true faith : REPORTAGE – 17/Oct/14

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Try getting hold of one of these mythical £15 tickets – they do not exist – click herenewspapers1

The ticket prices are reducing because people are walking away from Newcastle United.

Brilliant story about Jonas and his battle against Cancer.  We all support him 100%. Click here  and here 

You knew Ebola would emerge as yet another Pardew excuse – click here and here and here

At last a journalist realises Pardew is still in the job because of Ashley’s reluctance to pay him off with a £5m package from the mental 8-year contract he gave him – click here 

The manager talking yet more shite for how running around a lot matters as much as scoring goals and not letting them in – click here

Krul injury update and the fear Pardew is playing fast and loose with his fitness as he did with De Jong – click here

Good piece about Pardew and the start we have had – click here 

Pardew reckons he needed a break from the abuse. He could always do the right thing and just resign. Click here

The manager reckons he hasn’t lost the dressing room. Whatever.  We’ve just been terrible and we lose matches, don’t score goals and let too many in. That’s the sum total of it. Click here for slef-pitying deluded patter

The answer is in the question to this one – click here

Fact or fantasy from Allardyce? Click here 


Labour Party makes absolutely the right move with this brilliant manifesto commitment. Click here

Good commentary on the subject from The Guardian’s David Conn – click here –  and a good piece here as well –


Every football fan just simply HAS to get behind this NOW. We have to unite and we have to commit to this and we have to realise that the Premier League’s clubs, including, perhaps especially our own, will do everything they can to block it. They spend millions on lobbying politicians to keep everything the way it is but we have to mobilise to make sure at every turn we are supporting this and the people who want to make it happen.

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