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We are working hard on the true faith (TF112) SUMMER SPECIAL and we can say tf111_on_iPadwithout shadow of a doubt that it is going to be an absolute beast of an issue.

It is going to be rammed with all of the features you have come to know and love in the traditional paper version of the fanzine but the enormous potential of the DIGITAL format is now allowing us to add a hell of a lot more content and we can honestly say, this next issue will be without shadow of a doubt, the most detailed, comprehensive analysis of Newcastle United we have ever published.

We will give you a detailed update of what is in THE SUMMER SPECIAL as we get beyond the deadline for contributions but already we know this is going to be the most informative and entertaining issue of true faith we have ever done in the fifteen years we have been producing the fanzine.

This next issue of true faith will be the first we are offering exclusively in the DIGITAL format. To gain access to future issues of true faith you will need to take out a subscription with our partners, the market leading EXACT EDITIONS.

We have been able to slash the costs of true faith. You can get an annual subscription for true faith for a mere £17.99 or if you wish a quarterly subscription for £5.99.

This is particularly attractive for subscribers living outside the NE or even abroad as the costs of postage have been removed completely. There will also be no delays and no matter where you are in the world, you’ll get access to the new issues of true faith whether your sitting in your digs in Senegal (alright Chris?) or in your apartment in Rio (alright John) or in your house in Gosforth (alright Gareth).

But all of our readers will save money in this format as each issue falls with the reduced subscription price.

Anyone new to true faith, will also instantly get access to an archive of 30 back issues going from TF81 to TF111. That is at absolutely no extra cost.

As if that wasn’t enough, the value will increase because the content is also being added to and we believe the quality is also rising sharply because of some of the bells and whistles we are adding as well.

Newcastle United supporters are delivering some of the best football writing anywhere in the country and they are doing it here with true faith – one of the best known, most widely read and respected fanzines in the UK.

Avoid the rush, sign up for true faith today. true faith : DIGITAL.





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