true faith : READERS SURVEY – 3 – 13/14.

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Our third survey of the season is now on-line and waiting for you to cast your votes so we Ballot Boxcan compile them and reflect them back at you all.

Obviously with feelings very raw after Saturday’s result as well as a transfer window which saw the sale of our best player and the arrival of only an out of form, unwanted striker on loan, its not surprising the subject matter is all about individuals at United and our perceptions of them.

the third true faith : READERS SURVEY is here.

Please click and complete.


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10 Responses to true faith : READERS SURVEY – 3 – 13/14.

  1. mick says:

    Hey, is it just 6 questions? Answered and clicked next page, and was taken to the next page where I was thanked for my responses.

  2. dave stafford says:

    I have had enough of Mike Ashley and his sidekicks they are all liars i for one came home on saturday after the derby and cancelled my direct debit for my season ticket i don’t think many fans will do the same as they like to shout the odds and threaten to do so but when it comes down to it they don’t have the balls.

  3. Dave, if we’d won the derby, would everything have been okay?

  4. Gary Lockey says:

    I have cancelled my direct debit and intended to do so regardless of the Sunderland result. However, it was the tipping point and made it easier to do. Boycotting games is never easy and there are those that will never do so regardless of how bad things are. However, people get the governments they deserve ….etc etc.

  5. Stephen merchant says:

    Ashley must go. Football mediocrity is how this man fills his pockets with money. He is like a leach sucking the lifeblood out of the club supporters. What a bastard he is.

  6. Tom Pitt says:

    I would definitely support an organised boycott of a match/matches. I believe it is the only thing that Ashley will sit up and take notice of. The Villa game would be ideal as it will show the whole country what is going on here.
    I wont cancel my DD…I just cant do it…yet.
    If the decision yesterday to get rid of JfK had gone the other way and it had been Pardew peddled and Kinnear take over,I would have ben to the bank this morning to cancel!
    I still love going to the match,though more for tye craic with the lads than the actual games now!
    It wont take much more for me to bin it off but Im not there quite yet!!

  7. Chris says:

    Im unsure if my answers went through – was just taken to an advertisement page and asked to click on view privacy statement – i did so but nothing happened and i was not thanked for the answers.

    I would definitely support a boycott of matches and all newcastle products including anything from sports direct. I will never spend another penny on the club until mike ashley has gone.

    Pardew should remain manager – he’s done a great job considering what he’s had to work with and i fully support him.

    I do believe that cabaye was given a promise to be allowed to leave and kinnear was lying.

    I have cancelled my direct debit already.

    Even if we were relegated, it would be worth it to have him leave. its not our club at the moment so i dont care where it is as long as we get it back.

  8. Ivan Malley says:

    I’m getting taken to website advertising the survey company too Michael. Don’t think my answers are getting submitted?