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As is now our wont, we we will have a  new issue of THE SPECIAL for you on Sunday sat_spec1morning ahead of the game with Everton at St James’ Park.

Our match-day newsletter provides an alternative to the bilge in the official programme and is something to read for match-going Mags on the move. Then again if you enjoy reading Alan Pardew talk shite, the programme will be ideal for you.

The intention we have with THE SPECIAL is for it to be your match-day reading material as you travel to games at home and away, something to have a read while you wait for your useless mates in pubs, before KO, HT etc.

THE SPECIAL is perfect for smart-phones but it is also perfectly fine for other devices – kindles, i-pads, tablets, lap-tops and PCs.

Since we moved to digital, many of our readers contacted us to bemoan the fact they wouldn’t have any decent reading material on match-days so we have responded with THE SPECIAL which we believe is a brilliant companion to the bigger, more in-depth coverage we provide in the digital fanzine proper.

THE SPECIAL provides original reading for each match-day. Unlike our hard-copy fanzine you don’t have to go hunting for our sellers on match-day or traipse from one newsagent to another thanks to our hopeless distributor, THE SPECIAL will come to you.

All you need to do to get THE SPECIAL is sign up and we’ll have it in your in-box first thing on match-day.

It is absolutely FREE.

THE SPECIAL features writing courtesy of yours truly, Gareth Harrison our Deputy Editor as well as regular writers Mark Brophy, Alex Hurst and Guy Hannay-Wilson. THE SPECIAL also contains a mini-podcast so stick a pair of ear-phones in your pocket as well.

THE SPECIAL contains a short fixture-based quiz courtesy of David X Smith.

It is expertly designed by our graphics guru Glenn Ashcroft.

So, what you waiting for? Just click here and get yourself signed up for THE SPECIAL ahead of the Everton game and every game for the rest of the season and thereafter.


That is all.

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