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United were humiliated by an average Spurs side (albeit sprinkled with talent) and the Newspaperswheels have well and truly come off at Newcastle United.  By my calculations there were 4600 home fans there last night and that stat in itself probably defies belief more than what happened on the pitch as few teams in the world could pull in such a crowd after the 2014 we’ve had.

He’s still the man for me, but what is clear is Alan Pardew is not a good manager when the chips are down.  If we were ever in any serious danger of relegation I’d not want him near the place.  His comments after the match mirrored my own views.  Missing key players etc does not mean you need to lose at home 4 0.  Why play 4 in midfield against their 5?  Why pick Steven Taylor when he’d struggle in the Championship? Why not get everyone behind the ball and hit them on the break.  Why not play for a draw and try and scrape a win?

Yet again we were way too open.  It’s like Pardew cannot accept going into a game as underdogs, which considering our injuries, recent results and the two teams respective form, we were. There were fitness doubts over Krul, Debuchy, Goufrann, Cisse and De Jong.  You’ve got to make it hard for the opposition.  We didn’t.  Maybe Lee Ryder would and Louise Taylor would have kicked off if we’d been negative, dour and all running and work rate, but that shouldn’t bother the manager.  Losing games 4 0 at home can scar a team.  Teams coming to SJP know they can score if they have a go.  The damage is long term.

Thank god we haven’t got a game this weekend.  We need to savage a rank Villa side for Pardew not to lose those of us still talking him up as the man for the job.  We still owe Villa a hiding as well, as we always will.

Neil Cameron, The Journal

Short, sweet and to the point.  United are in free fall and Pardew, having broken some impressive records earlier in the season, is racking them up at the other end of the scale at a rate of knots.

Louise Taylor, The Guardian

Please make it stop.  Taylor’s match reports are baffling.  Taylor is very much a Pardew fan (like me) but  United were fucking gash and you wouldn’t know it reading this.  She’s right that Villa, on telly, is a massive game.

 David Coverdale, The S*n

You have to sign up and pay or something to read the report.  Another reason not to buy the S*n.

 Martin Hardy, The Independant

Spurs Spurs Spurs Spurs Spurs Spurs – that’s basically how it reads as Hardy is only interested in one club.  On this occasion, that suits me fine.

 The Spurs Web

A spurs account of the game.  Obviously we don’t really get a mention and he thinks they were ruthless.  Fair enough.

 NUFC Blog  – The Newcastle United Blog

The first thing that strikes you about this NUFC blog (and has been a running theme when I’ve examined each United blog so far) is the speed that opinion and content is delivered.  The day after the game there’s opinion and news about the game delivered as well as a man of the match poll you can vote in.

Quite incredibly they have hundreds of comments on each post – I’ve never seen such a devoted following for a blog, from any club.  I got 10 comments on one of these blogs once and I called all my friends and family to tell them (though asked them not to read the comments as more often than not it’s stick for being pro-Pardew and pro-Ashley (which I’m not).  For Ed Harrison (for whom you can find a small bio on the home page) to have built such a successful NUFC network, is impressive.



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35 Responses to true faith : READ ALL ABOUT IT (Spurs (h))

  1. Mal says:

    ‘He’s still the man for me, but what is clear is Alan Pardew is not a good manager when the chips are down.’

    This makes no sense whatsoever. He’s the man for you as long as everything is hunky dory.? It’s when the chips are down that good managers come into their own.

  2. Alex says:

    A bit more about why he’s still the man for you would be an interesting read. For me he is an odorous man that spins any tale to suit the circumstances (bullshits), has very limited tactics and can’t motivate a team. Sometimes has a decent plan A but never a plan B.

    • Alex Hurst says:


      Im lucky enough to write a lot for TF have spelled out my support for Pardew a lot of those writings.

      I’ll include a full analysis in the next blog mate to set things out more clearly.

