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 ‘Unfortunate West Ham unfairly went down to a lucky Newcastle United at the weekend Newspapersas Sam Allardyce’s side once gone saw fortune desert them at the crucial moment as injuries cruelly take their toll.’ 

–          The media reaction to WHU 1 NUFC 3 in Sam Allardyce’s head.


The reality is somewhat different as for once the media have been unanimous in acknowledging in our dominance.  The only disappointing thing about Saturday is that we didn’t win by 5 or 6.  I was there and those who watched it will agree that our dominance in the first half was worthy of a three or four goal lead.  I’ve been critical of Anita’s inclusion in home games recently as I don’t think he carries enough of an attacking threat.  The same can be said of Goufrann who’s been very quiet in an attacking sense since Christmas.   Both were on fire as a Tiote and Cabaye inspired United saw us pick up a much needed 3 points.

Cabaye gets all the plaudits but Tiote is back to his best (and maybe even better than before).  It’s amazing what a decent rest, pre-season and lack of an international tournament mid-season (two seasons running!) can do for a player.  Anita and Sissoko are brilliant at moving the ball around in tight areas and Anita’s movement and ability to get about the place, constantly giving team mates an option, is a sight to behold and enjoy.

The media patter was as follows:

The Mirrorclick here

We start with the ludicrous. Pardew to West Ham.  This ‘article’ is 112 words long.  112 words.  That’s not a lot.  One of the sentences reads – ‘Pardew’s family home is still in London.’  That’s it.  He’s mates with David Gold or Sullivan as well.  It’s easy to slate journalists and cry there is a media agenda against United – but people get paid for this.

The media United (of Manchester) and their manager are getting an incredibly easy ride despite being shite and getting away with murder a lot this season.  We win a game in London (again) and our manager is off to a London club (again). Make your own mind up.

The Guardian 

I couldn’t face reading Louise Taylor again and fortunately the likeable Jacob Steinburg has knocked up 3 pieces on the match.  Steinberg, a professed West Ham fan, has produced some good insight into the match and the problems facing each side.

 Click here for Steinburg’s pieces 

The match report is scathing of Real Madrid manager-to-be Allardyce and his team.  I particularly enjoy his line that West Ham’s goal ‘defied logic’ after the dominance we exerted in the first half.  A few people in the away end had similar thoughts, though not so well put.  A good match report, talking up Cabaye and Allardyce’s shite patter.

The weekly Guardian ’10 talking points’ includes a paragraph by Steinburg on how United need to invest or accept 8th place. True. Click here

An article on Allardyce’s continued implosion.  Hahahahahahaha.

Local reaction – The Chronicle

No one hates Alan Pardew more than Lee Ryder, or so it seems.  Then again since I started writing this blog we’ve lost every game so here was his chance to show some balance.

Lee Ryder – The Chronicle – Click here

He doesn’t actually mention Pardew meaningfully by name which kind of backs up my point but he instead bigs up Cabaye.  A Fair assessment of the match, though maybe it was the beer but I thought it was more comfortable than he’s making out.

Ryder does acknowledge our manager here by penning this piece on the team’s trip to the Emirates.  There’s some regurgated quotes from Pardew and the rest is transfer talk repeated throught the Chron website.

 West Ham reaction:

Knees Up Mother Brown click here

The match report wasn’t up as of Monday evening so I can’t comment but I had a look on the KUMB forum and the West Ham fans admit we taught them a lesson and Allardyce is taking them down.  It’s a lack of fight and trust in the team which reminds me of our relegation season.

London Evening Standard – click here

A good match report in which the author comments on our style of play and good football.  A good match report which pulls no punches on how poor West Ham were.

West Ham World :Twitter Reaction – click here

Yours truly gets a mention here in a decent idea that I’ve not seen before chronicling the match through tweets of fans.  Well worth a read.

So overall I finally get to read lots of press reaction to a United win (even if we are referred to as just “Newcastle”).  Anyone who saw the game will know Tim Krul’s not made a save and bar Steven Taylor’s error, we’d have gone on to win by many more.

A great day in East London.  I’ll really miss Upton Park when it goes.




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4 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (West Ham (a))

  1. brian says:

    fat sam please go

  2. anon says:

    Please fat sam, why wont you go?

  3. WhoArYa says:

    Fat Sam won’t go as he is on a contract that pays him millions.

    West Hame stuck really as they can’t afford to waste millions by kicking him to the kerb or losing millions by going down.

    Thank goodness Ashley gave him millions just to go forth and multiply

  4. Alex Hurst says:

    Surely paying Allardyce £5million would better than the £70million they’ll lose if they go down?