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As regular readers will have clocked we ran a survey over a good few days which attemptedSeasonticket an oil-check of season ticket holders and their intentions regarding renewals etc.

No-one here is going to claim that survey and its results as a scientific fact or make any claim that is 100% representative.

However, it does provide a worthwhile indication of the way the wind is blowing (if any of you needed to know) and so we have the results.

Over 500+ of you took part in the survey, this is less than we usually get for our surveys but it is the close season and many people try to switch off from United in this period if they can.

Of that 500+ more than 50% of the surveyed respondents made plain their intentions to cancel Direct Debits for season tickets.

That, for Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and others is a strong vote of No Confidence in how they are running the affairs of Newcastle United.

The survey results comes in a week when information provided by the club’s own website demonstrates that some parts of St James’ Park are looking at non-renewal rates of 25, 35 and even 40%.

The club has extended the deadline for renewals on three separate occasions this close season and I’ve never known that before.

Not for the first time the club is in denial and sticking its head in the sand. Some bland statement has been made about renewals being -6% down on previous seasons but frankly they have said this before and viewed cumulatively, if the rate of non-renewal is -6% yearly then overtime it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to recognise the gradual but sustained erosion in the club’s core support.

This would reinforce our own experiences of the club desperate to put bums on seats to create the illusion of full houses and happy-clappy crowds for the cameras. That is why those cheap offers have come to undermine the value of its own season tickets.

We are aware here of the club selling packages to tourists via its partner, Thomas Cook for every home game next season and that includes the derby match. United is not confident of selling tickets for derby matches to its own support. That is where the club is at right now.

If anyone wanted an explanation of why Ashley, so previously reticent to speak publicly on matters Newcastle United, did so prior to the West Ham game last season, then look no further.

The club by any measure is suffering from a haemorrhage in its core support. That is fact.

Given the phone-calls made by “Club Ambassador” (aka Head of Tele-Sales) Bob Moncur to Box Holders, United faces a similar situation with its corporate customers.

You might wonder why this has not been picked up by some key media outlets, namely The Chronicle and The Mirror. You might also include Radio Newcastle and SKY. It has been by many others.

You will not need me to break the news to you that Trinity Mirror titles The Mirror, The Chronicle et al, Radio Newcastle and SKY are Newcastle United’s preferred media partners.

This is the future.

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3 Responses to true faith : SEASON TICKET SURVEY – RESULTS!

  1. Graeme says:

    A tourist package deal? Wow…all those Japanese cameras clicking to capture the endangered species of the football mad ‘Geordie’ who still attends matches. Send them down to the Black Garter apres match?

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I think that was happening last season in my area! Some games had a high proportion of ‘visitors’ complete with cameras and unsavoury, unwelcome plastic bags advertising that tat shop.

  2. Malcolm says:

    This is the future of the premier league and the writing had been on the wall for years – the ‘match day experience’ sold to tourists
    – so they can go back to their four corners of the globe and spread the word about being at an “EPL” game.

    Meanwhile the core fan who supported the club through the hard times as well as the good is disregarded and ignored – who cares what bum is on a seat – as long as the ground looks full and the TV money keeps rolling in.

    The club we grew up with, the one that was the beating heart of our city is gone. It does not exist and will never return.