  3. Dave hetheringtonl says:

    I’ve racked my brain about what to say about all this and the only thing I can think of saying without my head exploding is……………..sigh!

  4. Alex Hurst says:

    We’ll not really….look at Harry Redknapp and Tony Pulis. Redknapp is a good manager when given a good team and challenges the top 4.

    Pulis is a good manager when given a sub standard team but as soon as you give him gifted footballers he can’t cope.

    Pardew got the most out of the team earlier this season when we hada. Strong team out….that’s why he’s the man for me.

    I think that makes perfect sense.

  5. alex says:

    If you give pardew a good team he is ok as long as they do not go a goal behind as he can’t change it up. He is one dimensional and i really can’t stand any more of the rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

    • Alex Hurst says:


      I don’t think a lot of what he says is rubbish, his hands are completely tied.

      But I just don’t have the time or conviction to listen to the media circus surrounding the Premier League and pay little attention to what comes out of anyone’s mouth.

      I wouldn’t let it bother you. I’m far more concerned by what’s happened on the pitch than anything he says

  6. David Rutherford says:

    Putting aside tactics though, surely even you must find his never ending stream of lies and excuses nauseating in the extreme? No matter how many good results he’s fashioned I’ll personally never forgive him for the backtracking nonsense he came out with after the summer transfer window closed and the failure to put his best side out against Cardiff after waffling on for weeks about wanting to win a trophy. To quote my late grandma: He says owt but his prayers,

    • Alex Hurst says:


      As is said in a earlier reply I’ve never paid attention to what most managers say, the whole thing is tiresome and boring. I’m far more worried about what’s happening on the pitch than anything that comes out of his mouth

      • David Rutherford says:

        You don’t care about a manager blatantly lying to you? And I’m not just talking about what he says, I’m talking about dropping your best players for an FA Cup game.

        • Alex Hurst says:

          I don’t think he’s lied…

          • David Rutherford says:

            Well in that case you’re definitely right about one thing – you clearly don’t pay much attention to what he says. Try the fact that he claimed he was going to take the FA Cup seriously in the lead-up to the Cardiff game (before proceeding to ‘rest’ several of our best players). Or his assertion after the summer transfer window closed that he’d decided we didn’t need to sign anyone after all (after spending all summer saying we desperately needed three or four new players). Or his most recent turnaround when, after spending the days following Cabaye’s departure saying it was vitally important we signed a replacement, he pathetically back-tracked and said he ‘didn’t necessarily mean in this transfer window’. I could go on…
            I’ll agree to disagree with you when it comes to his tactics and I know you yourself have concerns in that area too, but how anyone (least of all a Newcastle fan) can dispute the fact he couldn’t lie straight in bed is beyond me. To add the caveat I forgot to include in that earlier quote from my grandma: He says ‘owt but his prayers. And he friggin’ whistles them.

  7. “Pardew is still the man for me”. He has a reasonable record in the league to be fair but has the worst record in living memory for a manager in the cups. Which is a bit of a shame really as they’re the only competitions we have any hope of being successful in. He has the worst derby record of any manager ever and unwanted records elsewhere are falling to Liedue on a weekly basis. Throw in the fact the bloke appears to have all the strength of character of a jellyfish and it makes you wonder what kind of person would think “he’s still the man for me”. The kind who “likes the way the club is run” perhaps ?

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Man with no no name, I’m not obsessed by the mackems, unlike you,

      If NUFC fans are so arsed about the cups why do so few turn up and why have so few turned up historically…

      I wish I was at a cup game today and I wish his record wasn’t so poor against one of the poorest teams in the league over the last few years.

      People have different opinions, get over it.

      • I’m “obsessed” with the Mackems am I ? Ffs man , its the first time I can recall mentioning them ? Your dismissal of the fa cup attendance was idiotic, only the derby between arsenal and spurs drew a bigger attendance that day man, that despite the club effectively admitting it would prefer to throw these games just like IG had since billy liar was manager.

