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We’ve had the true faith SUMMER SPECIAL out since Monday of this week and its hadtf112_mirandinha_ipad a fantastic reaction from loads of you who have taken out subscriptions to the new DIGITAL format of the fanzine it is now being published in.

The true faith SUMMER SPECIAL is a massive 169 pages in size and is without question the biggest EVER fanzine to have EVER, EVER have been published anywhere in the UK. EVER.

There is no way we would have been been able to publish anything this size in paper format.

One of the areas we have been able to go large on in this issue (and we will in future issues too) is straightforward nostalgia but also history of the club that, despite everything, we all love so dearly.

Here is a run-down of the history and nostalgia pieces we have covered in this issue:

AS IT WAS, WHEN IT WAS (We’ve got Mirandinha ) – Well just as the world makes its way to Brazil, one of our writers, Marc Corby recalls this time when Brazil came to Newcastle United in the shape of one Francisco Ernani Lima da Silva. This is an extended piece in the fanzine and not only is it a fantastic piece of writing recalling a very memorable period in the club’s history it is also beautifully illustrated due to the skills of Glenn Ashcroft and Marc’s ability to pull together some never seen before photographs and some brilliant footage of our man from Palmeiras in action. 

BETTER DAYS – Memories of the 93/94 Season Its a staggering 21 years ago now since Kevin Keegan’s team won promotion to the top division and tore up the brand new shiny Premier League with Andy, Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley establishing one of the most potent (if not the most) strike-forces the Premier League has ever known. Right now, following Newcastle United and the messages from the top are all about what we can’t do as a football club back then everything seemed possible. The always excellent Wallace Wilson has taken us all down a very welcome memory lane with this unashamedly feel-good piece of nostalgia.

60 SECOND SEASON – 1904/05 SEASON – Remember the 1904/05 season? No? Well, neither does anyone. But I think all of us would give quite a lot to see a season like this at Newcastle United these days. Chris Laws has been filing these pieces for quite some time now (covering every season since the 1892/93 season) but this season, almost exactly 110 years ago represents the first season the club ever won anything. This was the season when Newcastle United’s true glory period began with the capture of the Football League Championship. I know, read that again, it gets better. This is the team of Veitch, McCracken, Appleyard, McCombie, Aitken, Rutherford,  McWilliam and Lawrence et al whose names are written deep into the soul of Newcastle United Football Club. The DIGITAL format of the fanzine has allowed us to extend our coverage of this feature and in this one you’ll see a fantastic snippet of coverage of United taking on Liverpool at St James’ Park. Have a look at the main stand, there aren’t many photos of this structure (if you know where any are, please drop us a line as we’d love to see them) and its a fascinating glimpse into the club’s history. This is one of my personal favourites of all of te features we have ever published in true faith over the 15 years of its existence.

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