct should raise further questions about what goes on at Newcastle United FC.

Why would Ashley treat Newcastle United any differently to Rangers?

There is also the outstanding question of £3.4m which was paid by Newcastle United into the Sports Direct accounts. That query has never been suitably dealt with by the club.

It is a question we are unlikely to get now John Irving, the club’s Finance Director has done one to Newcastle Airport for unexplained reasons (though only one month before the end of the 15/16 Financial year).

Of course the advertising for a loan shark on the front of the shirt is another reason to give it a wide berth.

Those of you who want to buy a B&W shirt to demonstrate your support for the club should defer any purchase until The Magpie Brand is up for sale.

I have the same questions as you regarding the deal about the Magpie Brand i.e. costs and where any profit from it goes but I’m going to be bold and suggest we will get considerably more transparency from those selling the Magpie Brand shirt than the smoke and mirrors of Newcastle United, NUFCDirect and Sports Direct.

You can follow the Magpie Brand on Twitter here.

As soon as we have more information we will share it with you.


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17 Responses to true faith : THE MAGPIE BRAND – COMING SOON

  1. Paul Brown says:

    Maybe they would do an “” logo on the front?

  2. David Chapman says:

    I think I’ve become a bit synclinal after everything at NUFC under the fat controller so I’d urge fellow fans to wait and find out where the profit from these shirts is going before buying one. Gorgeous looking as they are.

    • matt flynn says:

      They are either donating profits to debt charities, or if that cant be arranged they selling at cost.

      This info has been publised. Apart from the club nobody is profiteering

  3. Stephen says:

    Captain (coward) Colo will not be able to turn his back on a shot from leeds in that strip like, he’ll blend in.Ha we’ll not know whether it was him or not.

    More room on the back though for the additional sponsors scribbling you are allowed on them in Division 2, good forsight that like.

  4. P Jobson says:

    And so the departure from Black and White stripes begins……

    • Joolio Geordio says:

      My thoughts exactly. I think this strip is the first step in the abandonment of the B/W stripes in favour of Shite Direct colours. If it isn’t questions need to be asked as to which complete fuckwit looked at this design and thought that’s a good idea. I think we all know answer to that one!

  5. Graeme says:

    IMO any profits made should be getting funnelled back into fighting the multi billionaire that has brought about this sityuation in the first place! Transparency: yes! But naively giving away your fighting funds to charity is madness. If it’s in support of the then we need to use the funds to pay for the basics and try to attract investors and businesses in.

  6. James K says:

    Fantastic idea. Our recent kits have been awful and the ‘quality’ of them has been apalling. And that’s without even mentioning the horrendous Wonga label plastered on the front. They just look and feel cheap, which is appropriate I guess as that’s what Ashley has done to our club.

    Is a decent quality black and white shirt with an embroidered badge too much to ask for?

    I’ll look forward to buying one of your ones when they become available rather than the rubbish that Puma and the club are churning out.

  7. jack says:

    When will we get the red and blue sports direct away shirt?

  8. Gavin Haigh says:

    Great idea and this needs to be plugged everywhere.

    Im also concerned that the club shirt is heading away from the black & white colours and is more and more like a Sports Direct FC. The red will be encompassed next. Breaks my heart!!

  9. Kevin says:

    Can’t wait to buy one, well 3 tbh… None of that wings shite

  10. Rob Salter says:

    Great idea!

  11. David Kuik says:

    Excellent, thank you to those with the idea, and the hard work and effort to put this in place. I will certainly purchase a few for my family. Looks the business, and puts the official club tat to shame.

    Please let us know Asap when and how to purchase.

  12. Chris C says:

    Great idea, I hope it’s the folk behind AshleyOut doing this and that any profits will go to supporting that.

    If there shirts were made by Adidas (even if unbranded) to the high standards they used to be then even better, I’d happily pay regular price for one. You’d think they’d love to bloody Ashley’s nose after the spat they had with him.

  13. Brian Toley says:

    Already thought of before the Rangers shirt, and already done for NUFC.

    • whoever attempts to sell that will be in breach of copyright and liable to legal action from NUFC because of the use of the badge which is a brand owned by the club. You might also ask where the money’s going? The Magpie Brand is designed to raise funds for AshleyOut and local charities.

  14. Thomas Hutchinson says:

    Why don’t all profits made be donated to the Sir Bobby Robson foundation? Close to home charity & great cause, non profit making shirt and looks stunning?