  8. Phil Carmichael says:

    Perhaps the best thing I can say about AP is that he’s better than the alternatives – ie, if he resigned we’d be likely to get some other unemployed football manager (and mate of FCB) from London. Lord knows who that would be.
    I must say I fully agree with your last paragraph though – Ed Harrison has done a great job. But the efforts at the lads and lasses of True Faith, The Mag and should also be applauded. We may have a cr@p football team but the fanzines are the world’s best!

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Agree Phil but the editor has asked me to ignore the better known blogs for the purposes of this article!

  9. Ian Robson says:

    With all due respect i’m not sure how Pardew can be anybody’s ‘man for the job’.

    He add’s absolutely nothing to the club, when all the players a fit we have a decent 11 and will pick up some results, when we get injuries we are awful. There is no leadership, no sense of a gameplan, no obvious tactics, terrible subsitutions are made, when we concede a goal and go behind it might as well be full time.

    Pardew has no control over players coming in, not that they do. He has no control of which players leave.

    I’ve never hated listening to a manager of our club speak as much as i hate listening to Pardew, he’s slimy, cringworthy and will say anything he’s told to say so that he stays in the job.

    For me he’s as bad as Ashley, if he was any better he’d have found a backbone and resigned. At least that would force Ashley to do something.

    • Alex Hurst says:


      Trust me there are many of us who still believe Pardew is a reasonable manager albeit with limitations.

      I have no problem with anything he says as I judge him solely by what happens on the pitch, as i will any manager.

      For what it’s worth I don’t think he says much wrong, but I don’t take enough notice of it to comment

      As you’ll see in the article (which I hope you’ve read past one statement) I say exactly the same about what happens when things go wrong. There are problems with his management which he simply must adress.

  10. Gary Lockey says:

    Like quite a few contributors, many fans are undecided whether AP is a good or bad coach (given a 5th place finish and pushing for a top 6 place pre the Cabaye sale). However, what is not in question, surely, is that he is a spineless, unprincipled, two faced , owner arse licking, owner apologist sap.
    Whether we can add serial liar to that list is open to debate. The fact that regardless of what crap is dumped on him he will not resign tells us all we need to know about his character (and please do not give me the why should he he might as well sit tight for the ‘pay off’).

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Gary as I’ve stated above, I’m not concerned by what comes out of any managers mouth in the PL and never have been.

      I’ll judge him on the pitch. I’d imagine he says what he says as he’s instructed to, which is fine by me.

      I see no reason to resign. NUFC is a massive club and he speaks passionately about the area and managing the club when things are going well.

      If results continue to be abysmal, he deserves to be sacked. He has enough credit in the bank with me for the time being, I’m aware many feel differently.

      I’ll only ever judge him by his record on the pitch and nothing else should determine if he has to stay or go.

  11. Horsebuckfast says:

    I only read the whole article coz I thought which idiot would start the second para with “He’s still the man for me” when referring to Parsnip TWO FUKIN TWO 0-3 defeats at home to that FUKIN LOT…….that’s a hanging offence not “he’s the man for me”

    Sometimes in life Alex whatever you believe it’s really not necessary or sensible to say it out loud or worse but it on blog/fanzine.

    For example you wouldn’t (I imagine) catch Jimmy Saville saying “I wanna fiddle with with disadvantaged eight year olds” just as he was about to pull the winning ticket in the local summer fete raffle,,,,,,,otherwise he might get punched, arrested or hopefully both.

    Parsnip came with “little form” barring rumors of casino debts to BFM, any good will gained by our fortunate top 5 finish two year ago is far outweighed by some abject displays of his team doubled with the way he stays mute about the shite management of the club above him and is obvious tactical inadequacies when we aint 2 nowt up.

    • Alex Hurst says:

      I don’t think two home derby defeats is a ‘hanging offence’

      It’s poor, bordering in unnacceptable but NUFC should not be losing against any team at home who are 17th in the league. I couldn’t really care less about losing to them, I hate losing to anyone.

