true faith : READERS SURVEY (No.3) 2013/14

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This is the third true faith : READERS SURVEY of the season and we really hope you’ll Ballot Boxtake around 30 seconds to let us have some answers to some of the pressing issues of the Black & White day.

All of the results from each survey are disseminated and reported upon by true faith writer, Steve Farrell, one of our regular team who has been writing for the fanzine for a number of years ago.

Steve will draw his conclusions from the survey and they will be published in true faith (issue 110).

It really helps us take the pulse of what you lot are thinking and whilst we’d never claim the results as scientific fact we do think the results tell us which way the wind is blowing on a certain few topics.

All you need to do is click here and the rest of it is a piece of cake.



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One Response to true faith : READERS SURVEY (No.3) 2013/14

  1. Greeny's Guitar says:

    I don’t know how these survey thingies are evaluated but methinks the results of this one will be misleading. My thinking stems from the final question. Many fans including myself have already decided that enough is enough so the only answer to that question is ” i don’t have a season ticket”. When your stat geek does his work he could arrive for example to the conclusion that 99% of fans who think Pardew should be sacked are not season ticket holders when in fact perhaps 57% of those fans have only recently told Ashley to stick it. I hope I’ve explained that satisfactorily. There should have been a 4th question “have you recently chucked your season ticket because you are fucking sick of the clubs lack of ambition, the lack of communication from the club hierarchy except for that arse licking useless twat Pardew who spouts more shite than Sellafield, the way he and his pathetic collection of hangers on who have managed to coach the goals out of Cisse, the energy out of Sissoko and the excitement out of Ben Arfa and the way the whole fucking lot of them seem to have forgotten that this club, nay any club, is about the fans not the money from Fucking Sky who I hate with a passion ‘cos they more than anybody have ruined our beautiful game with their wonga resulting in horrible rich bastards who don’t care about history or tradition owning our clubs who then buy mercenary mediocre bastard foreigners who have no understanding of our club or city and don’t care about the shirt or what it means to us
    I’m sorry I’m rambling again but as I have said many times this is my 60th anniversary of attending SJP and in that time I thought I had seen everything. I am lucky enough to remember the highs of success, for your younger readers that means winning things not qualifying for the misnamed Champion League and that’s another thing that the powers have invented to generate even more cash. I mean how the fuck can a team finishing 4th in a league be classed as champions. In the group stages it’s obvious after only a couple of games which teams will qualify which mean the remaining games are solely played for television and the money. Revert to the oruginal knock out competition for champions only. This will reduce the number of matches top players have to play and the Europa league will become a meaningful competition instead of the burden it is now. The likes of Pardew, Lambert etc forget that the cups are for the fans. A weekend in London for a final is still the highlight for most fans. The present regime at our club has knocked all the fight out of me. The team have been in worse positions but that’s not the point. They have kicked me until I don’t care any more. I’m just lying here taking it. I can’t fight back. They have won. They have stolen the soul of my club and left me without feeling. Bastards.