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Another pathetic defeat, another game which the opposition basically had to turn up to get Newspapersthe points.  Forget about questioning his substitutions, tactics, team selections and comments in the media; the players are not playing for Alan Pardew. It’s not that I think they don’t care, I think many do – but they have no confidence in the manager at all.  There’s no way back.

The game itself was desperate.  A half fit Debuchy looked on a different level and an even more unfit Remy gave United a slight goal threat for the first time in a long time.  What has happened to Swansea though?  They were even worse than United and picked up a barely deserved 3 points against the worst team in the league at the moment.

I think rather than analyse any match reports etc, the most attention United have received this weekend in the media was pre-match on Saturday.  I wouldn’t read or buy the Daily Mail if you paid me but plenty of mags have had their say on this piece:

Jamie Carragher has already made a promising name for himself as a television pundit and I enjoy hearing him talk compared to the likes of Souness and Hoddle.  However Carragher is miles wide of the mark on this occasions.  United are not where they should be.  Let’s remember that United have now lost 5 in a row, won only 4 games this year and are generally painful to watch.  Can you imagine if that happened at Liverpool?  The media hounded Hodgson when he was there.  ‘A club like Liverpool’ deserve better than the mid table team he was turning them into (when they were generally between 8th and 12th while he was there).  Hodgson had no money to spend and was working under difficult owners who would not invest.  Sound familiar?  Yet it was accepted in the media Hodgson was a disaster at Liverpool and his tactics, substitutions and public utterances were torn to shreds in public by the national and Liverpool based media.

Why then, do the media not take a similar view to the events at Newcastle United at the moment?

Is it because Liverpool’s recent and historical successes meant that their fans deserved better?  But this is the same club whose ‘long suffering fans’ are close to winning the Premier League.  In the last 15 years  Liverpool have won;

Three League Cups

Two FA Cups

The Champions League

The UEFA Cup

A European Super Cup.

I don’t know how Liverpool’s fans have coped with the lack of success, I really don’t.  I know this is a very specific example of one man associated with one club, writing about United but I feel it’s systematic of the media view about us.

Pardew has little attracted little criticism outside of the North East and looks unlikely to do unless he takes us down.



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14 Responses to true faith: READ ALL ABOUT IT (Swansea City (h))

  1. WhoArYa says:

    Jamie Carragher is a scouser so if his lips are moving lies are being told.

    However he has a point. That is we have won nothing since 1955 so get a grip.

    Pardiola is shocking, Ashley is unpopular but and it’s a big but, wee aren’t Leeds, Rangers, Portsmouth or Blackburn so so for Gods sake suck it in and sing the Toon to success.

    Please remember the kop athem and wonder how much better we can do with more supporters?

    • Alex says:

      no, i won’t get a grip, i’ve paid a huge amount of money in the past (stopped last year because i wasn’t going back until Pardew gets fired) to watch my team, MY TEAM!!, deliberately compete for nothing, i want to see my team attempt to win things, and don’t you f****** dare call me a non-fan either for demanding that MY TEAM has the ambition to compete

  2. WhoArYa says:

    That sums it up nicely Alex thank you

    • Alex says:

      And you want us to roll over to Kim il Ashley?, for far too long he has held this club back with his stupid decision making, you are the type of soulless fan that typify’s modern football

  3. Phil Jobson says:

    Now convinced WHOARYA is a mackem – re-read the recent comments.
    As for sacking Pardew – I think you’ll have a long wait:
    top-ten finish – check
    out of all cups in earlyrounds – check
    no chance Europe – check
    spout shite to press about signings/not selling/injuries/need a little luck/etc/etc – check
    keep 50k clicks on the turnstiles every other week – check
    In ashley’s eyes, the man is a complete success – why would he sack him? He has hit every target set of him. And he won’t resign as he’s in the job of his life, and in his own little world, making a great job of it.
    For the record, I think he is inept, inarticulate and can’t stand the sight of the smarmy twat.

    • east stand exile says:

      Spot on, been saying the same thing for a while. He is doing his job, it’s just Ashley’s aims are not the same as what the fans (or any other clubs) want. As for that old chestnut about ‘not Leeds, Pompey etc’, there’s simply no evidence that we were ever going to be. It’s easy to say it could be worse, but it’s also easy to see it could be better. We could and should match Spurs or Everton for example. Stupid argument.

