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There are a few people out there doing fanzines we like and one of them is The Football Pink. This fanzine isn’t fixed onTFPCover one particular club but attracts writers and fans right across the whole of football and the whole of the country.

We think it will be something true faith readers will enjoy given you lot are more clued up than the average football supporter.

We are always happy to promote good quality football writing and the partnership we are looking to develop with The Football Pink will be beneficial to both true faith and our new comrades.

Copies of The Football Pink come in hard-copy and you can buy them directly from us. Just click here

For buyers in the UK you can get The Football Pink for only £3. That includes P+P.

If you live in Republic of Ireland, the EU or Europe the cost is £5.50 and that will include P+P.

For readers in the Rest of the World the cost is £6:50 and that includes P+P.


We will have news of each new issue coming on sale and other news as it happens from The Football Pink.


Obviously, if you buy The Football Pink from us it helps us fund everything we do here as well.


That is all.


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