true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL (5)

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There’s been quite a lot going down on the Black & White planet, nearby and football insat_spec1 general this last week. Our man, young Mr Harrison, Deputy Commissar in the supreme true faith soviet has been compiling it all for you and if you have registered for this FREE service, then you’ll have blighter in your in-box just as you emerge bleary and worse for wear and tear where-ever you fell asleep the previous night.

There are no tricks, no sleights of hand, ulterior motives or hidden agendas with the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL. Its just absolutely and completely FREE of charge sent to you with a loving kiss from deep within the bowels (urrgghh) of the TF bunker.

Of course, there’s no Newcastle United this weekend as we’ve had a very good away trip to Everton kyboshed for the benefit of a disinterested, armchair nation. That makes the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL all the more er, special.

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