  4. WhoArYa says:

    See me at Arsenal and we can have a chat about it over a beer

  5. Joe says:

    Supporting Newcastle has always been a bit like participating in the National Lotto. We know there is little to bugger all chance of an actual meaningful win in the silverware sense of the term, but there used to be regular smaller victories to give us (blind?) hope that one day, with the right team, right manager, right circumstances..
    I don’t think the Lotto would last very long if they all of a sudden announced that they were removing 3 balls and only giving people a reduced chance to win a tenner.

    Fans have to be fed with hope if the whole charade is to be maintained. We’re starving this season, with official statements coming out of the club doing nothing to convince us of anything other than the same will continue until we accept our wrongful place as a mediocre club competing with the likes of Southampton for an unthreatening place at the top table of English football.

    Sod that. We deserve more than this. Not a great deal more, granted. We don’t have any more right to be fighting for honours than we have had over the past 100-odd years, but we at least used to fail gloriously, bloodying a few noses on the way.

    The manager at any club is answerable to only two auithorities; the chairman & fans. The chairman doesn’t ask enough questions of the manager, and the fans are ignored.

    Never mind any of that though, we’re 9th and should be satisfied, according to Carra. As if any of us really judges our satisfaction with the club by the table.

  6. Davey says:

    Spot on with assessment that Carragher’s more or less saying our current predicament is ‘alright FOR NUFC’. Also spot on that it’s a widely held view in the media as a whole. Personally you couldn’t have enough ‘What is going wrong at Newcastle United, a club with the 3rd biggest gates in the country and a wonderful history?’ headlines for me but We’ve been shunted to also rans and we’ve even had our name changed to just Newcastle Football Club as our ‘United’ must confuse foreigners and 95% of the national media now think it’s anathema to call any other football institution by that name who do not reside in Salford or have the words ‘Trafford’ and ‘Old’ in their stadium name. It fucking stinks that we’re being patronised and told where our place is.

  7. Humey says:

    It’s the total lack of effort & commitment that kills me! Pardupe has even said himself that he can’t motivate the players! Add in his tactical “prowess” & “coaching” ability & the blokes a complete charlatan! Where else in the world would this man be in a job! It’s absolute torture clicking through those gates (home & away) week after week to see such spineless performances but I will not allow Ashley & his ne’er do wells keep me from my club, my team, my city!

  8. john rush says:

    Carragher is coming out with the same condescending bs as alan hansen did when we moaned about finishing 5th ten years ago. Be good lads you geordie peasants and know your place whilst the anfield aristocrats take their rightful place at the top of the table. Im beginning to think that the increasingly passive response from a large section of our support to our clubs lack of ambition is because they agree with carragher that we should be grateful of where we are at. One of the problems I have with a boycott is for all those that stay away are being replaced by the beckham generation where hype conquers substance. These people fall for the premier league hype that only certain clubs in the capital and north west can compete for the league. They believe that only the premier league and champions league matter so you would be crazy to take the cups seriously. They believe football is a business so praise the great lord ashley that we have not become the new leeds or Portsmouth. Therefore they are happy for us just to stay in the premier league so they can be part of the self styled greatest league in the world. In effect our support is being taken over by the geordie inbetweeners, happy just to be invited to the party and content to stand by the dance floor watching the cool kids and gorgeous girls getting on down

  9. Rowla says:

    Joe, and John Rush – thank you – your posts deserve to be reprinted and handed to every person in football – more insight in them than you’ll get readinga year’s worth of newspapers.

  10. Jackson Yates says:

    If you want an example of premier league hype, look no further than our recent game against Southampton. “The Race For Eighth”. Meaningless. Of course it suits the premier league very well that fans have bought into this “mini leagues” illusion.

  11. Allan R says:

    Its so easy to see, if and it is a big if we won FA or L cup or got in top 6 of PL we would qualifiy to play in European Cup Ashley don`t want this because he would have to buy new players and that would mean higher wages bill.Toon fans carn`t boycott games cos the club would end up another Leeds or Rangers and do we realy want to be playing Chesterfield .What good manager would come to this club ??????