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Almost on cue, Mike Ashley’s pet, Bob Moncur, who lest anyone forget is on the club Moncur3payroll, has been wheeled out to do one of his “everything is going to be okay” acts. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing that a genuine club hero wasn’t tarnishing his reputation so irreparably with his kiss-arse acts for his boss. I hope Bob makes sure it’s worth his while. Beardsley will be next. Ashley’s PR, Keith Bishop is certainly busy.

This is the latest:

“I also asked Lee about investment in the squad in the summer. And he reinforced the message that John Carver had already given. We will be spending money in the summer to take the club forward.”

Bob Moncur, 10/Apr/15

Remember, Bob Moncur is paid by Mike Ashley.

This is the “promise” (cough) given by John Carver (which in itself suggests he is the next manager):

“Mike (Ashley) and Lee Charnley know what they have to do and I’m telling you now if I CarverEvertonwas sitting here and I thought they were giving me lip service I would say ‘thanks very much, I’m off – I’m walking away from this. I’m not because I know what we have to do, I know what they’re saying to me is right. Let me tell you something, if I didn’t have enough belief in what they were trying to do and the promises they’ve said about the summer, then yes I would walk away. I know what work is being done and they’ve said it, they’ve gone on record. They’ve said we need to bring players into this club, first of all to boost the size of the squad but also to improve the quality, to take us on. We can’t stand still because other clubs are not standing still and they know that. We have to go with them. And if we don’t you get left behind and they know that.”

John Carver, 9/Apr/15

Firstly, if this is the case why can’t Ashley and / or Charnley get in front of the cameras and say it themselves, makes themselves available for questions in a public arena? And I mean a proper interview conducted by respected journalists rather than those who may work for a company which is rumoured to be in the process of becoming a Newcastle United Media partner.

Secondly, we have heard all of this shite before, spouted by Carver’s predecessor, Alan Pardew, who was either a fool or a knave. Carver has the same doubts now pushed his way regarding his character.

Thirdly, would anyone really expect John carver to walk away from a 5-year contract? To be potentially liable to pay Ashley damages as Pardew was required to do ahead of his move to Palace? Really? To give up potential earnings, conservatively estimated at around £500K.

Does anyone really swallow that? Honestly, truly, do you?

You will note the talk is about spending money as if that addresses everything that is wrong at United.

Newcastle United could put a great side together for two-bob and no-one would be arsed if it was competitive and had a will to win. If the players on the books were committed to the club and to achieving for Newcastle United rather than to get themselves a big move to a proper club!

United might make some signings this summer but what is absolutely certain is that the club’s few better players will go and they are likely to be Krul, Colo, Janmaat, Perez, Sissoko and anyone else they can get money for.

Nothing is being built at United other than income streams for Mike Ashley in my opinion.

The flannel isn’t even consistent. Sometimes we hear tittle tattle that the club wants to sign only a few players of quality but then that they recognise the squad isn’t deep enough. This lot could not lie straight in bed.

If things are going to change so radically, then ask yourself this, why have they waited until the prospect of empty stands for a live game on SKY to tell us and further why haven’t Ashley or even Charnley got the balls to stand in front of some proper journalists or even fans and tell us themselves.

It’s because its rubbish!



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17 Responses to true faith : TALK IS CHEAP!

  1. Totally agree. No Newcastle fan is asking us to blow 3100 plus million like Man City or Chelsea- though we know that in order to bring our squad up to scratch it could take a fair bit of money. I’m all for scouting the best offers and upcoming talent but like you say- I want them to have ambitions for Newcastle United, not as a move somewhere else. Hard to blame these players though because the lack of ambition is a club mission statement coming from the very top and is probably how it is advertised to them. For the benefit of the southern media- no we don’t expect to be winning trophies-we want to see a team and a football club that is trying to compete and live up to its potential and where the fans feel part of the project, not exploited customers. We’ve been close to this in the past and could be again. The fact that the club is making statements shows the boycott has had some effect already.

  2. Peter Shearer says:

    Expect lots of tricks from the pro-Ashley crew. Why would they change after all this time.They won’t but we have at last! The more they say the more they implicate themselves. Carry on regardless- they are creaking!

  3. mike says:

    Even “average” players can bust a gut and show they care. Mackems have had 3 managers and still managed to beat us easily WHY? Their manager got them fired up. Pard and now Carver couldnt do that. And they show this now at every game they look clueless, get to the half way line then stop. Total clear out of coaches. New blood.

  4. They will spend enough to keep the gullible and the curious onside.

  5. Stuart79 says:

    They still think they ‘invested’ last summer when all they did was recycle money from sales and the squad and first Team was weaker than the previous season!

    I totally agree that they will do just the same and we will be left with a smaller wage bill and weaker squad full of young players already looking for their next move…

    Staying away is the only option.

  6. Chris Baldwin says:

    It’s horrible watching Moncur go down this route. It’s even worse knowing that Beardsley, my favourite all-time NUFC player, will be right behind him. Just grim, grim listening. #boycottspurs

  7. Pat Hughes says:

    And the empty promises will continue until the ST deadline has gone, new carrots will be dangled, more staff/players will be out waffling on about building in the next window, new season plans, ad nauseum but we all know the excuses will flow once the window shuts. Ashley’s complete and utter disdain for sport/football/people has been clearly demonstrated at Rangers and I’m hoping his dubious dealings unravel completely and expose the fact that he is not fit and proper.

  8. Andy bee says:

    Total anti Ashley from me too , will back the stay away campaign to the hilt if convinced enough momentum generated…..bob moncur ,my pa talked of you as a legend and Ive had a season ticket for 25 years in his footsteps – you walk onto the SOS pitch to do a halftime draw?! Felt physically sick watching our fairs cup captain out there , to be fair the unwashed were nonplussed too. Hope cashly paying you well ex-legend

  9. Jarra mick says:

    Mick I think your mate Bobby is telling the truth the club will buy players in the summer but you can bet your bottom dollar some of our saleable assets will go. Is there any doubt that the net spend will be as close to zero as is humanly possible. Enjoy your night out with Bobby on the 24th.

  10. Geordie Reiver says:

    It’s like watching an episode of The Sopranos!
    Do these people think that we really believe the shite that they are spouting?
    They are totally embarrassing themselves, their credibility with fans of theirs, and their families.
    Long may they rot in hell, had enough of the b*stards.
    Yes they will spend in the summer, and they will sell even more.
    Look out Gateshead and North Shields, we have your players in our sights (no disrespect).

  11. Matt Flynn says:

    It’ll be the charnley written interview the chron next week.

  12. Vin1892 says:

    Interesting that NCJ (trinity group) are to become Sports Direct United’s media partner. I wondered why the were ONSIDE all of a sudden. I hope Simon Bird hasn’t got to toe the party line because he’s one of the few journalists who has a realistic interpretation of all things at SDU.

  13. Stephen Brownlow says:

    Absolute hore shite from Moncur, heard his lame patter all before! #BOYCOTTSPURS

  14. andy says:

    every time i have met moncur he’s been an arrogant bell end

  15. mikey says:

    Grubby souless gravy train.


  16. Ande Walsh says:

    Don’t go into Mike Ashley’s Death Star…….

  17. rich says:

    Whats’s the chances of seeing De Jong and Aarons in the squad for Spurs in order to entice more to stay?