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Other than some opinion pieces which strangely have involved 80s derby dodger and newspapers1Judas Chris Waddle unveiling the full scale of his ignorance about Mike Ashley and what he is doing to our club, there is virtually no substantial news about Newcastle United today.

Well, save to say Remi Streete has gone on loan to Port Vale and the depth of the shit Alan Pardew was revealed by his exhortation to Sammy Ameobi to become his saviour. Good luck with that.

That’s not to say there isn’t some substantial items of news in football which we think are of interest to you.

Owen Gibson of The Guardian has an extended piece here about the FA’s big plans to arrest the slide into mediocrity of our national game and all the talk is of 3G pitches, more qualified coaches and bringing us to some level of parity with Germany and Spain.

The news hints at a national distribution of resources but we’d very much hope the North East gets its share. And by North East, we mean North East England rather than NE London.

Click here to read the piece.

There is a similarly well-written piece of analysis courtesy of Henry Winter in The Telegraph. Click here.

There isn’t another journalist in the country giving the ongoing inquiry into the Hillsborough tragedy the focus it deserves other than The Guardian’s David Conn. If you want to catch up with the full scale of the establishment’s lies unravelling about this tragedy, just click here and you will be able to catch up with all of the pieces David has crafted regarding this terrible event and the disgraceful cover-up that followed it.

That is all.


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