true faith : REPORTAGE – 15/Oct/14

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Newcastle United 

There is a reason why United is offering cheap tickets, how it has been able to develop the newspapers1largest family enclosure in the Premier League and why we hear tales of schools and students getting really cheap offers – demand is collapsing because people are walking away from the club. This piece in The Mail by Kieran Gill is really too superficial an analysis. Click here. There might be questions why these offers don’t get pushed when we’re playing The Mackems, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea etc.

This is a good news story from The Mail by Jack Gaughan about Jonas and we wish him all the very, very best. Click here. 

Money-grabbing, former Roker Park season ticket holding Tory, takes a break from counting the money he made from Newcastle United and selling it to Ashley, to attempt to lecture supporters on what they should and shouldn’t do. Click here for the story in The Star (classy, John) from Ian Murtagh. Utter, disgraceful bull-shit from Hall.

James McMath of The Mirror brings a pice regarding Hatem Ben Arfa getting back to full fitness following his move to Hull City. It raises so many questions about his conduct at United but also how he has been coached and developed too. Click here. 

There is some stuff in The Chronicle. No return date for De Jong – Click here.  Its cheap at United because fans are walking away in their droves and they need bums on seats. This isn’t progressive pricing as ticket prices for Cat A games demonstrate. Click here. Great news, Alan Shearer reckons Cisse can keep us up. Click here.  I did think we were going to compete to get into the Champions League because Alan Pardew told us and I believe every word he tells us.  The transfer stories have started – the only reason Ashley will invest in players is if he thinks we’re going down. Click here.


Warren Manger of The Mirror compares prices to watch English football to those in Germany. Click here

Some fierce competition for football’s worst pundit. Click here to read Jack De Menezes in The Independent’s piece.

Ben Rumsby of The Telegraph covers the price of watching football in England and again, we have more evidence (not that we needed it) of just how much we are having our eyes pulled out. Click here. 

Excellent piece by Owen Gibson in The Guardian on the ticket price scandal. Click here

If you think we have missed anything, just cut and paste it with a description in the comments boxes below.

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One Response to true faith : REPORTAGE – 15/Oct/14

  1. matt flynn says:

    You can’t get an adult ticket for £15 for any game unless you buy a junior ticket as well. I’ve contacted the BBC numerous times about the glaring factual error in their cost of football survey, but all they ever say is we get the information from the club therefore it must be right…fuck accurate reporting.