true faith – SUMMER SPECIAL (TF 112) – Deadline Reminder

by • May 11, 2014 • NewsComments (2)427

This is just a gentle reminder to those of you have volunteered to write stuff for the next Stopwatchissue of true faith to start thinking about pulling everything together to meet your deadlines.

If you have any problems at all, just drop me a note via and you can come to my office for a severe dressing down which will largely feature on how you have let your family and friends down as well as true faith’s beautiful dewy-eyed readers but mainly yourselves. Usually after this ritual humiliation, you will have a surge of activity and hit the deadline.

If you are reading this longing to be part of the true faith writing circle then why the hell don’t you just drop us a line on and I’m sure we can set you to work, quick-snap.

I have to say, the next issue is shaping up rather nicely.



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2 Responses to true faith – SUMMER SPECIAL (TF 112) – Deadline Reminder

  1. John Milton says:

    I’ve written 750 words about shit I don’t want to write about… Bollocks.

  2. myclubyourclubworclub says:

    Aye waxy *
    As a wise man once said
    ” yi cannitt polish a turd”
    Nivva mind kidda !
    Yiv got the world cup to look forward to