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A week today we will be re-commencing our weekly newsletter, the true faith : sat_spec_32SATURDAY SPECIAL to mark the start of the new season.

The e-newsletter is absolutely FREE of charge and will be in your in-boxes early doors this coming Saturday morning.

This is our fanzine within a fanzine and is entirely the work of our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison with the support of tf design guru Glenn Ashcroft esq..

For those of you who haven’t seen the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL, here is a sample issue from last season – just click here.

You have our solemn word that your details will not be shared with anyone. This is not a marketing scam, it is simply a free service to our fellow supporters with the intention to inform and entertain.

Obviously, the affairs of Newcastle United are of paramount interest in the SATURDAY SPECIAL but Gareth will also be casting a weathered eye on football in general and the pressing issues of the last week.

The true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL comes to you in straightforward e-mail format and can be read on any device you see fit – PCs, lap-tops, tablets, i-pads and i-phones as well as smart-phones. My personal preference is to read it on my smart-phone en-route to the match if I’m on a bus, train, bogey, skateboard, roller-skates or Metro.

This next true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL will probably be a little bigger than usual because there is so much to talk about and will serve as a more than satisfactory appetiser for the following day’s opening game of the season withh Manchester City at St James’ Park.

Like the first issue of true faith this season, the first true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL will be dedicated to the memory of Liam Sweeney and John Alder, our fellow supporters murdered with others onboard flight MH17.

All you need to to sign up for the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL, is to click here.

That is all.


Have you taken out a subscription to true faith DIGITAL yet? The first issue of the new tf113_cover_ipadseason is out now (TF113) and is out this week and flying out the door. You can take out an annual subscription for £17.99 or a quarterly subscription for £5.99 no matter where you are in the world.

true faith publish 10 issues per season and each issue is at least 100 pages containing some of the best fanzine writing in the UK. For the last fifteen years, true faith has been one of the biggest selling, widely read and respected fanzines in the country.

For the last three years, true faith has reached a short-list of six in the Football Supporters Federation’s Fanzine of the Year Awards.

Every subscription will get instant access to this latest issue as well as everyone we publish over the next year or four months. You will also get access to the previous 30 issues we have published as well. All you need to do is click here and you are on the way to getting access to your true faith subscription.


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