true faith : THE SPECIAL – (Chelsea (a))

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We are currently pulling together another packed issue of THE SPECIAL, our alternativeSpecialad1 to the match programme and written by an elite corps (ahem) of true faith writers in the form of Gareth Harrison, Mark Brophy, Guy Hannay-Wilson, Wallace Wilson, Alex Hurst and yours truly. The quiz is provided by our man David X Smith. The mini-podcast for THE SPECIAL is pulled together by Alex Hurst, so don’t forget to stick a pair of earphones in your pocket to give it a listen.

THE SPECIAL is absolutely and completely FREE of charge.

To get THE SPECIAL, you simply need to sign up here.

That’s it. No catches or scams. Just a free weekly newsletter that will be in your in-box while you be sleepy-sleepy bye-bye.

THE SPECIAL is designed for the mag on the move and we anticipate this wee thing is a popular read for supporters on buses, trains, in cars (not drivers though, that would be silly) in pubs and on the way back again.

It has been designed specifically with smart-phones in mind but it works equally well on i-pads, tablets, kindles, PCs, lap-tops and all the rest of it. You don’t have to be going to the match to get it but it will get you in the mood that’s for sure.

Unlike those medieval days of yore when you had to go hunting for a fanzine seller or search the newsagents of Tyneside, THE SPECIAL will come to you. Don’t move, its headed for you. Just sign up like many thousands of others have done.

Just sign up here.

That is all.


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