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Once again, we will have our match-day (The Special) Newsletter hitting any number of Mag in-boxes sat_spec_32_samsungthis Saturday morning ahead of Saturday’s early KO with Chelsea this weekend.

Remember it is absolutely, 100% FREE of charge.

You don’t have to find your reading material on match-day, The Special will find you.

For those that don’t know, The Special is especially designed for smart-phones and Mags on the move (obviously en-route to the match) and is perfect reading material on buses, trains, in the pub waiting for your mates or provides a distraction before KO, half-time and all the rest of it.

Basically, it fills all the match-day spaces our hard-copy fanzine once did except there is a new one every match-day with 100% original material from Mags like you on the way to the match.

The Special also has a dedicated mini-podcast, The Little Chat (about 10 minutes) so stick a set of ear-phones in your pocket and tune into the big question of the day Alex and Co. have been tasked to answer.

The Special also has a mini-quiz and usually will involve the match-day’s up and coming opposition.

Although, The Special is primarily targeted at Mags on their way to the match (home and away) there is no reason why ex-pat supporters or those who can’t get to games can’t register for The Special. It reads equally as well on PCs, lap-tops, i-pads, tablets, kindles or whatever contraptions you care to mention and obviously we’d like as many fans as well to enjoy The Special as possible.

All you need to do to get The Special in your in-box this Saturday morning is to click here and the rest is a piece of cake.

Remember it is absolutely FREE, FREE, FREE.

That is all.

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