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We are making a couple of changes with the SATURDAY SPECIAL. First things first, we sat_spec1are dropping the Saturday part of the title of our newsletter and it will henceforth be known as The Special. The reason for that is we are going to bring it out on every weekend match-day, so it could be a Sunday when you get it if we have a game that day. Seem logical?

As has been said previously, we view The Special as a kind of fanzine within a fanzine. We’ve responded to the complaints raised about not having anything to read on match-days (following the end of the hard copy version) at the game by producing The Special as something which we think is ideal to be read by fans travelling to and from games, waiting for mates in pubs and all of that.

Rather than you having to hunt a fanzine down in a newsagents or through our sellers, we come to you and are in your in-box on the morning of a game. It’s all unique material and it is written by a team of our long-standing writers – namely Deputy Editor Gareth Harrison, Guy-Hannay-Wilson, Mark Brophy and Alex Hurst.

The style of The Special is nice and crisp, easy to read, bite-size chunks of articles which are perfect for smart-phones in particular, though it works just as well on any other device and its not just for those people going to the match.

We are also going to add a mini-podcast to The Special as well, starting from this weekend. That will take the form of yours truly firing a question at Alex & Co. and the lads giving their answer in The Special podcast. The mini-podcast shouldn’t last any longer than 10 minutes. So, take some ear-phones for your phone to listen to The Special as well as read it.

We’re delighted to tell you The Special is absolutely FREE of charge.

All you need to do to get The Special is sign up here.

To have a look at The Special, just click on this here link to see last week’s.

Good eh?

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