      As for not saying things out load, if you want to write a blog then email the editor of this fanzine or any of the others who give fans a voice.

      I don’t think Michael or many of the other writers at TF necessarily agree with me but if we all thought the same then it’d be kind of boring, do you not think?

      I have no idea why you’re mentioning Jimmy Saville, that point makes no sense whatsoever

      Referencing casino debts is also ridiculous.

      Sometimes people have different opinions to you. Get over it.

  12. Gary says:

    Win against villa pardew good win for mike, if we lose which player will he send out to apologise,how many times we’ve been 1-0 and he goes defensive he hasn’t got a scooby, 2 defeats 0-3 to the unwashed at home without a whimper your delusional boy

  13. Mikey says:

    I agree with your comment if everyone thought the same it would be boring,but defending the indefensible…nah

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Write a letter of complaint to the editor then…or don’t comment or read the article if you don’t believe there’s any point in a discussion

  14. niall fleming says:

    Alex Hurst may have a point. Is Pardew the best manager who is able to work in the Ashley regime? The answer is probably yes.

    Managers of dignity and integrity cannot work under this set up, as was shown with Keegan or Hughton.

    Up and coming managers would not see us as a great career move. Would, say, Pochettino see us as that? Would Brendan Rogers have seen us as that?

    Pardew is a symptom not the disease.

    Alex probably knows that a different regime would not see Pardew as an asset.

    • David Rutherford says:

      The sad thing is, Niall, I agree – as much Pardew boils my piss and as much as I’d like a better manager I still don’t think sacking him would be a good idea, simply because there’s no-one else out there dumb enough to take the job.

  15. David A says:

    A good article and it’s heartening to read something balanced. More please.

    A lot of people seem to think that if you offer an opinion about Alan Pardew that is not completely aligned with he’s sh1te, spineless, clueless, a liar etc. that you are blind to his shortcomings as a manager or what is going on at the club, and that you are somehow an ‘Ashley apologist’ or simple or a mackem.

    Aside for KK and SBR, who have we had that’s better in the last 20 years? Chris Hughton possibly? That’s about it really.

    • David Rutherford says:

      I’ll accept and engage with a difference of opinion with regards to Pardew’s tactics or whether he’s doing a good job but when someone says he’s not a liar despite overwhelming factual evidence to the contrary then it’s pretty hard to take them seriously.

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Cheers David good to get a comment not completely tearing it to pieces.

      Personally I think Norwich fans would have Pardew over Hughton right now and I don’t rate Hughton as a PL manager…..but he deserves a statue outside the ground for the role he played on rescuing Newcastle United

  16. Tom Bates says:

    Pardew has lied repeatedly so I disagree with Alex in that regard, he is quite happy to decieve the fans to save his own skin, however I understand that Alex has enjoyed some good away days this season and seen some good performances to make him believe in Pardew as a manager. I think we’ve performed well at Villa, Norwich, West Ham, Man U, Cardiff, (Spurs we were a bit lucky). Sadly we’ve havent witnessed the same level of performance at home in general. my take on it is that we have a good group of players when everyone is available which was mostly the case up to Xmas, a group that should be up in the top 8. Norwich fans might prefer Pardew to Hughton, but Hughton has a poor group of players to work with and still finished ahead of us last year, Pardew has a team full of internationals so I wouldnt say hes neccessarily doing a better job than Hughton is at norwich.

  17. Tom Bates says:

    I also think Hughton could have been a good premier league manager with us if he’d been given a chance, his start to the season with us (in the days before Cabaye, Tiote etc) was extremely promising with some thumping wins.
    He has produced poor football at Norwich but they dont have the quality there to play attacking football, I thought he did well last year to finish above us with a far poorer squad. thats gone now anyway. Pardew certainly seems to blow hot and cold as a manager, mixing great runs and results with disastorous sequences of heavy defeats. At least in the Souness/ Roeder days we only lost by the odd goal.