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So United earned a point at a rank Norwich without our influential French midfielder Newspapers(Goufrann) and the media reaction has been muted.  Most patter about United has been regarding transfer’s so the coverage of this game has been scant.  I get the feeling Norwich are get even more of the cold shoulder than we do by the written press heavy weights.  At least we often lurch into crisis and fan revolt to attract the attention of the ‘big boys’ whereas Norwich’s lack of media attention is possibly keeping Hughton in a job.

A quick note on Cabaye:  I was at West Ham and I had the impression he knew he was being watched – rarely do we see him put that kind of effort in against a none top 6 club.  He was out of this world and over the years he’s put in some excellent performances.  No doubt he’s been the heartbeat of the side this season and contributed heavily.

However I will associate him with the capitulations against Sunderland and Liverpool last season.  Captain in both games, he showed absolutely no pride in the United shirt and hid while those around them lost their heads, desperately in need of a senior player to get a hold on things, he was nowhere – reportedly more arsed about sorting out a deal to get off in the summer.  As the editor has stated Newcastle United fell apart last April against the mackems and although there were plenty of others to blame, I’ll not forgive Cabaye for it.  There’s a reason Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea even Man United weren’t interested and that’s because he’s twisty get who’s star performances are inconsistent.   Paris have the money to pay what others won’t and as a France International it’s a good fit for them.

Great player but good riddance.

Having said that not signing or lining up a replacement is amateur.  I like the way the club is run (on the whole) but I wouldn’t call there being no replacement a lack of ambition – but a lack of brains. Worrying.

Match of The Day:

I wanted to wait until MOTD had been aired before writing this blog.  I was interested to hear the take on the Cabaye situation as well as Remy’s red card.  As it was they didn’t mention United at all and the highlights were painfully short of demonstrating our domination.  They didn’t show Ben Arfa missing the sitter from 8 yards and although the commentator was talking about how much on top we were, the highlights were poor.

Very disappointing the pundits didn’t discuss the red cards as they were the most controversial thing to happen this round of games.  They had plenty of patter about the mackems labouring against 10 man Stoke though.

The Guardian :

Richard Rae’s match report reckons that if De Jong had played in this game we’d have won.  Not sure about that but I don’t understand why we’ve waited until the end of Jan to sign him when his club were so desperate to get rid.  He also reckons Bigirimana was kept out by injury, and Obertan.  He mustn’t see much of United.  Also the sending’s off warrant no real comment at all and only occupy a line explaining that they were sent off.  That sounds majorly like he left early and heard about it on the radio while catching his train back to inner London.

 The Chronicle:

I’ve decided to stop reading Lee Ryder’s stuff for a while as he hates Pardew so much that it’s not really worth reading.  If the team wins – well done to the players.  If the team loses – Pardew man!!

So reading Neil Cameron’s analysis was fairly refreshing.  He’s positive about life after Cababye, even though the last line of the piece is a bit cringy.  It was nice to read something positive. I’m satisfied with the result but Norwich really were that bad, which is something he doesn’t really draw on.

 East Anglia Daily Times: Only cover Ipswich & Colchester.

Norwich Evening News:

Video match report – a good idea and well edited.  Michael Bailey admits that Norwich were battered and he can’t explain how we didn’t win.  He goes into in some details about Norwich fan dissatisfaction and talks obviously about the potential incomings and out goings at Norwich.  He talks up Remy and Ben Arfa and says the it’s the worst performance he’s ever seen from Norwich at half time.

I’ve seen United play worse.

Overall a pretty resounding agreement from the media – this game didn’t matter.  There’s been very little coverage and even the red card hasn’t attracted much controversy.  Those who travelled to Swansea mid-week (again) will remember Debuchy not doing a Bradley Johnson and Shelvey costing us the game – bloody foreigners!!!

A word on this weekend.  The last time we lacked confidence against this lot at home was October 2010.  Away from home we went there in 2011 thinking it would be a hammering and Ryan Taylor did the rest.  Each game St James’ and the away end at the SOL was radged up and made a noise.  They were rattled.  Last season’s derby was punctured by an air of expectancy and the Benfica hangover.  No such problems this time with the mackems playing fair more cup games and having a days lest rest.

Regardless of who’s injured/suspended Sissoko, Anita, Santon, Krul, Debuchy and Ben Arfa are a million miles away from the mackems in terms of quality.  Not one of their players would get in our team.  We have enough to see them off and if we get behind the lads It will happen!





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10 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT

  1. Mla says:

    Agreed, but it hasn’t stopped us losing our last 2 games against them with those players in our team. Hopefully, it will be 3rd time lucky (for us).
    I am amazed that you say that you like the way the club is run. You’re quite happy that we don’t try to win anything then. In football terms we are run by a bunch of amateurs; which other premier league club would have JFK anywhere near the place?

  2. jaktar says:

    Have we got a real idiot as a manager! I ask because on Saturday, Pardew said that the red card for Lemy was justified while a few days later, the club appeal against the sending off. You couldn’t make it up, that and JFK telling the fans to judge him on his signings.

  3. WhoArYa says:

    Ben Arfa in Cabayes “free” role? That will do for me as it’s like a new signing. (Humour)

    I’m confident that we will have too much for them too.

  4. Steve Mitchell says:

    I actually think we will lose Saturday (as much as it pains me), and its nowt to do with quality,more to do with the lack of passion Pardew is able to inspire, or not as the case is. I disagree with good riddance to Cabaye, not a surprise, but not good riddance. Pinning the blame on him for some of last season is unfair IMO. Also…the club well ran? Come on, ya having a laugh man?
    Anyway, we owe them a defeat Saturday, hope we get it. No horse punching much appreciated….SMB’s

  5. Paul Brown says:

    Agreed MLA. Liking the way the club is run is akin to liking having your scrotum nailed to the crossbar.

  6. Tom Bates says:

    Well we havent signed a player for 18 months so I wouldnt say we are well run.
    Good riddance to Cabaye? Bit harsh considering he’s been our best player this season and the club were keen to sell him, why would he stay?

    • Hoglan says:

      “We haven’t signed a player in 18 months”

      We signed 5 players in the January window of 2013.

      Sissoko, Gouffran, Haidara, Debuchy and Mbiwa.

  7. Tom Bates says:

    Good point Hoglan, that would be 12 months

  8. “I like the way the club is ran”. Wow, you’re so…….different.